Treatment of erosion in nulliparous is a problem for the doctor and patient. To determine the tactics of treatment, it is required to know the nature of the onset of this disease. Do not delay treatment and postpone indefinitely. This disease is almost asymptomatic, but the consequences to which it can lead, can be deplorable.

Erosion is a disease?

Erosion of the cervix uteri - the absence of flat epithelium on the surface of the cervix. That is, normal tissue around the cervical canal is replaced by an inflamed mucosa, which in composition resembles the mucous membrane inside the neck canal. These lesions are red and granular when viewed under magnification.If you are diagnosed with "congenital erosion" (which is very rare), then this is an ideal option. In this case, the epithelium is replaced by cells that are similar in composition to the cells of the vagina. Hormonal failures in the course of sexual development are the main cause of the disease, when the diagnosis of "cervical erosion" is exposed. Treatment for nulliparas (the reasons are obvious) is not required. The mucosal defect disappears after birth on its own in a few weeks.

But most often there is pseudo-erosion or false erosion of the cervix in a nulliparous girl. Treatment in this case is mandatory. Independently, it is not cured, therefore it is absolutely necessary to intervene with the gynecologist. If you neglect the advice of a doctor, the consequences can be very deplorable.

The exact cause of the appearance of a defect on the mucous cervix of the uterus is unknown. However, there are a number of reasons that lead to this disease. Erosion can be caused by:

• trauma (intercourse, improper insertion of a tampon, foreign objects in the vagina, abortion, childbirth, trauma during sex);
  • infection (herpes, syphilis, tampons that were not removed on time, severe vaginal infections);
  • exposure to chemicals (contraceptive creams or ointments, gel or shower foam).There is an increased risk associated with vaginal use of chemical agents or the presence of several sexual partners. However, in most cases, this condition is observed in women without the above risk factors.
  Early sexual life adversely affects the mucosa. And in conditions of weakened immunity, the aggressiveness of infections leads to a variety of diseases. Treatment of cervical erosion in nulliparous should begin with the explanation of the cause of this condition.

Any disease is manifested by pains that force us to consult a doctor. Erosion is most often painless. Since the pain symptom accompanies many diseases, this disease is difficult to diagnose by symptoms. Erosion is diagnosed only when examined by a gynecologist. But you need to know the symptoms of the disease. After all, their appearance will alert and speed up the visit to the gynecologist.

Any bleeding, especially after sexual intercourse - is the main symptom of erosion. Such secretions sometimes accompany the threat of abortion or a precancerous condition, so a doctor's examination is required. Most women who have erosion, do not experience any painful sensations, but sometimes there is discomfort in the lower abdomen, connected or not associated with sexual intercourse, abundant leucorrhoea. These symptoms can also be attributed to the malfunction of the menstrual cycle.

Once again I would like to emphasize the need to visit a gynecologist if any of the above symptoms appear. And do not be afraid: everything that is diagnosed at an early stage - is treated! Treatment of cervical erosion in nulliparous women is easier and faster if you contact a women's consultation in time.

Treat or not treat

The most dangerous complication of erosion is its degeneration into a cancerous process. In addition, improper or independent treatment ultimately ends with a degeneration into other diseases that need to be treated long and costly.

In the case of congenital erosion, childbirth is the main method for cure, as the cervical tissue is renewed.

In other cases, various methods are used to treat cervical erosion in nulliparous women.

Variety of methods

As already indicated, the doctor must be convinced of the nature of the erosion. Therefore, some research is required. Treatment of cervical erosion in nulliparous patients is prescribed after examination for syphilis, HIV, obtaining smear results for flora and cytology, colposcopy, biopsy, and sometimes detection of viruses and bacteria by PCR and bacteriosse. At the same time, the cause of the disease, such as erosion of the cervix, is determined. Treatment of nulliparous doctors' remarks is noted as very effective. They indicate a complete cure with the correct method selection.

Begin the treatment should be after the elimination of an infectious, bacterial and viral agent that caused inflammation and is sown during the study.


Diathermocoagulation is the impact on the affected surface by high-frequency electric waves. In this case, a burn is formed, and then a coarse scar. One of its varieties is diathermoconization, in which the affected tissues are cauterized and completely removed. Treatment of cervical erosion in nulliparous by this method is unacceptable, since then there may be problems in childbirth, problems with conception, bleeding, inflammatory processes.

From the first time, erosion is not completely cured, and repeated treatment is required. Now this method becomes obsolete, as diathermoconisation is used only as an episodic treatment for cancer. Healing occurs after 6-7 weeks. Use for nulliparous products is prohibited. This is the cheapest method of treatment. Therefore, many doctors offer diathermocoagulation even for nulliparous. Do not agree. After all, many new methods are currently used: painless, safe and not causing various complications.

This is not the only method of struggle. There are various ways to treat cervical erosion in nulliparous individuals.


This method is based on the action of liquid nitrogen on the tissue, while the tissues that are prone to erosion are destroyed by the flow of this substance from the cryoprobe. The point of application is chosen very precisely, and practically healthy tissues are not affected, scar tissue is not formed on the cervix of the uterus. The procedure does not last long. It's painless, just feels that something is going on inside, it can pull the stomach a little. There is no smell. After the procedure, the head may be slightly dizzy: it is the effect of nitrogen. However, in two weeks there may be discharge. This method is bloodless and very gentle. But this is not always applicable in cases of erosion affecting the underlying tissues.

Treatment of eroded surfaces with a laser is a modern method. It is considered effective and least dangerous. However, laser therapy can be carried out only in some clinics, because it requires quite expensive equipment. In fact, the erosion area is exposed to the impact of the laser beam. In this case, the depth of destruction is controlled. There are no scars, but doctors are of the opinion that this procedure is not suitable for nulliparous.

Radio wave surgery

This is a non-invasive, quick and painless method. There is an effect on the affected area by radio waves. Sometimes there may be a sutural discharge. Scar tissue is not formed, healing occurs after a month. Although this is an expensive procedure, it does not cause complications and is quite suitable for nulliparous. A doctor's examination in a month will show absolutely healthy cervix of the uterus.

Chemical coagulation

This method is widely used by many doctors, since it does not require expensive equipment. Its use is shown with minor damage - less than 2-penny coin. Eroded areas are treated with special preparations (for example, "Solkovagin", "Vagotil"), which destroy the cylindrical epithelium. Treatment is lengthy and requires several (up to five) procedures. But this method does not guarantee full recovery.Some women use "grandmother's" methods of treatment. Various lotions and syringings with sea buckthorn oil, nettle, etc. can not only not heal, but also worsen the condition of the tissues. In this case it is found that the wound is tightened from above, but it will develop into the depth. So do not experiment.

All these methods of cauterization are carried out only after menstruation. Until complete cure is not recommended, and sometimes forbidden sex life, bathing in water, taking baths, prolonged overheating of the body.