Moonstone, or adularia - a translucent mineral, the color range of which varies from light gray to blue. The nugget was known to the ancient Romans, who gave it the proper name, believing that it was formed from the cold light of the month. Women who wore jewelry were more desirable, and men could develop intuition, becoming soft and kind. Today astrologers also convince: certainly, the moonstone possesses magical properties. The price of a mineral varies depending on various factors, the most budgetary variant will cost approximately 1000 rubles. Having paid this price, you will not regret it, because with the help of a nugget you can not only establish personal relationships, but also strengthen your health and climb the career ladder.

Caution: fake!

Adularia leads by the number of fakes. First, its value is rapidly increasing: the magical properties of the moonstone are now known throughout the world. Secondly, the planetary reserves are gradually emptied. The richest nugget deposit, which is located in Sri Lanka, is almost exhausted. The same fate awaits and other deposits: in America, Australia, Switzerland, India. Therefore, when buying, you need to be as careful and cautious as possible, so as not to throw money away for poor quality goods.

Therapeutic and magical properties of the moonstoneKnow that the appearance of the linden moonstone is much more effective: the natural material traces small voids and air bubbles inside. In addition, a real nugget is always cold. To warm it in your hands, it will take a long time, which can not be said about a fake. If you look at the crystal at a right angle, it will not shine, but play with colors, it only needs to turn it slightly sideways. Forgery will sparkle at any foreshortening. The nugget that has been put into water becomes much brighter and more expressive in color, a non-real stone will not change its properties.

Adular power

Use it must be competently and purposefully, paying attention to the cycles of the moon, on which the magic of stones itself depends. The properties of the moonstone begin to intensify as soon as a young moon appears on the horizon. With each subsequent night, his strength increases. And on the full moon, the influence of the adular on your life reaches its climax. It is on this night that the crystal needs to be charged, putting it in the middle of the moonlit path. It is interesting, but the nugget helps only if you personally ask for it. Therefore, on a moonlit night, take the mineral in your left hand and make a wish - soon it will come true.

Adular will be able to lower aggression from the owner. He skillfully corrects emotions and feelings, directing them in the right direction. Helps solve difficult problems, contentious issues and problems. Having bought a nugget, you will learn to reach a compromise, forget about irritability and anger, and also surprise the environment with the ability to find a way out even from critical situations.


What are the magical properties of the moonstone? It is known that a nugget is a faithful friend of wizards and sorcerers, because with his help one can know the future. To do this, you need to put a crystal in your mouth on one of the lunar nights: in this position it will show the greatest strength. Meditate, closing your eyes, ask mentally about what awaits you on the path of life - and the veil of secrecy will be revealed. If you put the mineral under the feather pillow, you will see prophetic dreams, especially during the period when the influence of your zodiac sign will be peak.

Adular not only enhances the power of the owner, but also cleans it, improves karma. He protects from bad influence, protects from evil spirits. There is a belief that a crystal helps to make the right decision. To do this, you need to put it on the windowsill so that the moonlight fully illuminates the decoration. Looking at the mineral, think about the problem - in a few minutes you will understand how to quickly and easily get around the trouble, without wasting any mental and physical strength.

Personal relationships

Settle them will help the moonstone. The magical and healing properties of the moon stone are aimed at improving the life of the master, and the love part of it is no exception. To lure passion and feelings, wear a brooch with a crystal at the heart level. The talisman will fill every date with romance. Its owner will never know what it is to be rejected. Nugget revives sincere high feelings, destroying carnal low motives.

Adular love helps adorable people to enjoy emotions, wealth of a partner's inner world. If the love of the second half is quenched, the mineral will warn about it: it will become dull or cloudy. According to astrologers, the magical properties of the moonstone work at full capacity, if you store it at home, after putting on the picture of a loved one. This ensures that the feelings will be eternal, and the relationship - unbreakable. By placing a pendant with a picture of your zodiac sign, you will strengthen your own sexuality and inner charisma.

In addition to his personal life, Adularia will help to solve business issues and advance in the service. Possessing a soft, soothing and unobtrusive energy, he favorably influences his owner, making him cute and pleasant in the eyes of business partners. Colleagues begin to reach out to the master of the moonstone, believe him, considering his intentions to be clean. That only helps it only to really honest people. Those who want to use the talisman for mercenary purposes, are waiting for collapse or bankruptcy in the business sphere.

Any negotiations and discussions will turn in your favor a moonstone. Magic properties, controlled by the Moon, make it indispensable in those cases when you do not see an exit and run into a dead end. To always know how to resolve a disputed or conflict situation, carry an adular with you. With its help you will receive financial profit, you will successfully develop the logic, improve the potential and open new opportunities in the professional sphere.


Artists, writers, sculptors, designers and representatives of other professions, whose activities are closely connected with inspiration and imagination, are recommended to wear a nugget in the ring on the right hand. This talisman favorably affects the imagination, attracts the muse, revives inspiration. Moonstone and its magical properties enhance the sense of beauty and the ability to express their thoughts and ideas about the world on canvas or paper.

The owner adulara begins to look at the world in a new way. He wakes up poetic talent and musical abilities. Staying in harmony with higher powers and own "I", he sees the real essence and true nature of things. The stone reveals the subconscious mind during meditation, contributes to finding a balance. Having presented an amulet with a crystal to even the most rational and pragmatic person, you can resurrect in him sublime feelings, love of art, a craving for creativity. He will begin to show talents, which he had never even suspected.


Adular has also medicinal properties. The magical properties of the moon stone affect the spiritual world of man. Instead, his healing abilities give physical health and beauty. Products with a crystal are recommended to be carried closer to the body, for example, in the form of a pendant. Then the stone can stabilize the mental state of the owner, strengthen his memory and improve the quality of sleep. Pregnant women are advised to take a nugget to the maternity ward: it helps to easily and painlessly resolve the burden, contributes to the birth of a healthy and strong baby.

The mineral is used to treat infectious diseases, liver, kidney, biliary tract pathologies. It protects epileptics from attacks, improves the state of the central nervous system. To hyperactive children helps to find calmness, increases their academic performance in school due to the development of abilities to assiduity and concentration of attention. To do this, the nugget should be put in the secret pocket of the knapsack, with which the child regularly visits the school.

Zodiac signs

The magical properties of the moonstone act on the representatives of the constellations in different ways. So, Capricorns and Aries he is categorically contraindicated. Nugget negatively affects their physical well-being and inner peace. But the Taurus he will help relieve stress, increase optimism and give peace. Twins wearing a crystal will suffer less from mood swings, and Cancers will get rid of anxiety and unnecessary anxiety.

Lions will be able to improve their mental abilities. The mineral aggravates their intellect, awakens wisdom and clarifies thoughts. Virgo with the help of a talisman will gain personal happiness, experience the harmony of feelings, and Libra will finally understand its own destiny in this world. Scorpions, who own the moonstone, will be able to reveal the inner potential, will become stronger and more focused, Sagittarius - will solve any problem, Aquarius - get rid of envious persons and pacify their own stubbornness. Fish, who bought a stone, are doomed to professional success and financial profit.