Larry Holmes is a professional boxer from the United States of America. During his sports career, he performed in the category of heavy weight. He managed to win many titles, and with them, and widespread popularity among fans of boxing. Even the age could not stop an ambitious boxer. In 53 years, Larry won his last victory, thereby placing the original record among the heavyweight champions. Sports achievements Holmes and are not without attention. Many boxing fans know his story. After all, this famous athlete has much to learn. Now he is not only a former successful boxer, but also a diligent family man, as well as an influential businessman.

Larry Holmes, boxer: biography, personal life, sports career

Early biography

Larry Holmes was born in a large family. He had eleven sisters and brothers. In 1954, a huge family moved to Easton, and Father John decided to go to Connecticut. There he found a job as a gardener, on which he remained until his death. He tried to help the family financially, but that was not enough. In order to help his mother in the maintenance of his brothers and sisters, Holmes left school and started working at a car wash. He was paid one dollar an hour. A little later he went to work in the quarry, where he ran a dump truck. In his teenage years, the young man decided to go in for sports. He learned boxing skills at a youth center in Easton.

Start. Career lover

Larry Holmes made his debut in the ring as an amateur boxer in 1970. In the ring he managed to win nineteen victories, and only three defeats. However, Larry was not able to achieve serious success in the amateur ring. Plus, he needed money to help the family. Therefore, in three years he turns into professionals. The fight for symbolic titles and prizes bored him. He decided to box for money and took his choice very seriously. As the future showed, Larry correctly chose his life path. Although in his youth he and his family suffered from a lack of financial resources, Larry was able to achieve fame and recognition in the boxing ring.

Professional career in the ring

For five years, professional boxer Larry Holmes has achieved stunning results. On his account, there were already twenty-six battled boxers. He managed to win nineteen victories, knocking out opponents. He was in the elite of the heavyweight division. In March 1978, Larry held an important battle. He boxed against Ernie Shavers, who was famous for very powerful blows, but the judges gave victory to Larry. Three months later, Holmes fought with WBC champion Ken Norton. The latter was considered the favorite in that fight. But after fourteen long rounds Holmes was able to take the initiative in his own hands and defeated the enemy. In 1980, in October, Larry stepped into the ring against the legendary Mohammed Ali. Holmes won the fight by TKO. Of course, Ali was no longer so cute and quick as before. But still this victory brought Larry international fame. He became the world linear champion.

Defending his title

Holmes regularly held boxing matches to defend his title. He was able to defeat many great boxers: Ernie Shavers, Trevor Berbick, Leon Spinks, James Smith and other famous athletes. The big resonance was caused by the announcement of the duel of Larry Holmes against Jerry Cooney. The latter was a fairly popular white boxer. But in the thirteenth round he was defeated by Holmes, who inflicted a technical knockout on the enemy. Many boxing fights in the ring were spent by Larry to prove to the whole world his right to the championship. Fans of Holmes were able to see a large number of interesting and intense fights.

Waiver of the title for the sake of the belt

1983 was marked by an interesting event in the life of Larry. He gave up his WBC title. This decision he took in order to get the belt of the IBF (International Boxing Federation). This organization was created shortly before Holmes got his title. The athlete said that he considers the appearance of the federation a very important event in the world of boxing. In 1985, on September 21, the Holmes fight took place against Michael Spinks, who was world champion in the light heavyweight category. At that time, Larry had an impressive track record. A respected and popular boxer was Larry Holmes. The statistics of the sportsman's fights was brilliant. Of the 48 fights he had not had a single defeat. Larry was close to the record of Rocky Marciano, who won 49 bouts and never lost. But in this fight the judges gave victory to Michael Spinks. Holmes was furious. Michael's victory was indeed controversial. In 1986, the revenge took place rivals. And again Michael won. Although this time his victory was even more controversial. After this fight, Larry retired from boxing for two years.

Return to the ring

After two years, Holmes returns to the boxing world. His entry into the ring was a real sensation. After all, the opponent of the boxer was none other than the young Mike Tyson, who at that time already had three championship belts. When the upcoming fight was announced: Mike Tyson - Larry Holmes, - sports publishers began to predict the outcome of the match one by one. This fight was the only true failure in Larry's professional career. He was defeated by Tyson in the fourth round. Mike dealt Holmes a technical knockout. Interestingly, but Larry did not abandon his attempts to win the championship belt. He worked hard to beat future rivals in the ring. But they were waiting for defeat. He lost several fights to Holyfield, McCall and Nielsen. The last outings of Larry in the ring took place in 2002. For all time spent in boxing, the athlete had only 6 defeats from 75 fights. In the world of sports, he received a well-deserved nickname - Eastern Assassin.

Life after boxer's career

After completing his professional career as a boxer, Holmes decides to go into business. And here he showed himself as a shrewd and strong person. He succeeded in succeeding in many business branches. Larry is engaged in construction, restaurant business, land management. He even took part in the development of medicines. At the moment, Holmes travels around the world. He not only travels, but also lectures, participates in a variety of charitable events. Against The Odds is an autobiographical book that Holmes released. In addition, he made a documentary film called In The Arena. As life shows, a very versatile personality is Larry Holmes.

The personal life of the former sportsman is adjusted. He lives with his wife Diane. They have a large family, in which there are as many as five children. They lead a quiet life in the city of Easton.