Larry Bird, a player of the American club “Boston Celtics”, can be called a basketball legend. For 13 years of his career, an athlete has received many individual awards, being in the same team. He also established himself as a professional trainer.

In 1956, December 7, Larry Bird was born. Basketball player was born in the city of West Baden Springs, in the United States, in a large poor family. The difficult financial situation did not allow parents to adequately provide for all six babies. Therefore, Mom took Larry to her grandmother to be brought up in the nearby town of French Lick. Here he studied in high school and became addicted to basketball.

Larry Bird - legendary basketball player of the BC Boston Celtics

In 1974, Larry Bird entered the Indian Institute in Bloomington, but did not stay a month within its walls. He then began studying at the University of Northwood and did not receive a diploma either. The athlete began working in the department of roads and at the same time engaged in basketball. But in 1975, he again enters the university in Terre-Hot, which he successfully graduated in 1979.

The fast track to the NBA

Studying at the Indiana State Institute in Terre Hot, Larry Bird joined the Sycamores University College under the auspices of coach Bob King. In the 1974/1975 season, the athlete, along with the national team, performed at the National Students Association Championship and reached the final. Despite the defeat of “Sycamore’s”, Larry was voted the best Indiana player. He was also awarded with such prizes: cups to them. Wooden and Robertson, Naismith and Rapp.

In 1978, the general manager of the BC “Boston Celtics” Arnold Auerbach laid eyes on an athlete named Larry Bird. The NBA team from Boston immediately offered cooperation to the 22-year-old basketball player. But Larry remained still 1 year before graduation, so he decided to get a diploma, and then enter the Celtiks. So, in 1979, the athlete became a player in the Boston GC.

First successes in the NBA

Larry Bird, whose height is 2 m 6 cm, and weight - 99 kg, in “Celtics” proved to be an excellent defender and forward. He was well oriented on the field, made accurate and unexpected passes. His chip was three-point shots in a jump, which are almost impossible to block.

For performances in the team “Boston Celtics” Larry chose for himself 33 number. In the first season (1979/1980), the athlete and his team won 61 out of 82 matches. At the end of the year, Byrd was recognized not only the best player of the team, but also the best newcomer to the NBA. Basketball fans nicknamed Larry a “death blow” for his accurate ringing because of the three-point line. In 1981, Robert Parish and Kevin McHale were included in the Celtics. So in the Boston team formed the legendary “big three”. Thanks to basketball players with last names Bird, Parish, McHale, “Celtics” won the final match with the “Houston Rockets” in the NBA 1981 championship.

Sports career from 1984 to 1992

Then, for a couple of years, the Celtics team could not win the NBA champion title. But that all changed with the arrival of the new coach, C.C. Jones, in 1984. The Boston team reached the final and won the BC “Los Angeles Lakers”. During this season, Larry was awarded two prizes - as the most valuable player in the NBA and the most valuable player in the NBA Finals. And in 1986, the situation was almost identical. These same individual prizes again earned Larry Byrd. The Celtics won the lead in the US professional basketball league.

In 1987, the Boston national team played in the final, but failed to win. But Byrd became a member of the club “50-40-90”. To get to this group of players, you need to have more than 50% of hits in the ring, ≥ 40% from the three-point line and ≥ 90% from the penalty. The following years, right up to 2008, the Celtics team never won the title of NBA champion. In the 1988/1989 season, Larry missed the playoffs as he was in the hospital after surgery on his heels. In the 1989/1990 season, the athlete went through a recovery process and could not perform at the proper level.

Leaving professional basketball after a big win

At the age of 36, Larry Byrd was fortunate enough to take part in the Olympic Games in Spain (in Barcelona). An international committee formed the US national team of NBA basketball players. The team included such famous professional athletes as Chris Mullin and Charles Barkley, Scotty Pippen and Magic Johnson, Patrick Ewing and Larry Bird. The US Olympic team was named Dream Team, which means “dream team” in English.

After the Olympics, Larry Bird announced his retirement from professional sports. He decided to end a 13-year-old basketball career on a winning note. Larry admitted that he was giving up sports under duress - he was tortured with constant back pain. He spent 897 matches, scored 21791 points, made 5695 passes and 974 rebounds. In 1996, the name Larry Byrd appeared in the roster of the 50 greatest players in the history of the NBA, and in 1998 - in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Naismith.

Achievements as a manager

After leaving the Boston club “Celtics” Larry Bird for five years was her special assistant in the assessment and selection of players. At the same time, he was fond of golf and filming in commercials and films.

In 1997, the former legendary basketball player returned to his homeland in Indiana, where he became a coach for the Pacers team. He took charge of this club for four years, during which he earned the title of best coach (1997/1998). At the age of 47, Larry was appointed president of the Indiana Pacers in basketball operations. And at 56 years old - was recognized as the best manager of the NBA. Having received this award, he left the presidency for a year, and in 2013 he again became the head of the team from his home state.