Modern breeds and hybrid chickens have a very high productivity. One only hens can get up to 300 eggs per year. However, sometimes nests in the house for a long time remain completely empty – chickens do not lay eggs. What to do in this case? Of course, first and foremost, you must investigate the cause of reduced egg production, and then to address it.

Low temperature

In winter the cold is often the most accurate answer to the question of why not to rush in laying hens. What to do in this case, the owners of the household economy? Of course, to insulate the shed. Also to get eggs this time of year, the house should have a heating. You can put there, for example, an indoor fireproof heater. Some breeds of chickens can be carried and at sufficiently low temperatures in the barn. To arrange heating for such birds do not have. However, in this case, the floor should be laid a bed of straw or sawdust with a minimum thickness of 40 cm In the cold season it will start to occur different kinds of biological processes, accompanied by release of heat.

Chickens do not lay eggs, what to do? Why not carry the chickens in the summer? What to do?

During winter, the chickens can stop laying due to lack of lighting. In this case, the chicken coop you just need to hang additional lights. Very well, if covered, the house will be not less than 16 hours a day.


This is another reason why hens can stop laying. Problem usually during the winter time, when the hosts fail to release the bird in the paddock. When buying chickens or building a shed you should consider the fact that 6-7 individuals shall be at least one square meter of space. But better still in this area to accommodate no more than four chickens.

Of course, in the house you need to place or hang a sufficient number of nests. Ten individuals will need at least two. You should also consider the fact that one bird should be at least 15-20 cm long perch.

A poorly designed diet also a common reason that chickens do not lay eggs. What to do in this case? Of course, to get the birds a new, more balanced menu. Laying hens should be fed no less than three times a day. In the morning they are usually given grain. You can add a little granulated animal feed or tap the flour. Barley grain for chickens food is quite heavy. Feeding it to a bird can also be a cause of reduced egg production. A much more correct solution would be to fill the trough with wheat.

The day chickens are fed a wet mash. The more diverse will be this "salad", the better. In addition to root vegetables (beets, carrots, cabbage, potatoes) to mash you add the greens. It could be carrot tops, beet leaves, fresh nettle, quinoa, etc. in the fodder rubbed fruit – usually Apple drops. You can add "salad" cucumber-age or zucchini.

Also the wet mash usually put white bread and bran. Pour "salad" with boiled water, weak meat broth. Be sure to mash add a little salt and chalk. These trace elements to the organism of chickens is simply necessary. Because egg shells are mostly composed of calcium. In the evening the chickens again should feed grain. Of course, the bird needs to provide constant access to water.

To overfeed the bird is also impossible. Often obese adult hens and chickens-pullets do not lay eggs. What to do in this case, of course, of course. You should give the bird less food. Apply the feeder should feed the chickens so much that they ate it completely in not more than half an hour.

If the chickens zazhireli and do not lay eggs (what to do with the diet we have found out) you need to give them a good range. Day trips – what bird this productivity is a must. Kept in cages without walking basically just meat crosses.

For this reason, chickens can stop laying eggs several times a year. Usually, however, much concern drop in egg production due to molting of the host is. The fact that the replacement pen for the new chickens usually lasts very long – no more than 8-10 days. Autumn and the reduction of daylight is the main reason that chickens molt and do not lay eggs. What to do in this case? Of course, nothing. You just need to wait until the end of molting.

The disease may also be the reason that chickens do not lay eggs. What to do in this case, of course. You need to call the vet. Most often a drop in egg production in chickens is due to the fact that they have worms or some other parasites. There are including treatment of sick birds. For example, as anthelmintic means sometimes use diphenhydramine. Several drops added to drinking chickens.

To determine the presence of chickens with worms can including external signs. Symptoms of helminthiasis in chickens are weight loss, swelling of joints, as well as the appearance of nodules at the mouth and on the skin. In the case of chickens bred feather parasites, in the barn, put a bucket of ashes.

It’s still worth treating chickens yourself, however, only in the most extreme cases. The bird can simply be ruined. It is better to call the vet and follow the recommendations given to them.

Fear is another common reason that chickens do not lay eggs. What to do in this case, I know many farmers. Really should just wait a bit. After a while the bird will come to, and in the nests again, a lot of eggs.

Sometimes, for example, chickens do not lay eggs after purchase. What to do in this situation? If a bird starts to lay eggs 6 weeks after moving to a new "place of residence", so the point is not the stress. Perhaps the owners of the farm simply sold too old a bird. In this case chickens, unfortunately, most likely, have to cut.

To six weeks after purchase, the absence of eggs in the nest – the phenomenon absolutely normal. Moving to a new "place of residence" is valid not the best way for a bird of any breed. Concern with declining productivity in chickens may cause an abrupt change of diet. To introduce new foods carefully and gradually.

Another reason that causes stress in chickens – close presence of some predators. For example, flying over the paddock so a hawk can scare the bird, she will stop laying. It is also desirable to ensure that the coop came strangers.

The age of the bird

Sometimes the owners of personal plots concerned that young chickens do not lay eggs. What to do in this case? If the bird is not scared and is not subjected to any stress, lack of eggs might be exactly her young age. Modern breeds and hybrids hens usually start laying eggs at the age of 4.5-6 months. Of course, the appearance of eggs in the nests prior to this time should not be expected.

At the age of 7 to 10 months, chickens have been particularly active. Further, the intensity of egg laying gradually begins to decline. The optimal period of detention in chicken flocks with no updates in 2 years. Then it can be just not too profitable. However, the above applies not to all species of birds. Some hybrids and crosses may very well rush and before the age of five.

Experienced growers advise beginners not to purchase poultry in the market. Often unscrupulous sellers slip buyers sick or very old hens. Better organize your home farm with the purchase of Chicks or hatching eggs. Or at least to buy chickens at the poultry farm.

Hatching chicks

Why else laying hens do not lay eggs? What to do, for example, if the eggs stopped laying just one individual? In this case, the bird you just need to watch. Such a chicken, most likely, will try to sit on eggs in the nest and periodically loud quotati. This means that the bird just decided to become a hen. Many modern chicken breeds the instinct of motherhood is lost, but not all. Ways to walk the bird, there are many. Some owners even suggest to dip these chickens into the water. But, of course, to do so in any case impossible. This can cause the death of birds due to severe stress.

Better still down for the chicken box from boards and to close its top bars. Put the chicken in it for a few days. Of course, the bird periodically to feed and water. You can't put chickens in steel boxes, cover them with buckets etc. the Metal gets very hot in the sun, and a bird can die from the heat.

Herd composition

What else could be the reasons

Sometimes owners of HOMESTEAD farms is also interested in the question of why hens do not lay eggs in the summer. What to do in this case, first of all? If the bird is healthy and not subjected to stress, it is necessary to carefully observe. Sometimes the owners do not find eggs in the nest, not because the bird is frightened, fed her bad or she is sick. Very often it happens that the chickens for some reason don't like installed in the house nest. In this case, they start laying eggs anywhere – in the bushes, under boards, boxes, etc. Attentive hosts chosen chicken for laying the place will be sooner or later detected.

Sometimes chicken eggs from nests also steal various kinds of small predators or rats. In this case, you should carefully inspect the house and block the "thieves" all the ways of penetration into it.

As you can see, the reasons for the decline of egg laying hens can be different. If the owners have ceased to find in the nests of eggs in the first place you should consider making adjustments in the poultry diet. Also you should try to create chickens optimal conditions, to arrange for their dog to try to protect against stress. All of this ensures a good productivity of poultry.