If fifteen years ago fifteen years ago it was possible to learn about bodybuilding only from foreign magazines, then in modern times this is the most popular topic. After all, the standard of supermen today is in an attractive smile, stylish look and body, pulled up to the level of beautiful relief muscle lines.

Yes, today, many people strive to achieve the ideal of perfection, doing many hours in the gym to match the time and success. But not everyone can instantly enjoy positive results.

Course Sustanon: reviews, prices

Sport is a complex thing, whatever one may say, requiring strength, patience and free daily time for oneself. And so for many, a beautiful body would remain a dream if anabolic steroids did not come to the rescue, which today are widely distributed as one of the effective ingredients of healthy sports nutrition, suitable both for professional athletes and for those who like to push the weights and weights.

Many experts praise various types of anabolic steroids in their reviews. However, this does not mean that they do not have any side effects and do not have any negative consequences. A beautiful body with the help of specialized programs for many becomes a reality, but there are those who, because of the desire to become beautiful and athletic, lose their health.

What is sports pharmacology?

Acceptance of anabolic steroids during training and for a certain period of time for playing sports is called in a professional language sports pharmacology. Yes, because these are drugs that tend to positively influence the growth of lean body mass, making it exquisitely attractive.

The mechanism of anabolic steroids works at the level of hormones and metabolic processes, so with their intake one should be extremely careful and take them only according to the instructions of the trainer or recommendations of the instructions.

Anabolics increase body endurance at the physiological level, develop mental balance, cause rapid recovery of sore muscles after exhausting workouts.

In modern times, Sustanon is a particularly popular drug in the bodybuilding environment. Reviews about him are numerous. This drug is not a novelty, no, just now it has become more accessible to those who wish to radically change their appearance. How? And at least like this, as shown in the photo below.

Feel the difference? And this work is exactly the same drug "Sustanon". Reviews of many athletes contain photo confirmations of its significant effect on the body, which leads to such beauty of the body.

Many people, admiring the result of those who praise their achievements thanks to this drug, advise him to acquire and certainly use in personal practice. Only first you need to figure out what kind of drug it is, what its properties are and how much it costs, and also by all means learn the rules for taking it in order not to harm your health.

What is the drug "Sustanon 250"?

This is the most common anabolic steroid, including several types of testosterone. The international company for the production of pharmaceutical drugs, Organon, has developed it for the treatment of people, in particular, men, who have a reduced production of the main anabolic hormone - endogenous testosterone.

Despite the purpose of this tool in medical practice, it is very successfully used for more than ten years in the field of bodybuilding. And the essence of this success of the drug "Sustanon 250", reviews of which are overwhelmed with the delight of consumers - in the rapid and prolonged release of testosterone. What does this mean? Let's look below in more detail to understand the essence.

The main effect of the drug

So, the composition of the tool "Sustanon", reviews of athletes which contain a note of recommendation for many who want to achieve the result of a beautiful pumped fit body, includes propionate (30 mg), phenylipropionate (60 mg), isocaproate (60 mg) and decanoate (100 mg) . Each of these substances manifests its effect in a certain period of time. Thus, propionate and phenylipropionate act in the first week after the injection, isocaproate - from the first to the second week, but the effect of the decanoate is the longest - more than a month. That is why the drug "Sustanon", reviews of which are so obviously positive, is characterized as a fast and at the same time a long anabolic.

Many professionals emphasize that this tool was not specifically designed to increase muscle mass, you need to know and understand this. It is prescribed for testicular dysfunction, osteoporosis, diseases of the male genital organs, adrenogenital disorders. So the possible side effects from its reception may be. No one is immune from this. Even a beautiful picture with the achieved result does not guarantee you full health. Therefore, before making a final decision to increase muscle with anabolic injections, consider all risks seriously.

Despite the availability of medicines to everyone who wishes, among the samples there are very often fakes that do not please with their action. The drug "Sustanon" reviews of many consumers are advised to purchase it in specialized stores of sports nutrition. Original products of the Organon company are issued in paper packaging with a certain company logo. If an ampoule is offered for sale without instructions, this is an obvious fake, especially if it has a red inscription.

The effect of the drug "Sustanon", reviews of which contain information about the excellent results of athletes, is to increase muscle mass, increase by several times the physical endurance, accelerate the regeneration of muscle tissue after intensive training, enhance blood formation, perform anti-catabolic action, increase appetite, as well as the effect on increased libido.

Of course, the first three components are more interested in many men. The level of anabolic hormones in the blood is maintained in an optimal ratio for a month. And all this only thanks to a few injections per week.

Possible side effects from the use of the drug "Sustanon 250"

The tool is introduced by injection into the body and is valid for one month. Thus it is necessary to maintain proper nutrition and to train intensively. By itself, muscle mass will not grow and turns into a beautiful pack abs. Despite all the advantages of the drug "Sustanon 250", athletes, positively describing the miracle method of achieving a relief of the body, its application is fraught with side effects. What? And the game with the physiology of the body at the hormonal level may result in acne all over my body, stopping the body to produce testosterone as such, irritability, increased oiliness of the skin, water retention in the body, impaired liver function, education shishechnaya seals in places of injections, sexual disorders up to atrophy of the testicles.

If you can still put up with acne, then hardly any loss of male strength. So before you decide to use the tool, you should think carefully.

The use of steroid "Sustanon 250" in bodybuilding: reviews

Side effects are not intimidating for professional athletes, as they undergo programs with this drug under the strict control of trainers who regulate dosages and may prescribe combined courses with other anabolics.

Athletes are positive about the drug "Sustanon 250" reviews. Bodybuilding is a sporting activity that creates, through intensive training, beautiful relief bodies. It uses always safe, original high-quality steroids. The big bet is placed precisely on the product of the Organon company.

Estimating reviews about Sustanon, bodybuilding focuses on several pharmacological courses with this anabolic long-lasting cleavage.

The concept of course with steroids

Before using anabolic steroids, the health status of athletes is assessed. Despite numerous reviews of the tool "Sustanon" reviews, bodybuilding notes such people, which it is contraindicated.

Under the course refers to the number of injections of certain drugs and their frequency in order to achieve a particular sports task.

The first course - a set of muscle mass

It is aimed at increased muscle growth. The drug is used only after a man has reached 21 years of age, when the hormonal system is formed as such.

This course lasts fourteen weeks. For three months, athletes gain up to fifteen kilograms of muscle mass. A rather impressive indicator is provided by the Sustanon course. Reviews of it are recommended to combine it with such means as Gonadotropin and Methandrostenolone.

The sequence of injections is as follows:

  • the first 14 days - the drug “Sustanon 250” in the amount of 250 mg is administered once a week and the daily drug “Methandrostenolone” in the amount of 20 mg;
  • 15th - 28th day - the drug "Sustanon 250" in the amount of 500 mg per week and daily 40 mg of the drug "Metandrostenolone";
  • 29th - 42nd day - the drug "Sustanon 250" in the amount of 750 mg per week and daily 60 mg of the drug "Metandrostenolone";
  • The 43rd - 56th day - the drug "Sustanon 250" in the amount of 500 mg per week and daily 40 mg of the drug "Metandrostenolone";
  • The 57th - 70th day - the drug "Sustanon 250" in the amount of 250 mg per week and daily 20 mg of the drug "Metandrostenolone";
  • The 71st — 84th day — 20 mg of Mehandrostenolone is administered daily;
  • the last two weeks - 20 mg per week gonadotropin.

The second course - a set of dry weight

Lasts sixteen weeks. Due to the correct use, it is possible to achieve the required body weight without fat, that is, to gain exactly the dry weight. At the same time, there is increased venousness and drawing of muscles on the body of an athlete. This course is complemented by the drugs "Nandrolone", "Primabolan" and "Winstrol".

Injections are performed in this order:

  • the first week - 250 mg of the drug “Sustanon 250” per week and 200 mg of the drug “Nandrolone” per week are administered;
  • second week - 500 mg of the drug "Sustanon 250" per week and 300 mg of the drug "Nandrolone" per week;
  • from the third to the sixth week - 500 mg of the drug "Sustanon 250" per week and 200 mg of the means "Nandrolone" per week;
  • seventh through ninth weeks - 250 mg of Sustanon 250 per week and 100 mg of Nandrolone per week;
  • the tenth week - 100 mg per week of Primabolan and Winstrol are introduced;
  • from the eleventh to the fifteenth week - a week, 150 mg of Primabolan and 200 mg of Winstrol;
  • last week - 100 mg per week of Primabolan and Winstrol products.

Third course - “Sustanon Solo”

This program lasts eight weeks. It is simplified compared to the first two courses. Injections are made weekly with the addition of gonadotropin. The dosage of 250 mg is gradually increased to 500 mg.

It is this course that is often hoped by non-professionals who decide that they can achieve body relief as professional bodybuilders. It should be understood that the initiative can increase the risk of side effects. So the “Sustanon Solo” course is recommended by many to take place under the supervision of specialists in this matter.

Normal production of testosterone by the body begins after three weeks of the end of the course, and you should follow a specialized diet and use sports nutrition products that normalize the body's physiological processes.

Combined course "Deca + Sustanon"

Very many athletes in the task of building muscle mass rely on "Deca + Sustanon" - a course, reviews of which are also positive, but not a rapid increase in muscles, but a gradual one. It lasts twelve weeks. In this course, the main drug is "Deca-Durabolin", and the tool "Sustanon 250" is only a supplement.

What should I look for when taking anabolic steroids?

The pharmacological group of steroids is drugs designed to regulate hormones in the body, increase their presence and prolonged their effect on metabolic processes at the molecular level. They should be used only under the supervision of a competent trainer.

Is there a line between necessity and dependence on anabolic steroids?

The use of steroids is voluntary. This is not prohibited by law. Many high-profile athletes do not refuse to inject hormonal stimulation of endurance. Many of the anabolic steroids are related to a number of prohibited doping agents that are not used during sports competitions. But they can be applied to the perfection of the body by each person.

The main thing is not to get too carried away with such pharmacological support, since exceeding the doses only brings the person closer to the manifestation of undesirable side effects from the steroids taken.

Tips from professional coaches

If you analyze the drug "Sustanon" reviews, the price thereof suits many. Depending on the manufacturer, it varies from 200 to 2000 rubles. Trainers recommend using only the original product, not to be tempted to buy the drug too cheap.

Professionals are advised not to start using anabolics during workouts if the fear of side effects is too high.