Looks like a perfect figure? The most popular answer – the seductive curve of the hips, slim waist and supple, large enough Breasts. And if the first two zones if desired, you can work out physical exercises, then the most prominent part of the female body is much more complicated. If you don't like the shape of your Breasts, do not rush to think about all the plastic surgery to correct the situation will help swimwear push-up. This model will not only help to lift the bust, but also visually to increase 1-2 sizes.

What is push-up

Swimsuits push-up - the main secret of an ideal figurePush-up is a special cut of the upper part of lingerie, which today is often used in bathing suits. The main objective of the bodice, which visually enlarge the Breasts, to raise her and give sexy shape. Push-up bra have a hard Cup with underwire, is the most common T-shaped or diagonal undercut. This cut allows to provide high-quality support, the bodice lifts the Breasts up and makes her more towards the center, thereby forming a juicy cleavage. Swimwear push up usually have triangle cups with a plunging neckline. The advantage of this style in high-quality support and natural form. For more breast enlargement you should choose a push-up bra with inner tabs of silicone or foam.

History and modern fashion

It is believed that in the middle of the last century everyone fashionistas were available push-up-bras. But a two-piece only appeared at the time and was still quite closed and awkward. Modern girls and women are much more fortunate than their grandmothers. Swimwear push up not much different from the usual. Today insert, qualitatively supporting the breast, you can find almost in any models. And best of all – these swimsuits are made from various fabrics are ease and comfort. Choose the right bra this form must not be felt when worn.

Such different push-up-swimsuits

Push-up-insert can be seen today in fused and separate models of bathing suits. What is remarkable is not only the variants with hard cups. It often happens that the push-up special mask fine fabrics, these swimsuits look as natural as possible. It is believed that bras with the effect of increasing and support of the breast needs very skinny girls. Particularly impressive in the owner of the shapely figures look swimwear bandeau with push-up. This style involves the bodice top strapless. Most of these swimwear recommend that women with smaller Breasts – no more than 2-3 sizes. Push-up-Cup in this case will allow you to visually enlarge Breasts and make it more enticing. No less impressive is similar to the cut of the bodice looks Monokini and tankini.

How to choose a model with a push-up effect

It is important to understand that the bodice of the push-up will help to create the figure of your dreams only case that is sized appropriately. Buy swimwear push up should only be fitting. On the labels of these products are usually specified sizes, as well as the usual underwear. However, only fitting to understand how specific swimsuit is right for you. The bodice is a push-up bra should fit like a second skin, but qualitatively to support the breast. If you choose a swimsuit larger effect push-up will not occur. Less than the size of the bra the Breasts will fall out. What to choose: swimsuit super push-up or regular? The first category includes models with a particularly dense double cups. They should choose those who want to increase your breast size 1-2. Note: super push-up does not make sense to choose to owners of large Breasts. This model is intended primarily to increase.