Yes, the choice is not easy, after all, fate depends on it for the next few years. And if the parents help their child solve the problem, especially if there is a possibility of paying for tuition in prestigious universities.

Where do I go to study after 11th form for a girl, a guy? Where can I go to study after grade 11?

What you should pay attention to

Important is the well-being of the family, because it is not always possible to enter the budget. Therefore, it is best to consider several options and to file documents not in one educational institution.

How to choose the right one?

3. List of documents required for admission.

4. Admission rules.

Decide on the profession

Each educational institution will be able to make a schoolboy specialist a certain category and direction. Therefore, choosing the place of further education, it is necessary to determine the desired profession.

In addition, it is worthwhile to realize that the education received should facilitate faster employment, which will bring a suitable level of income.

List of the most popular professions in the Russian Federation

- engineers of different directions;

If you learn and become a specialist in any direction from the above, then you will not have problems with employment.

Choose a place of study

The choice of an educational institution should be treated with great attention. After all, except that a former student will need to get a diploma, after completing the training it is important to know the basic principles and learn the skills of the new profession.

Because when applying for work it is not permissible to understand anything about their future work, and after the interview such a specialist will simply be refused employment or they will offer a low-paid position.

Decide on the place of study - it will be a college, college, technical school or something else? At once it is necessary to note that not all professions need higher education, for some it is enough to have a secondary professional education.

Therefore, if you are determined with a profession, you decided that you want to become a cook, a joiner, a mechanic, a locksmith, a seamstress - then immediately apply to the appropriate college.

And if you still want to become a graduate with a higher education, then you can not do without a university, institute or academy. But keep in mind that it is much harder to do this, and it is also very important to have good results of the USE and to have relevant knowledge.

Consider the material welfare of the family

In addition, it is necessary to determine whether there are financial opportunities for the family to sponsor training in this or that educational institution. After all, if you do not enter the budget, not everyone will be able to cover the large costs of study that the current education system requires.

Professional colleges and technical schools

In college or college you can get a specialty, as well as a diploma of full secondary vocational education. Having been educated for only two years, you can immediately get a job. But it is also possible to continue studying at the university in order to get a higher qualification and a diploma.

But there are cases when schoolchildren purposefully choose such a way to be able to earn money faster for higher education or want to get a specific profession that does not require higher education.

Want to go to college?

But it's difficult to enter into them, because you need to have excellent knowledge. Immediately it is necessary to realize that in the institutions of such a plan there are increased demands and rigid selection, since many people want to enter into them.

The tuition fees are for most of them unbearable expenses, so many of them refuse. But do not immediately get upset, because you can try to enter the budget. Let them say that this is impossible, but capable schoolchildren have long proved that having excellent knowledge, one can study at the expense of the state budget even in a city like Moscow.

We collect the necessary documents

It is important to submit the necessary documents for admission. Below you can see the list of papers that must be submitted to educational institutions of different levels.

- certificate form 086U (from a medical facility);

- the original of the state document on the education received;

- six pieces of photos 3 * 4;

- certificate of the results of the USE;

- If there are benefits, then show the documents that confirm this.

In addition, it is worthwhile to provide other documents confirming the availability of letters of appreciation, etc.

If a guy arrives, then at the time of enrollment, you will also need to present an additional certificate of the conscript or a military ticket.

Take the time to choose

After all, you can teach a person 5 years for a lawyer, but he will not have the skills and abilities necessary for his work. The first place should always be the desire of the graduate to engage in a certain craft that would bring pleasure. Money in this case can not be put at the forefront.

In addition, it is necessary to expand the horizons of possible occupations. After all, the possible types of work that were available to our parents at the time of their studies, today constitute only a small part of all available options.

If earlier it was difficult to imagine a woman a good diplomat, then in the modern world, such politicians are the key figures on the world stage. Do not think only about the seamstress or the teacher, you can become a programmer, an economist, a doctor, a photographer, a designer, etc.

Let's sum up

If you do not have the opportunity to consult a specialist, you can find similar tests on the Internet. But remember that they are only able to indicate to you your skills and abilities, and the choice of what to do and where to learn it, always remains for you.

And there is no difference, it's a college or college - the main thing is that the knowledge and diploma you received help to take further steps in adulthood, and there was never any regret about the years spent on training.