The Confederations Cup is a football competition held among national teams. This tournament is organized a year before the moment the World Cup is to be held. That is, in other words, the Confederations Cup is a “rehearsal” before the most long-awaited football event.

Briefly about the competition

So, what interesting things can you tell about the competition? The Confederations Cup is a tournament in which the winners of each of the continental championships participate, of which there are only six: South, North and Central America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the countries of Oceania. Also, the winner of the last championship and the national team of the country that will host the tournament must take part. In general, the Confederations Cup is a competition in which eight teams participate.

By the way, when the world champion is also the winner of the continental championship, then in this case the second finalist is invited to participate in the games. These are the rules of the tournament.

About history

I would like to separately note the history of this championship. She is not as rich as, for example, in the case of the Champions League. But at the same time, the competition did not come from nowhere. So this tournament is a follower of the competition called “King Fahd Cup”. He passed earlier on a similar principle, but not all over the world, but in Saudi Arabia alone. This competition was organized only twice: in 1992 and 1995. And then, in 1997, FIFA, taking it as a basis, decided to organize the first real, official Cup. And then approved his conduct every two years. Then, some time later, namely from 2005, the championship began to be held less than twice, that is, every four years. The venue was designated the country in which the World Cup was planned. For example, if the latter was appointed for 2014, the Confederations Cup was held in 2013. In principle, everything is logical, no wonder that many people call it the “general run” before the long-awaited Championship.

Unfortunately, this tournament is known not only for bright and unforgettable matches. In 2003, a terrible tragedy occurred within the framework of the competition. It was the semi-final match of the team of Cameroon against the national team of Colombia. Then, during the game, Marc-Vivien Foe died. The Cameroon national team player had a heart attack, and he simply could not survive.

About participants and winners

In 2009, the following teams took part in the competition: Italy, South Africa, USA, Egypt, Iraq, Brazil, Spain, New Zealand. The champion then became the owner of the World Championship 2014, that is Brazil. The second place went to the US team, and the third and fourth were taken by the teams of Spain and South Africa.

In 2013, the same countries were no longer participants. Four of the previous ones remained, and the rest were replaced by others. So, the participants of the 2013 Confederations Cup: Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Japan, Uruguay, Tahiti and Nigeria. As you can see, the composition has changed a bit.

A complete list of those countries that will play the matches of the Confederations Cup in 2017 is unknown. But definitely the team will include teams from Germany, Russia, Australia, Chile, Mexico, the United States.

In total, five teams became winners in the history of the tournament. These are national teams of France, Mexico, Brazil, Denmark and Argentina. The current champion is the country in which the 2014 World Cup was held. And this is Brazil.

Confederations Cup in Russia

After two or three years in our great country events will occur that will excite all football fans. This is the Confederations Cup and World Cup. In particular, it is worth talking about the first of these. Confederations Cup will be the eighth among all national football competitions held under the auspices of FIFA. Matches will be played at those stadiums where teams will perform in 2018 and as part of the World Cup. As it was already possible to understand, not all the participants are known yet. But a bit later, the final list will definitely be announced. In the meantime, works related to the construction and reconstruction of stadiums are underway in Russia. They are expected to be awesome. Indeed, the Russian Federation came to grips with the issue of the Championship and the Cup. It is a great honor, and guests from other countries will be received with great honor and respect. Plus, on the updated stadiums.