One of the most expensive companies for 2014 is Apple. According to Fortune Global 500, Yabloko took the honorable fifteenth place in 2014, losing a couple of positions to Samsung Electronics. But in 2012, when Apple reached the value of 500 billion of its own capital, bypassing the oil and gas company Exxon Mobil, Fortun awarded "Apple" the first place. But even $ 500 billion is not a record for them, because on February 10, 2015, the highest world record was registered at the auction - $ 122 per paper, the estimated value of the company was more than seven hundred billion dollars.

From the first birthday, the "Yabloko" had many managers, including Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who entered the Guinness Book of Records as the lowest-paid executive director with a daily salary of $ 1.

Who is the founder of Apple

During the existence of the apple, the financial performance of the company then grew rapidly, then with the same desire to fall down, and the technological direction was influenced by the company's managers.

Among the significant figures was and Steve Wozniak, who became the founder of Apple.

According to the statistics of different research centers, the main growth of "Yabloko" was observed during the periods of Steve Jobs rule, and recessions - in the years of his absence. Therefore, we can safely call Steve Jobs the main key figure in the development of the company.

Founders of Apple

Over the years of existence and growth, there have been many disputes about who is the founder of Apple - Wozniak or Jobs. And is it true that the first computer from Apple was assembled in a garage, or still in the conditions of the student's laboratory, where both Steve worked.

But both Steve, answering the question posed by journalists, evaded the answer evasively, without taking solely the function of the creator. So who became the founder of Apple officially, if you believe the papers? Most sources say that after all, Steve Jobs is the official and sole creator of the company.

From the historical reference

Official registration of the company occurred in April 1976, although Jobs and Wozniak started their activity much earlier, meeting in the garage and assembling the first computer based on the eight-bit microprocessor MOS 6502 Technology.

Many print media that wrote and write articles about the history of the creation of Apple, opposite the question "who is the founder of the company apple" indicate: Steve Jobs, although Jobs himself always said:

"Steve Wozniak and I worked together to create the first Apple computer."

After the official registration of the company, the light saw the first Apple-1 computer, and a little later - Apple-2, which sold out in millions of copies.

The Apple-2 industry continued until 1993, somewhat improving from release to release.

Since in the 80s, Apple-2 computers had few competitors, the main peak of the popularization of a personal computer from the "Yabloko" fell exactly on this period, it was sold over five million devices.

However, at the same time, the company experienced the failure, releasing the failure model of the Apple computer-3, which, surprisingly, does not affect the sale of the first shares of the company “Apple”.

Failures continued to pursue the company and in 1981, when the company left Steve Wozniak because of getting into a plane crash, and Jobs was forced to dismiss more than 50 employees from the state. Mass layoff was associated with the failed project Apple-3.

To raise the company from the bottom, Jobs invited John Scully to the position of president of the company.

But the business relationship between Jobs and Scully did not work out, and Jobs leaves the "Yabloko", creating the company Next.

Birth of the Macintosh

The famous Macintosh computer first saw the light in 1984. Twenty years the company "Yabloko" produced these computers as the main product produced, using the processors Motorolla and the operating system of the Mac OS.

In the mid-90's, Apple licensed the right to use its own OS to other computer manufacturers, but soon the licenses were withdrawn.

In 1996, the company "Yabloko" on the verge of bankruptcy. Losses are more than two billion dollars.

In 1997, Apple returns to Apple, who is the founder of Apple - Steve Jobs, after which the company's affairs go uphill. The company starts to master new technologies, not connected with computers, and already in 2001 the light saw the first music player iPod.

In 2007, Apple produces a sensational IPhone, and Steve Jobs is beginning to be called the first person in the world to provide pocket Internet users.

Three years later, Apple releases the first iPad.

The last three new products released by the company radically change the financial situation, and Apple is becoming the most successful manufacturer in the market of modern gadgets.


The staggering success of the Yabloko gave birth to envious people, and indifferent competitors one after another began to flood the company with lawsuits.

Even the Finnish company Nokia is not left behind, and in 2009 filed for “Apple” in court, accused of violating several patents. The court then upheld the claim from Nokia, and “Yabloko” obliged to pay compensation.

While 2 giants sued, the light saw a line of gadgets from the Samsung Galaxy, like two drops of water similar to the IPhone and iPad. Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung with the wording "copying software, interface and design" of the aforementioned gadgets, but in response, Samsung filed a lawsuit against "Yabloko" with the same wording that Nokia filed in 2009 and won.

The court found both companies infringers, having satisfied all claims, and ordered to pay compensation to each other, and also banned the sale of popular gadgets on its territory of both companies (lawsuits were held in South Korea).

The death of Steve Jobs