Who is a hypocrite? The word speaks for itself. He is a person who constantly measures and changes faces, like masks. In doing so, he pursues his goals, pretending to be what he thinks the people around him would like to see. What is dangerous for this behavior? What could be its consequences? About all this further.

Origin of the word

Who is a hypocrite? Often the answer is associated with the theater. The meaning of the word is related to the action that took place in it. In the ancient Greek theater, actors during the performance expressed the feelings of the hero, wearing certain masks. This was done in order to evoke the necessary emotions from the public.

Who is a hypocrite? Meaning of the word hypocrite

The meaning of the word "hypocrite" in Russian is associated with two Old Slavonic words: "face" ("face") and "meena" ("less"). Literally, this combination can be interpreted as a change of face-masks. Later the second component began to be pronounced as a measure. As a result, hypocrisy has acquired its modern sound and meaning.

Interpretation in the dictionaries of the concept of "hypocrite"

For whom the hypocrite changes his masks: the opinion of a psychologist

About how many masks he has, one can only guess. For whom does he try them on? On what is guided? A hypocrite is always a psychologist, with a subtle sense of change in the thoughts and mood of the interlocutor. He foresees his condition and beforehand says what the person would like to hear.

Being a hypocrite is a difficult task. You need to be able to adjust, in time to insert a word, become acceptable, irreplaceable. All this requires to be on the wave of the interlocutor, to feel that he is worried, and the more you can please him, etc. Kindly tell me about how good he is. Discussing others to report new gossip. The only problem is that in this pursuit of acceptable surrounding masks the hypocrite loses himself and sometimes he can not even determine where he is. Perhaps the reasons for this behavior lie in the fact that from childhood the person was deceived and humiliated. Desperate, he lost faith in people and turned into such a desperate manipulator who achieves his own by any means.

Who is a hypocrite? Recognize it is not so simple, but possible. It is necessary only to observe a person a little. If he avoids looking into the eyes, then, perhaps, he wants to hide something. Not always it is connected only with malicious intentions, but in any case is an occasion to reflect. If the interlocutor is evasive in his answers, it can also indicate that he wants to hide something or someone to confuse.

Hypocrisy as a reflection of today's day

Who is a hypocrite - a person unhappy, entangled in his own lies, or a scoundrel-pretender who uses others for his own purposes?

The realities of the modern world, in which leading positions are prestige, power, money and other so-called attributes of material happiness, push the person to such behavior. Many try to be comfortable, obsequious, pleasant interlocutors. This is done for a variety of reasons:

  • get into a good company of wealthy friends;
  • to serve the boss, expecting him to be bonuses;
  • make a compliment in the hope of a discount.

There are quite a few reasons for doing this. Getting used to receiving this or that benefit in this way, a person does not notice how firmly falls into the trap of hypocrisy.

Z. Freud wrote that modern society is too volatile and unstable. And it forces a person to be hypocritical, adapting to the ideals that are put before him. Ларошфуко, in turn, warns that, getting used to pretending before people, the person can not stop. Then he begins to pretend and to himself.

The payment of the hypocrite

Such behavior, as well as any other, sooner or later bears fruit. The desire of a hypocrite to use people, pursuing their own interests and abusing their trust, will not lead to anything good. Reaching goals by deceit, substituting false motives for false motives, manipulating, such a person can hardly become truly happy, since such fruits do not bring positive shoots.

The payment can be anything:

  • distrust of friends and relatives;
  • disappointment of loved ones;
  • cooling of relations with relatives;
  • suspicion of the authorities.

The list can be continued indefinitely. But the most disturbing symptom is the loss of oneself. Then the hypocritical can no longer feel real, sincere, honest not only with people, but also with himself.

The sin of hypocrisy

How does religion answer this question? In different faiths, you can find many warnings for those who are sick with this sin.

Who are the hypocrites? In Islam, this quality is considered the most dangerous defect that the human heart can only get. The hypocrites in this religion are called munafikas and prophesy them hell. Indeed, Allah does not forgive those who hide behind faith, but in fact only pursue their personal interests and goals. The souls of such people are dead, and their hearts are sealed for evil deeds.

Islam, answering the question, who is a hypocrite, brings three basic qualities that, when combined, make a person a clear munafiq:

  1. If a hypocrite says, he certainly lies.
  2. When he makes promises, he always breaks them.
  3. A hypocrite who provides any guarantees, always betrays.

When a person has only one of these qualities, the followers of Islam call for repentance. It is necessary to quickly correct that this illness does not turn into a chronic one.

Christianity also speaks against hypocrisy. Jesus Christ has always condemned such behavior. He warned that hypocrites will not be able to enter the Kingdom of heaven and avoid the torments of hell. Jesus constantly rebuked the Pharisees, calling them hypocrites, who do everything for show. They only demonstrate his righteousness to the people, but their hearts remain alien to repentance and true faith.

The hypocrite is always false and insincere. He only depicts humility and repentance, but actually continues to live with sin.

The apostles also try to warn Christians in their teachings about the danger of hypocrisy, which has always been against the son of God. They call for sincere love, faith and life in Christ.