Value of education

Revealing the question of who the Mormons are and what they do, it should be noted that many talented scientists, politicians and businessmen among them. In their activities, they attach great importance to education. It is the Mormons belongs to a school like University Brigham after he was caught young, and many additional courses at various universities in the USA. They distribute literature that is published in large editions.

Where does the church get income from?

The Mormon Church gets a huge income from investments and Bank savings. It owns land on which new buildings are being built. All members of this Church required a tenth of their income to give her, and to make special donations (e.g., donations from post).

Today many people know about who are Mormons. Members of this Church had acquired in the eyes of the public the reputation for a strong family and high moral. They do not drink alcohol, coffee and tea, do not smoke, and very clean. Mormons, however, did not always possess such an enviable reputation. Who are the Mormons, really? Let's face it.

Origin and early years of Joseph Smith

The founder of this religion, Joseph Smith Jr. (his portrait below) was born in 1805, December 23, in Vermont (town of Sharon). His father was a treasure hunter, who traveled in search of new York and Vermont. He was particularly interested in the treasure belonging to captain Kidd. He was also in trouble for trying to be a counterfeiter. Full of prejudices, uneducated boy, Joseph Smith participated in trips with his father. Father and son in search of treasures used stones and magic wands that supposedly point the way to the treasure.

Who are the Mormons and what do they believe?

The first “vision”

Smith spent several years in his youth in upstate new York (Palmyra), where it went bad publicity. Joseph Smith, in 1820, stated that he had a “vision.” In it he simultaneously was God the Son, and God the Father. In this vision he was allegedly informed that God is not pleased with all of the existing Church and the mission entrusted to the prophet Joseph Smith, which aims to restore the truth of the gospel in the world.

Golden Tablets and “Book of Mormon”

Smith in 1823 allegedly appeared the angel Moroni, who told him about the golden tablets. It was Joseph who had to find them.

Smith claimed that these plates he found on the hill Cumora located near the city of Palmyra, in 1827. According to him, the plate was inscribed “special Egyptian hieroglyphs”. Smith translated them into English with the help of “magic points,” which he called “Urim and Thummim”. Joseph from 1827 to 1829 “translated” the tablets. He published the results of their work in 1830 called “the Book of Mormon.”

Appearance of John the Baptist

Smith in one of the future “visions” (in 1829) was John the Baptist. He was ordained “after the order of Aaron” to the rank of priest. Smith then moved to Fayette, where he founded a Church. Here he gathered the first group of his followers. In 1831 he moved again, because in revelation it told him that the Mormons should settle in the States of Missouri and Ohio.

Charge and transfer to Nova

Followers for several years settled in the cities of Zion (Missouri) and Kertland (Oh). In 1839, after members were accused of crimes Boggs, Governor of Missouri, issued a decree that ordered to leave the state all Mormons.

Then Joseph Smith along with his followers went to Illinois and built a town here, which was called “Nova”. Mormons here began practicing polygamy for the first time.

Shooting of Joseph Smith and Hiram

The resentment of the local population caused some of the antics of Smith's, and after perfect their attempts to destroy the office of the newspaper, which has raised its voice against the Mormons, Smith, and Hiram, his brother, was jailed. Legal court, unfortunately, they did not. In 1844, on June 25, the prison stormed by an angry mob. Was shot Smith and his brother, which made them in the eyes of other Mormon martyrs.

New leader

The followers of this Church soon chose a new leader. It was Brigham young who took the title of prophet and “First President”. The prophet drew his supporters in a grueling and long journey to the South-West of the United States, is still untapped territory. Located in Utah valley of the Great Salt Lake, they finally stopped.

Young guided the Church and lived as “the First President” in a special room until his death (in 1877). The custom of polygamy, he maintained that he had 25 wives. This man autocratic rules Mormons. He also made in their theology significant changes. One of the most horrific crimes in the history of this Church refers to 1857, when young ordered John D. Lee, “Bishop” and his assistant, to destroy 150 immigrants who did not belong to the community. The Mormons resisted the attempts of the American government to do one of the States in the territory of Utah and to introduce laws common to all States, including the prohibition of polygamy. Polygamy they refused to officially only when their property was confiscated by the government and the community had imposed a large fine.

Mormon Church Now

Who are the Mormons today? Their Church is a disciplined, powerful organization. Its headquarters is located in Utah (salt lake city). In descending order, are managed. Head (President) that the Council of the 12 Apostles, a Council of 70. In different “units” and “housing” of the United rank and file Mormons. They appoint their own “bishops” (“presbyters”), teachers and advisors. Most men, in addition, perform the duties of the elders or “deacons”. That's who the Mormons in our time.

Mormon Beliefs

The members of this sect are called “Gentiles” of all amormino. They claim that for many centuries there was no true Church until Joseph Smith restored her. It's interesting that at a time when Smith said that the Church departed from the true God, Christianity experienced a period of revival, one of the greatest in history. Especially Mormons emphasize the fact of separation of churches and the differences in religion between Christians. They claim that it is impossible to read the Bible quite a Revelation, as it was unable to unite all believers.

Among themselves the Mormons, however, the processes of separation. There are at least 6 different sects. The largest of them is located in Utah the Mormon Church-begemotov. Her supporters believe the true successor to Smith, Brigham after he was caught Yang. Another large organization, the headquarters of which are located in Missouri (independence), known as the Church Josefov. Its representatives claim that only a descendant of the Smith could be “the First President” and the rightful successor. Joseffy, in addition, reject polygamy, as well as some innovations of young. Who are Mormons fundamentalists? The members of this sect live in the US, Mexico and Canada. One of the leaders of this community, Joe Jessup has 5 wives, from whom he has 46 children and 240 grandchildren. This man is now 88 years old. Mormons have a rule that if one of his relatives dies, he must take his wife and children of the deceased. Thus, children and woman, a widow receive social protection. You will help you to better understand who are the Mormons, the pictures below. As you can see, they are dressed not in modern clothes.

There are other sects, for example, “Strangits”, “Catlerites”, “Bickertonites”.

Mormons Sacred Texts

Now you know what a Mormon was. In our country, they came as English teachers and with the program of humanitarian assistance. Today we have a Russian branch of the sect. Who are the Mormons in Russia? Their branch in our country was not created for the salvation of lost souls. About the system of their views they report only what you want. Information about important knowledge at the base of the pyramid are minimal. Access to increased control over the mind of a cult member. This is an important feature of the sect.