Everyone is sure that he has friends. At least, most of them definitely have. But here's an interesting point: how many people can give an accurate definition of who are friends? By what criteria do they choose? And what do they mean for us?

After all, you can not just wake up in the morning and say: "Oh, today is a wonderful day, which means it's time to make a new friend." No, there are special conditions that must be observed, so that two people could truly make friends. Is it interesting to know about this? Then welcome to the unknown world of friendship.

Who are friends? What binds friends? And how to be a good friend?

Who are friends?

So, the answer to the main question: "What is friendship?" First of all, this is a feeling that unites two people. It is based on trust and respect, if these two components do not exist, then such a union will collapse quickly. Or one person will simply use the second until he gets bored or his trust limit is exhausted.

Now smoothly go to the one who such friends. As can be understood from the foregoing, friends are people who are able to trust each other. Often, such a feeling does not arise just like that. This requires a push, for example, a certain life situation, which managed to show them the dignity of each other.

Friends are like relatives, only mutual respect and trust bind them instead of blood ties.

What are the principles of friendship?

But one trust is not enough to make ordinary acquaintance become something more. Therefore, in order to understand who are friends, we need to consider the basic components of friendship. Namely:

  • Openness in communication. It's hard to be friends with someone you can not fully understand. Therefore it is very important in communication with friends to be extremely sincere - this will help build a lasting relationship.
  • Unselfishness. Friendship is not a business relationship and certainly not a trade union. All actions must be committed without any intent, because what is the point of making friends with someone who comes to the rescue only when it is beneficial for him?
  • Participation. Friends do not forget about each other both in moments of joy and in troubled times. A good friend regularly asks: "How are you? Are you all right? When to get to meet and just talk about life? "

Why in childhood was it so easy to make new friends?

Children always easily get new acquaintances and in just a few minutes can call their first friend friend. And it's not even that they do not fully realize who they are. No, the truth lies in the fact that children are the most disinterested creatures on earth.

Each person, looking into his past, can easily recall what most interested him in his childhood: sweets and fun. All the rest was completely unimportant. That's why it was so easy to make new friends, because almost all children have similar interests. Moreover, at this age we still do not suspect that people are capable of betraying us or hypocritical for the sake of achieving their hidden goals.

Over time, we all grow up

Where it is more difficult to make friends, being already mature. After all, now the world does not seem so affable and kind as before. Behind every action we try to find hidden intentions, and, what is most sad, they often really are.

It's quite difficult to open up to strangers, that's why real friends so rarely appear in our life. More often than not, a person starts just comrades with whom you can have fun, but certainly not go to the "intelligence".

And yet, even in this period of our lives, we meet those whom we are right to consider friends. Let it happen not so often, but from this their significance only increases. Having met such a person, one must strive with all his might to develop his friendship, so that it ultimately will bear fruit.

Who is the best friend?

Among all our comrades there are always those whom we value much more than others. Their friendship for us is much more important than anything else, because we call them the best friends. But why does this happen? What makes us make such a choice? And who is this best friend?

The best friends are those who can be trusted unconditionally for any secret. You can always rely on them, regardless of the difficulties that you will have to transfer in this case. They will not betray, do not slack and will be guided to the path of truth, if there is such a need.

Quite often people become best friends after experiencing a number of life situations together. Some of them can be sad, others, on the contrary, it is pleasant to remember in the evenings. But they are the link that connects people for many years.

Five Simple Rules of Friendship

In summing up the results, I want to talk a little more about how to be a friend. After all, one can not demand from others what he himself is not capable of. So, five simple rules of friendship:

  1. Always hold back your word, otherwise you will not succeed in building trust. If you doubt your abilities, it's better not to promise anything at all.
  2. Learn to listen to people. Sometimes it's enough just to get into the problem of a friend and just sit silently next door.
  3. Help in difficult times. Do not wait for a request for help, try to come yourself at the right time.
  4. Be disinterested. But do not poke all the whims, because real friends will never disturb each other in detail.
  5. Respect your friends. Remember: their opinion and words should be important to you, because you are in an equal position.