In an effort to be beautiful and young, many women resort to a variety of ways. Every year more and more procedures for rejuvenation appear: 3D-lifting, carboxytherapy, cryolifting, mesotherapy, face plastic, ELOS-rejuvenation and many others. Each such method has both its advantages and disadvantages. Let us turn our attention to mesotherapy, namely, the introduction of a drug such as Xeomin into the subcutaneous layer. Reviews about this tool can be useful to anyone who decides on this procedure.

Xeomin: reviews, instructions for use, analogues, results

What is this tool and how does it work?

"Xeomin" is a preparation based on botulinum toxin. This substance is a botulinum toxin type A. In addition, the composition also includes sucrose and human albumin. How can these substances help in preserving youth? Botulinum toxin is an organic poison that specifically acts on nerve cells. In nature, this substance is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. If this poison enters large quantities in the human or animal body, its effect on the nervous system causes a severe disease - botulism. In small doses, botulinum toxin is used in medicine to treat a variety of diseases associated with nerve fibers.

This substance is a neurotoxin that interacts with membrane proteins and blocks the excitation transmitted through the synapse. In order to understand how Xeomin works, feedback about which can be heard from many, first consider what wrinkles are. We all know that these are folds that appear on the skin as a result of age-related changes or strong and frequent facial movements. Over time, muscle tissue loses its elasticity, the muscles of the skin contract worse, and wrinkles that could previously be observed, for example, during a certain emotion, do not disappear anywhere and remain on the face, even when the person is in a relaxed state. Thus, the injections of "Xeomin" relax the overactive muscles involved in the formation of wrinkles. Getting into the subcutaneous layer, botulinum toxin blocks the signals between muscles and motor nerves, thereby weakening muscle activity. As a result, smoothing of deep and fine wrinkles is observed, and the skin surface becomes smooth and smooth at the same time.

Similar drugs

There are many similar drugs used in mesotherapy. These include "Botox", "Disport", "Centoks", "Refinex", "Lantox" and others. All of them are very similar to each other, and the principle of their interaction with muscles and motor nerves differs little from that of "Xeomin." The difference is mainly in the producing country. So, for example, Botox is produced by Ireland, Disport by France, Centoc by the USA, Lantox by China, and Xeomin by Germany.

In addition, in various preparations, the amount of ED of the active substance (botulinum toxin type A complex) is different, if its "Botox" is 100ED, then in "Disport" - 300 units. This is due to many factors. "Xeomin", for example, is released in the dosage form of a lyophilizate with a dosage of 50ED and 100ED. In this case, its complex of botulinum toxin lacks complex proteins, instead of them there is human serum albumin and sucrose, which promote better adhesion of toxin molecules with nerve endings. If you are wondering: "Xeomin" or "Disport" - which is better? ", It is necessary to carefully study the reviews of each of these drugs. Their composition can contain a variety of auxiliary components, which is why you need to pay attention to whether they do not cause you an allergic reaction. Let's talk about the most popular of them in more detail.

Beauty injections: Botox

"Botox", reviews of which can be found most diverse, contains in its composition, in addition to botulinum toxin type A, human protein - albumin. It is necessary to ensure a better adhesion between the botulinum toxin and the subcutaneous layer. With the introduction of such protein there is a certain risk, since albumin is released only from donor blood. Of course, all donors go through all the necessary tests before donating blood, but still a stranger protein is a risk. In addition, Botox, reviews of which are usually positive, affects the muscle fibers in only about three months. After this time the problems return. Of course, you can do a repeated mesotherapy with this drug, however this time the result will be short-lived. The thing is that the body produces antibodies to this component, and the more the dose that is introduced, the less (in time) effect we observe.

Let's talk about "Disport"

This tool - a good analogue of "Botox" and "Xeomin." "Dysport" removes small facial wrinkles in the eyes and nose. In addition, this drug is used to treat diseases such as hyperhidrosis. Contraindications to the use of "Disport" are: individual intolerance, age to 12 years, pregnancy and lactation, as well as diseases such as leukemia, hemophilia. It is very difficult to name the characteristic differences between such analogous drugs as Botox, Xeomin, Disport, because the active substance in them is the same - all the same botulinum toxin. But despite this, the difference is still there, and it is caused by the fact that different additional components are present in the preparations, and the dosages of the active substance are different.

For example, "Disport" shows its effect only after a while (a week or two). In addition, the effect of it is longer - about 4 months. In contrast to such a drug as "Xeomin," reviews about "Disport" are found much more often. This is due to the fact that he appeared much earlier, and most of the girls have already experienced it on themselves.

Than "Xeomin" differs from analogues

The drug "Xeomin" does not have a negative effect on the body as a whole, since the concentration of botulinum toxin type A in it is low. There is another very important difference between this remedy and its analogues. The fact is that "Xeomin" is a fairly new development of the German scientist Jurgent Frivert, which is characterized by the absence of complex proteins in its composition. Since botulinum is a poison, its protein interacts very strongly with the human body. At constant and high concentrations, the immune system begins to produce antibodies to this toxin, which means that the organism, rejecting it, negates the action of neurotoxins. In addition, Xeomin, the instructions for use of which is attached to each flacon, can be stored at room temperature for 4 years. For comparison: "Botox" and "Disport" at a temperature above +8 ° C is spoiled.

How to apply "Xeoming"

"Xeomin," the instruction for use of which will be considered below, is a medicinal product and is sold only if there is a prescription for it. It should be understood that the use of this product at home is impossible, therefore, in each beauty salon, these drugs are available and not given up. It is very important to observe certain rules before the procedure: you can not take antibiotics and drugs that dilute the blood (acetylsalicylic acid, ascophene). Also it is undesirable to drink alcohol, even in small amounts.

The procedure should be performed by a qualified physician in a clean, disinfected room using sterile instruments. First of all, the patient is interviewed and questioned. Without fail the doctor should ask about the presence of any diseases or allergic reactions. "Xeomin" - injections, which must be done only at certain points, known to a specialist. These places are treated with an antiseptic solution, after which marking is performed on them. People with a low threshold of sensitivity are often asked to anesthetize the injection site with a special ointment, such a procedure before mesotherapy is allowed.

Then a thin syringe with a short needle is inserted into the marked places. The procedure takes about 3 minutes. After the injection, you can not rub and scratch your face, in addition, it is undesirable to grimace and check the effect immediately - it will not. At least the first day after the injection, the drug interacts with the subcutaneous tissue and occupies certain places there. With strong gesticulation, the substance may not be distributed correctly. Most often, mesotherapy is done in the eye, eyebrows and lips.

It is very important that injections are made by an experienced specialist. An incorrect dosage or place of administration can lead to negative consequences, such as swelling or a skewed face.

Expected effect

What do all girls and women expect from this "wonderful" drug? Of course, getting rid of all wrinkles, and forever. From the point of view of science, this is impossible. And this is explained by the fact that new muscle endings will grow and create new neuromuscular junctions, and this will always be so. The procedure of "injections of youth" can be compared with diving plants. In order for a small sprout not to let too long a root, its middle is cut (inject toxin). As in the case of nerve endings, the root begins to grow in the sides.

The maximum effect after the procedure of mesotherapy with the help of this drug is 8 months, the minimum - 4. The result after Xeomin injections primarily depends on the personal tolerability of the drug, as well as on the qualification of the doctor who conducted the procedure. Given that this drug does not contain any complex proteins, it does not cause a protective reaction in the body.

Rules of care in the rehabilitation period

To ensure that the result is the best, strict adherence to certain simple rules during the rehabilitation period, which is from 7 to 10 days, is necessary. Let us consider them in more detail.

First of all, after the injection, you can not bend down and lower your head down - this increases the flow of blood, which is undesirable. As well as before the procedure, after it for a week you can not take antibiotics, anticoagulants, alcohol. At this time, do not strain the muscles of the face, actively play sports, rub the injection site, and also bathe in a bath or sunbathe. To ensure that there are no bruises after the procedure, ice is put on the injection site. "Xeomin," whose action is directed at the nerve endings, does not affect the functioning of the brain and can be used even by people who drive vehicles.


"Xeomin," the reviews we will look at later, like any medical product, has its contraindications. As already stated at the beginning of the article, the drug can not be stabbed during pregnancy and lactation. In addition, it is considered impossible to conduct the procedure during a flu, ARVI, cold. Fever and headache are also a contraindication to the use of "Xeomin." If surgery has recently been performed with anesthesia, mesotherapy should also be postponed. Injections "Xeomin" are not too dangerous, but for the procedure the human body should be completely healthy. Botulinum toxin is a poison that acts only on the place where it is injected, but against the background of the ongoing disease, the "beauty prick" can not produce any result. It is very important that the patient does not have a hernia in the eye area. In this case, botulinum toxin can cause a strong puffiness. If a person suffers from mental disorders, has hemophilia or is abusing alcohol and drugs, injections with a drug such as Xeomin are contraindicated. Contraindications to the use of this tool, as you can see, concern only a small part of people, so we can say with confidence that it is suitable for almost everyone.

Possible complications

So, "Xeomin" or "Disport" - which is better? It is difficult to answer this question unambiguously. It is necessary to understand that both drugs can cause complications. It can not be said that one remedy suits everyone without exception, and the other can do much harm. Unfortunately, the procedure of mesotherapy can cause complications regardless of the drug used, especially if injections are made by an unqualified specialist. Of the frequent reactions, based on the feedback of specialists, we can distinguish the following:

  • Swelling or bruising at the injection site.
  • Sagging tissue, which manifests itself in the form of puffiness, especially after sleep.
  • Asymmetry of the face (for example, the skewing of the eyebrows is one higher than the other)
  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • Symptoms similar to those of influenza (tearing, fever, general weakness).
  • Nausea.
  • Pain, burning, itching at the injection site.

Despite the fact that the complications after the injections of "Xeominom", "Disport", "Botox" there are many negative reactions - quite a rare phenomenon, which manifests itself in about 10% of patients.

Reviews of "Xomeomine"

First of all, clients of beauty salons note that the drug does not work right away, but only for 4-5 days. But it pleases that the injections of "Xeomin" retain their effect for a long time. Of course, most women do not quite like the procedure itself, because, frankly, who among us is thrilled with the injections? A certain part of the people says that they did not fit the "Xeoomin" pricks at all. According to them, the first few days they had a strong puffiness in the jabs. In the following days, when the swelling came off, the wrinkles not only did not disappear, but even became more noticeable. As a rule, the negative is associated with unskilled doctors who make injections. It is very important to require a certificate and a license for both the drug that is introduced and the documents of the personnel themselves.

The doctor must have a diploma of education (at least he should be a dermatologist). If the center of cosmetology or the clinic causes you the slightest doubt, it is better to immediately leave it and find another that will cause confidence. The cosmetologist conducting the procedure should be sociable. It is necessary to learn from him about the contraindications and side effects that can arise as a result of "pricks of beauty".

On various resources, reviews say that "Xeomin" positively affects the skin condition, especially in adulthood. According to women who used these services of cosmetologists, he is not always able to smooth deep creases, especially in the forehead, but with fine mimic wrinkles he copes quite qualitatively. After the injection of Xeomin, the skin looks taut and elastic.

Many women very often do not know what to choose - "Xeoming" or "Botox." Of course, the choice is not easy, because one tool has been used for mesotherapy for a long time, and the other is a relatively new and insufficiently researched one. Those who take risks and use "Xeomin", the results, if you believe the reviews, are impressive. According to them, they do not regret their choice. Yes, the procedure of mesotherapy itself, of course, is not pleasant, but it is quite tolerable and justified.