Dresses in the wardrobe of every self-respecting girl should be a lot. They can be of different styles, colors, from all kinds of materials. In order to always look feminine, seductive and elegant, and there are white dresses: short, long, narrow, and casual.White lace dresses short

The base of the female wardrobe

There are many variations of dresses. But there are such categories of this garment that should be the base of the wardrobe. Without them, you can not do at any time of the year or in certain cases. For example, the classic of the genre has long been a small black dress. Indeed, it can be worn for almost any occasion. It will be appropriate for a lavish evening reception, and in the office, and on a date. But who will manage only this dress? There is also the exact opposite of this. This is a small white dress. Yes, yes, that's it. White color, like black, is the standard standard of good taste. In addition to this fact, it is also a basic color, to which then you can easily pick up things of various colors without any difficulties.

Such a garment is excellent for summer pores. In the heat of clothing of this color is a real salvation, since it does not attract sun rays. And visually the white color gives freshness and lightness to the image.

All the fashion houses ever imagined clothing collection in pure white color. So it is still fashionable and not just practical and beautiful. Spring summer 2015 marked the white color as another hit. This is a wonderful spot for fashionistas to reveal their natural charm and feminine charm.

White short dresses

Why this length? Naturally, you can consider white dresses in the floor. But they are not so practical. They can be worn only for some special cases or situations. For example, for an evening walk, the beach is great for long white dresses. Short models can be worn safely at all times, without being afraid to look ridiculous. They can be worn on a girl at a club party, on the beach, in the same office or as an everyday option. In this article, we will analyze such types of white short dresses: lace, wedding, black and white, lush models. Let's consider all more in detail.

White short lace dress

Long since lace was considered a sign of wealth. Therefore, only members of the elite and nobility could wear it, because a mere mortal could not afford such luxury. Today, clothes with lace elements are sold in almost all stores, both famous branded and factory. The essence of this does not change. The lace became available, but it did not lose its attractiveness and splendor. White short lace dress will be the highlight of the wardrobe of any fashionista. With properly selected accessories, it will give its owner a royal look. This dress will be a good choice. Depending on how the lace is presented on the model itself, which one was used, the dresses will be suitable for completely different situations (evening, daytime, festive exits).

Lace can be hand-made or machine-knitted, made of chiffon, cotton, silk or satin. Therefore, mainly during the purchase of such a dress you need to build on your own budget. Choose a style will be easy. There are a lot of them. You can choose for any shape. They can be both fitted and free cut.

Do not worry about the fact that a lace may be visible to unwanted areas of the body. Manufacturers provide lightweight lining which can solve this problem. White short lace dress is so versatile that it can be worn with almost any shoes, from heels, ballet flats and even ending with the right shoes.

Wedding option

More and more recently, many brides have abandoned the classic wedding dress - a long white dress. Some experiment with flowers. Girls choose wedding dresses whether red, or champagne colors or others. Can think and unusual style. An extravagant option is also a white short wedding dress. Female representatives who have conservative views may disapprove of such a choice. However, it is worth mentioning the numerous advantages of such a wedding dress.

First, there is no deviation from the traditional color - white.

Secondly, this dress is non-standard, original. The bride will definitely not look boring and usually. Now there are many beautiful styles that will please even the most demanding women of fashion.

Thirdly, if the date of the wedding falls under the hot season (end of spring, summer, early autumn), then the bride will not think about the effect of the "oven", which can create some outfits.

And finally, such a dress, in comparison with wedding models in the floor, creates stiffness in the movements. It gives a feeling of discomfort. This is especially useful if the wedding is characterized by its youth and active conduct. Extremely popular are dresses with a short front and long train in the back.

Short black and white dress

The combination of classic colors will always be in fashion. The lady, dressed in such a dress, will look chic, sophisticated and elegant. You can find a large number of variations of the connection of the black and white colors. It can be contrasting patterns, prints, abstract, peas, stripes or simply the connection of the individual parts of the dress in a particular color. The short length allows the image not to be overloaded, gives it some playfulness. This dress can be combined with any shoes. It all depends on the style of the model. Thanks to a successful color scheme you can pick up bright accessories, not limiting themselves to color fantasies. Black and white dress can be a favorite outfit of many girls who rated himself on all his charm.

Chic and shine

For parties, graduations, perfect white fluffy short dress. Consider the style gives a festive look. Accentuate an elegant waist and neckline white dresses. Short models will do almost any girl with a different figure. The puffy skirt of the dress can be made of various materials, decorated with beautiful crystals, stones or other elements. These dresses can be worn with heels to really complete. And legs will look slimmer. Under this dress is better suited to a small bright clutch bags. Supplementing this with all the unsurpassed makeup and beautiful hair, you can feel like a real Princess!

White short dresses on fashion shows

After a week of fashion in Paris, many women who pay attention to fashion trends can be seen on ordinary streets in white short dresses. For example, in the women's collection Dolce \u0026 Gabbana there are white dresses. Short models in their design carry the Spanish theme. They are decorated with expensive massive stones and embroidery, there are lace elements. There are also black and white dresses in this collection. So, having taken into account the fashion trends of this season, no girl will not go unnoticed!