Legends of the Bloody Mary are so diverse and numerous that the true roots of their appearance are difficult to recognize. Some sources indicate that the prototype was the English Queen Maria I Tudor. Others that these were ordinary girls who died not by their own death. Still others say that city legends about Bloody Mary owed their appearance to witches.

Perpetuation of Bloody Mary

It is noteworthy that the mystical spirit is quite popular as a hero of books, serials, this, in turn, generates new legends. For example, the cinematic character of the murdered Mary Worthington occurs in the TV series Supernatural. The girl's spirit moved into a mirror, before which she bleed. Her ghost, demanding retribution, follows the mirror, punishing all those who dare to call her. According to the series, a woman kills only those who are guilty of the death of a person.

Bloody Mary: a legend

This name is immortalized in the pages of books.

The first documentary mention of Bloody Mary is the article by folklorist Janet Langlo, written in 1978.

And in 1986 Ian Harold Brunwerd wrote a work, the whole chapter of which is devoted to Mary. But Brunwend believed only in one Mary, in Worth.

The phrase "Bloody Mary" in the modern world has become a household name, the culinary cocktail can be called the culprit. In fact, the settled expression is not so innocent and cloudless. The history of Bloody Mary, the legend of its origins conceals secrets about murders, burning and bullying.

The many-faced legend

Researchers note that in the history of the world there were several Bloody Marys. These include: Hellfire, Worthington, Blood Bones, Worth, Wales, Lew, Jane, Agnes, Sally, Black Agnes, Madame Swart. We will briefly discuss some of them later.

For American youth of the second half of the XX century, the origins of the appearance of the horror story did not seem to matter. It was noted that Bloody Mary, the girl's challenge, became a fashion trend. Each party ended in a ghostly spirit.

Psychologists were concerned about the frightening predilection of young people. Charlotte Benson also became interested in the legend and conducted a survey. The results were shocking: over 90% of respondents (age category from 7 to 15 years) believe in the existence of the woman's avenging spirit.

English Queen Mary Tudor: The First Bloody Mary

The legend of Bloody Mary originally dates back to the 16th century and is associated with the brutal executions carried out by the English queen Maria Tudor. During the years of short government (5 years), she has executed more than 300 people.

Bloody reprisals against dissenting subjects who are unwilling to believe in the Catholic Church are not the most terrible deeds attributed to the queen. According to folklore sources, Maria was preparing drugs to help her stay young and beautiful. The main ingredient of the elixir was the blood of Protestant girls.

In addition, it is believed that she kidnapped children from the families. What was done to them: it is not known. Only the reason for this predilection is clear: the woman had many miscarriages and imaginary pregnancies. She was simply distraught with grief.

Mary Worth: murder due to loss of beauty

Over time, Bloody Mary, the legend and the attendant murders, acquire a new home and a new avenging woman. Mary Worth, who lives in North America, is the victim of a terrible accident. After her, the face of an unusually beautiful woman became ruthlessly disfigured.

Trying to hide the frightening consequences of the tragedy, others hide mirrors from it. Suffering from curiosity and selfishness (a woman used to often admire herself), Mary made it to the mirror in the night, in which she saw a disfigured face.

In desperation, the woman crouched against the surface of the mirror, trying to catch the remains of beauty. Magically, the silvery surface absorbed the unfortunate Mary. Since then, Worth became a prisoner of the looking-glass.

Everyone who dares to disturb her unsettled spirit awaits the fate of a woman: a disfigured appearance. Bloody Mary (the legend associated with Worth) does not kill the person who summoned her, but causes deep knife cuts on her face, which is why she remains disfigured for life.

Another legend about Worth does not contain details about beauty, the accident and its consequences, but it is no less tragic. It is believed that Worth became Bloody Mary after killing her own children.

Witch from the dense Pennsylvania forest

History, originating in the forests of Pennsylvania, eventually lost the name of the main character. It remains only a mystical nickname - Bloody Mary.

Legend has it that an elderly woman lived in the depths of the Pennsylvania forest, in a small hut. According to legend, small girls began to disappear in the district. The search for children around the district, the forest and the surrounding territories did not yield results.

Several volunteers went to the old hag and noticed that she was visibly younger and prettier ...

Acts of the witch, striving for eternal beauty, were discontinued after the attempted kidnapping of the miller's daughter. The old woman was caught at the scene of the crime: she was standing near an oak, sending her magic wand to the miller's house. She invoked the girl to herself with magic.

The villagers jointly caught her. In a fit of rage, they built a bonfire on the square, on which the witch was subsequently burned. In agony, the old woman cursed everyone who mentioned her name in front of the mirror.

After the death, the villagers went to the forest house of the witch. Not far from it were found the graves of the missing girls. The corpses were exsanguinated.

Mary Worthington - a victim of a maniac

The last role played by actress Mary Worthington, was her own death. Later, Worthington began to wear the name Bloody Mary (photo). The legend says that the young actress was mercilessly killed by an unknown maniac. He gouged out her eyes and left him bleeding near the mirror. While in the dying state, Mary tried to write a murderer's name on the mirror, but she died earlier than she had finished the intended one. The murder was never solved.

Years later, the mirror, near which the girl died, was returned to the family. It is believed that it has become an ominous refuge for the unhappy soul of the unhappy. Settled in a world of vision, she kills everyone who dares to say aloud her name three times: "Bloody Mary."

Preparing for a call

Before you evoke a spirit, you should think carefully about whether you need it. In addition, you need to prepare both psychologically and materially.

Given the stories described earlier, prepare:

  • an extra mirror to lure Bloody Mary into it (better 7 years of misfortune than death);
  • fire: the spirit, like a witch from Pennsylvania, is afraid of him;
  • prayer: Learn the prayer that casts out evil spirits.

Bloody Mary. Legend. How can I call her and what does she say to me?

Now you are ready. And if you are still ready to evoke the spirit of a mystical woman, having experienced your destiny, follow the instructions.

Time of the call: Night;

Necessary attributes: mirror and candles.

At night in the bathroom you need to light a candle (you do not need to scare the ghost to bring it to the surface of the mirror). Standing in front of the mirror, say three times: "Bloody Mary, come!"

The spirit will appear behind the left shoulder. If you did not see it immediately, do not be happy: maybe she delayed her visit. It may come later: when you are not ready for this ...

There is an interesting divination that Bloody Mary and a young unmarried girl should become a participant in. It is believed that if a girl who wants to know the name and signs of a narrowed one rises backwards along the dark staircase, while holding a candle in front of the mirror, she will know all the questions that interest her. If the girl does not have sins (death for her reason) she has nothing to fear, but if a skull appears in the mirror instead of the face of the narrowed, the guessing one will soon die.

What are the consequences of the challenge of Bloody Mary?

Legends of Bloody Mary on reliability should not be checked only for the sake of winning a dispute or for another silly reason. It is necessary to understand that the words of calling a mad girl can be the last for you.

It is believed that she can kill by cutting her throat, pulling out her eyes, intensifying intracranial pressure, causing bleeding. The caller can also become distraught. The most tragic outcome: imprisonment in the looking-glass. Honed will burn until the end of time in hellfire.

Supernatural: Mary Worthington - Bloody Mary

Interest in the mystical aspects of our lives is fueled not only by urban legends, myths, but also by numerous films and serials.

The most popular at the moment, the series can be called "Supernatural." Sam and Dean Winchesters have for years been fighting hostile supernatural events that are unknown to ordinary people.

As of the summer of 2015, the series successfully completed the 10th season. The legend of Bloody Mary, killing those who are guilty of someone's death, is being affected in the American TV series at the very beginning: in the first season, the fifth series.

In the series, it is possible to explain how the Bloody Mary calls and that there are countless legends about it.

With one of Mary met the Winchester brothers. It happened in the state of Ohio, the city of Toledo. On the path of the fighters against the supernatural stands Mary Worthington of Indiana. Her murder took place many years ago, but was never solved. Mary's body was found near the mirror in a pool of her own blood.

However, the brothers noticed that their Mary does not kill those who said three times in front of the mirror "Bloody Mary". Sam and Dean came to the conclusion that the murdered Mary punishes only the perpetrators of someone else's death.

The first, but not the last, victim is the father of the family: Stephen Shoemaker. He becomes a victim of calling Bloody Mary his youngest daughter. Stephen dies a terrible death: his eyes burst with intracranial pressure and he bleeds. Later it turns out that Bloody Mary saw in his past guilt in the death of his wife: she died of an overdose of sleeping pills.

And now a brief guide from Sam and Dean Vinchesters for those who decided to call Bloody Mary, but is afraid that she will still come. Stock up with the second mirror. After all, it was the additional mirror that helped the Winchesters get rid of the girl's spirit. They broke the first, Mary got out of it and began to work on the brothers. Dean had time to send a second mirror to her, the reflection of Bloody Mary began to reproach her for numerous murders, after which the girl died finally, turning into a pool of blood.