When the blood comes from the anus is most likely a symptom of a serious disease. Although the occurrence of such discharge may be a result of the occurrence of cracks in the anus. But most often the bleeding is suggestive of disease of the abdominal cavity. In any case, for an accurate diagnosis you must immediately consult a doctor.

Causes occurs bleeding from the anus in adults

Causes of bleeding can be many:

  • improper diet
  • sedentary lifestyle (occurrence of hemorrhoids)
  • chronic constipation
  • obesity
  • inflammation of the intestinal mucosa
  • anorectal fissures
  • chronic proctitis
  • polyps in the intestines
  • sexually transmitted diseases.

A list of these reasons is incomplete. They can be much more. For example, the blood of the priests appears in liver cirrhosis. And after anal sex or the introduction of foreign bodies into the hole of the anus.

Causes of bleeding from the anus in children

Why priests bleeding in children? The cause may be progressive allergic reactions to dairy products. Especially if they have high content of lactose. In babies under one year of bleeding can occur as a reaction to the artificial mixtures for feeding (intestinal volvulus).

Often children find worms. They damage the walls of the small intestine, causing bleeding. But if it's a rich, scarlet color, then it's not infested with worms. Bleeding can be a symptom of other diseases that affect adults.

Blood from the priests often comes from small cracks in the anus. The main reason for their occurrence is constipation due to improper feeding or feeding in infancy.

The blood of the priests of child can be due to acute intestinal infection. The cause is more often poor hygiene. To intestinal infection of the abdominal cavity prone children under the age of one year.

Why do I have bleeding from the anus in older people?

Upon reaching 60 years of age in the elderly can cause bleeding from the anus. The reasons can be several. For example, angiodysplasia, ischemic colitis, or chronic inflammation of the mucosa of the colon, the shell of which becomes thinner with age. With age, some elderly people may experience thrombosis of capillaries or poor circulation in the intestine. This causes blood discharge. In old age there is often cancer. Therefore, when first blood secretions, you must consult a doctor.

Why there are bleeding from the anus in pregnant women?

Why priests bleeding in pregnant women? They often hemorrhoids, symptoms are blood discharge from the anus. The disease occurs due to the pressure of the uterus on the rectum. As a result of impaired circulation. The blood stagnates, and then can form hemorrhoids.

Diseases that can cause bleeding from the anus

Bleeding from the anus is not a disease but only its symptoms. Selection may be small or, on the contrary, abundant. The most common diseases with which the priests of bleeding are:

  • Hemorrhoids. In this disease appear hemorrhoids that fall out of the anus. Around the rectum formed nodes. Bleeding occurs at the time of evacuation.
  • Polyps of the intestine. A benign small formations that occur on the rectum. The reason is the inflammation of the intestinal mucosa.
  • Diverticulitis. The disease is associated with inflammation (intestinal hernia). Thus bleeding from the anus small.
  • Bowel Cancer Development factors: polyps, anorectal fissures, proctitis. It starts with minor bleeding from the anus.
  • The crack of the rectum. The disease is associated with breaks in the mucosa of the colon.
  • Genital viral diseases. Infection occurs through sexual intercourse, when not used methods of protection. Symptoms of the disease do not appear immediately, but after some time.
  • Enteric infection. Caused due to pathogenic microorganisms (Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Shigella dysenteriae).
  • Ulcerative colitis (or Crohn's disease). Basically she is exposed to people under 40. When the disease appear: diarrhea with blood clots, abdominal pain, high temperature.

In any cases it is urgently necessary to go to the doctor?

To the question "why priests the blood flowing as a stream?" answer, only a doctor. It could be internal bleeding or a symptom of a serious disease. In such cases, an urgent need to contact the doctor. As if:

  • the appearance of blood in the feces;
  • bleeding from the rectum
  • hemorrhoids
  • profuse and frequent discharge from the anus
  • bleeding lasting more than 15 minutes
  • relapse the previous, already treated, disease
  • brief bleeding, if the family members had malignant tumors;
  • relapse after chemotherapy or radiation therapy;
  • when abdominal pain, fever, general malaise and weakness, rapid weight loss occur.

The child's priests were bleeding. Do I need to show it to the doctor?

If a child has abundant blood from the anus, you should immediately call an ambulance. Hospitalization is necessary even for small bleeding, if the baby has the following symptoms:

  • severe pains occur;
  • there is anxiety and a sharp loss of appetite;
  • temperature increases significantly;
  • crying turns into hysterical.

If there are constant, though small bleeding appear in the stool blood clots, started abdominal pain, skin irritation – it's all reason for immediate access to a pediatrician.

Why it is impossible to determine the reasons why priests bleeding?

To determine the causes of bleeding from the back passage impossible, as a deadly disease (e.g., sarcoma of the intestine, etc.) are often disguised as benign diseases (hemorrhoids, cracks in the anus, etc.).

Need for accurate diagnosis on medical equipment. As in the abdominal cavity can be several diseases. And to say that the blood of priests is due to a specific disease, can only be a doctor. If you self-medicate, instead of a positive result can cause serious complications.

Treatment of bleeding from the anus in adults and children

When the blood comes from the priests – what to do? You first need to go to the doctors, who will be able to identify the exact cause. Is therapists, gastroenterologists, proctology and Oncology. After the examination, they will prescribe the necessary course of treatment individually for each patient. In the primary treatment when the person is still not know exact cause of blood discharge, you need to first visit a GP, who will refer to the correct specialist.

Self-treatment can be carried out if cracks in the anus. The best effect is at an early stage – immediately after their appearance. For treatment use ointments and suppositories that promotes healing. The most popular drugs are:

For children often use “Alginate”. Candles are placed for the night. Before that you need to take a bath with medicinal plants (chamomile, oak bark, calendula, succession, or belladonna). The course of treatment is two weeks. If cracks are not healed and will require surgery, during which the wounds are sutured.

Treatment of bleeding from the anus by folk methods

When the priests of the blood, to self-medicate is very dangerous if you do not know the exact reason for the discharge. In the worst case can only aggravate the disease or cause unwanted complications. But there are some situations when you can treat yourself.

Hemorrhoids well help lotions of calendula. They significantly weaken the bleeding. Hemorrhoidal lumps can dry creams containing horse chestnut. On the basis of it is drugs that is taken inside. Well help hemorrhoids the bath with the addition of oak bark and chamomile. They need to do every day.

For the treatment of hemorrhoids has long been used regular brick. It must be strongly heated in the open fire and put in the basket. Hot brick sprinkled with crushed raw garlic. Then you need to sit on the cart and sit on it until the bricks begin to cool. Garlic evaporation relieve pain and stop the bleeding. The course of treatment, 6-7 days once.

The blood of the priests often appears after the occurrence of cracks in the anus. In this case, the first thing to pay attention to diet, adding more fiber. After a bowel movement to wash the anus with cold water with soap and to grease with vegetable oil or baby cream. If the edges of cracks inflamed, the well will help eritromicina and tetracycline ointment.

You can make cold lotions from yarrow. For this dry grass carefully pounded with the pestle. Then take three tablespoons of the resulting powder and poured a glass of water. Cooking should be a few minutes on small fire. Then, the resulting medium is cooled and filtered through folded in several layers of cheesecloth. The remaining mass squeeze. For the treatment need to soak broth swabs and apply them to the anus daily three times for 15 minutes.