For more comfortable playing sports and active rest, a lot of adaptations have been developed, which make it convenient and easy to keep fit. Among such developments, the innovation was the sneakers with fingers. But not everyone is ready to go out in such strange shoes.

Sneakers with fingers: features of choice and pluses

Revolution in the design of sports shoes

Not every person in his desire to ease the fate of his legs would have decided to go barefoot to the city streets. Adidas sneakers with fingers will help to free up stops.

However, in our stores they can be met very rarely, and buyers look at them as a curiosity. Indeed, the look of such shoes is rather peculiar, and around this model there are constantly conflicting conversations. Some believe that this is the most comfortable shoes, while others criticize their appearance and call into question the convenience.

A few points in favor of shoes with fingers

Shoes, exactly repeating the shape of the foot, appeared, based on the needs of athletes and tourists. For its production, rubber and materials are used that provide good ventilation, so that the foot in such shoes feels as comfortable as possible. The sole in such sneakers is strong, but at the same time allows the foot to feel the surface irregularities. But these feelings do not deliver discomfort, on the contrary, it is useful: there is a constant foot massage.

Unlike ordinary shoes, sneakers with separate fingers do not give a big load on the heel, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the musculoskeletal system.

Other advantages

In addition, we can distinguish the following positive qualities of shoes with fingers:

  • Keep the balance in the sneakers with your fingers is much easier than in conventional shoes.
  • Such footwear protects from flat feet and diseases of the spine.
  • This model will provide a large number of perplexed and surprised looks towards your person.
  • When walking in sneakers with fingers in the work included muscles, which in ordinary sneakers are idle.

A difficult choice

You can not buy such shoes in the usual market yet, and if you manage to meet a poor model, then the risk of buying a substandard fake is very high. Making a purchase in a branded online store, the risk of getting counterfeit is reduced to a minimum. The manager will provide qualified advice, but without trying on such shoes it is better not to buy.

Some online stores provide a fitting service, sending favorite sneakers with fingers. Try to immediately on both legs and it is recommended to go into them a certain distance to feel whether the shoes are comfortable. Such models must exactly repeat the shape of the foot, otherwise walking in them can lead to discomfort and trauma.

Aspects of the correct selection of sneakers with fingers

To properly choose the size of the sneakers, you need to do the following:

  1. In the evening, stand barefoot on the paper.
  2. Gently outline the contour of the foot.
  3. Ruler measure the length of the foot (starting from the thumb and ending with the heel).
  4. The result is rounded (up to five millimeters).
  5. Using the manufacturer's dimension grid, determine your size.

Not everyone is ready to buy sneakers with fingers. The reviews are left for the most part by athletes who have experienced the product on their own feet. In 95% people are happy with the purchase and come back for a new pair.

Which manufacturer is best to choose

Undoubtedly, when choosing shoes, you must first of all focus on their quality and convenience. And these parameters correspond to brand shoes. In addition, the shoes of a well-known manufacturer adds a plus to the image. The most famous and advertised firm-manufacturer of sneakers with fingers can be called Adidas.

Such models can be used for sports on the street and in the gym, however, as shoes for permanent wearing it is not good.

Sneakers with fingers also produces Vibram, which positions such sneakers for sports and for daily wear.

The company Vibram produces four main lines of shoes with fingers:

  1. A classic line is a model with a maximum open top.
  2. "Sprint" - suggests a lock around the foot, for more convenience during running.
  3. KSO - sneakers are as close as possible.
  4. "Flou" - shoes designed for water sports.

Producers say that walking in such shoes is useful for strengthening calves and ankles. In addition, it can walk on a rocky mound and even on broken glass. Due to the firm sole of the foot, the foot is completely protected from mechanical damage. This, of course, modern sneakers, the price of which starts from 3000 rubles.

Since this shoe does not hamper the movements of the foot and toes, it is ideal for practicing parkour and climbing in an urban setting. In sneakers with fingers, it is comfortable to do fitness and street jogging, not only along the asphalt paths, but also along the park paths. Adidas sneakers received special reviews. This company has been producing quality footwear for sports for many years.

An excellent option will be such models for occupying altimates, when the player does not have time to choose the surface for landing, and you need to make a large number of jumps. These sneakers with fingers perfectly spring, which allows you to gently land and easily jump.

The choice of shoes is a personal choice for everyone, because not everyone accepts this appearance of models. However, they are very convenient for sports and tourism, reduce the burden on the musculoskeletal system. People of all ages love sports shoes, and the most popular are the sneakers. The price for models with fingers is different, the lowest is 3000 rubles, and the branded pair will cost you about 10,000 rubles.