Baptism in Christianity is one of the main Twelve Great Feasts (“twelve” - twelve), associated with the Most Holy Theotokos (Theotokos) and life on the land of Jesus Christ (the Lord). What is customary to do on this day? What is the number of baptism? These and other questions can be answered in this article.

history of the holiday

The name of the holiday speaks for itself. The word “baptize” or “baptism” from Greek means “immersed in water”. With this, by the way, is connected the sacrament of communion with Christianity.

To find out what number of baptisms to celebrate, remember what happened on that day, according to the Holy Scriptures.

Jesus Christ, who was thirty years old, came to the Jordan River in old style on January 6 to be baptized. John the Baptist, a prophet sent by God himself, tried to prove to the Savior that he was not worthy to carry out the sacrament. Christ insisted, and baptism was accomplished by the will of the Lord.

During this action, the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in the form of a dove, and from above came the voice of the Heavenly Father, confirming that the Savior is His Son. Thus, God appeared in three forms or persons. Here they are: the Father is the voice, the Son is the flesh, the Holy Spirit is the dove. Therefore, baptism is also called the Epiphany. Also in ancient times, the holiday was called the Enlightenment (Holy Lights), since the Lord is the Light that is on this day to the whole world.

Only after baptism did Jesus begin to preach, enlightening the people.

What is the number of baptism

In ancient times, Christmas and Epiphany were celebrated on the same day. Later the events were divided, and in January two Christian celebrations appeared. Thus, Baptism began to be celebrated on January 19 in a new style. A week after this day, remember the events of centuries ago.

What is the date of baptism? The celebration itself takes place on January 19th. But on the eve of the holiday, January 18, on the Epiphany Eve, it is customary to observe a strict fast, when it is allowed to eat only Juice (lean cake) and kutya. On the eve of the holiday in the house they carry out a thorough cleaning, throw out all the garbage.

Holiday traditions

The consecration of water is the main event of baptism. Water acquires a miraculous property not only in the walls of temples, but also in open reservoirs, on the night of January 18-19. Always at least for a few moments at the baptism of heaven. The rivers and lakes retain the ability to heal and clean even a week after the holiday. And the water collected for the celebration in the tank does not disappear during the year, having all the same healing properties. Those who want to have healing moisture know what the date of Epiphany is January 19th. This date remains unchanged from year to year.

Previously, after the consecration of the hole in the pond, two pigeons were released, and after they were shot in the sky with blank cartridges, in memory of events during the baptism of Jesus. Now these traditions are not adhered to. Baptized water irrigated all property and housing in order to ward off misfortunes and misfortunes. And in the wells poured holy water of the Epiphany for the expulsion of evil forces.

It is interesting that even in Epiphany frosts believers dip into the ice-hole of rivers and lakes. By accepting the cleansing of the soul and body, they know that the icy water to the spiritual man and the true Christian is not to the detriment, but to the good. But still you need to dip with caution. After all, there are diseases in which it is deadly.

Signs of Baptism

Many people know what the date is the baptism, when to bathe. Signs on this day are not known to everyone, but they are. The relationship of baptism and severe frost, which is almost universally spoken of, does not really exist. Enough to watch the weather on this day. In January, severe frosts are regularities. By the way, according to signs, if the holiday is cold, the year will be rich in harvest. The sun is shining - by the hot summer. So those who are accustomed to waiting for the cold at Baptism, do not worry.

Divination for Baptism

Prior to the adoption of Christianity in Russia on the day of the present holiday of Baptism, the Christmas eve ended - folk festivals, the time of divination for the future. Hence, it is believed that the evening of January 18 is the right time to find out what awaits in the coming year. But believers know, fortune telling is not for them. The church does not approve of this, and the Bible, of course.

What number of baptism, of course, you need to know, but most importantly - do not treat the holiday as something ordinary. Do not dip into the hole just because it is so accepted. Do not go to the temple just to get some water. This is a great holiday - the baptism of the Lord, thanks to which people were able to be cleansed from sins and get rid of diseases.