Today, we will have to find out with you what is Velvet Depilatory Cream. This product is becoming increasingly popular among customers. And so there are quite a lot of opinions about him. But it is impossible to say for sure how well this tool copes with its tasks. We will have to carry out a thorough analysis of everything that was expressed in the address of Velvet, and then try to draw any concrete conclusions. Let's quickly find out what is a cream for depilation Velvet, what opinions are left about him, as well as how to use it.

Why cream

It is worthwhile to think carefully over the question of why creams are often chosen by customers. After all, hair removal can be done in different ways. And sometimes they are faster than ours today. Only then it will be possible to fully discuss how good Velvet Depilatory Cream is.

This tool (not only of the company under consideration) is a universal assistant when performing home hair removal. As many customers say, depilation cream is convenient and affordable. Plus, you can use it at any time.

Also, depilatory cream reduces the risk of allergic reactions and skin rashes. Yes, it is also an extremely gentle method of getting rid of vegetation. So that it is often chosen for hair removal. Anyone can usually use this tool - the instructions for use are extremely simple.

Learning to use

So, we decided to use such a tool as Velvet Depilation Cream. Instructions for use, as a rule, attached to it. But not every customer wants to read it. Therefore, it is better to know in advance what to do and in what sequence.

First you need to test for an allergic reaction. Apply a small amount of cream on the inside of the elbow, wait 5 minutes and then rinse. If nothing happened, then you can safely use the tool further. In case of redness and allergy, choose another depilation option.

We continue to use Velvet (depilation cream). The instruction says that you should simply apply a thin layer of the mass from the tube to clean, dry skin, and then wait a while. Next, remove the cream with a special spatula and wash its remains off the body. That's all. Depilation performed. As you can see, nothing complicated.

In fact, dry skin is a very important point that affects the quality of the procedure. The thing is that the basis of the action of the cream is a chemical effect on the hairs. And with moisture, it occurs longer and less efficiently. It is also recommended to use not only the main Velvet agent. Cream after depilation is another component that will help you reduce the growth rate of hairs. Just rub it into the skin after washing off the depilatory cream and leave it to dry completely. Nothing difficult.


Naturally, Velvet Depilation Cream receives reviews, as already mentioned, ambiguous. Let's start with the fact that this product is very pleased with customers with its diversity. That is, there are so many products from this manufacturer that will help you quickly and effectively get rid of hair on your body and face. There are several categories.

By the time of action:

  • quick action (5 minutes);
  • long action (10 minutes);
  • ultra fast (3 minutes).

For use on the body:

  • after depilation;
  • for the intimate zone;
  • slowing hair growth (this is a separate category, oddly enough);
  • for face;
  • universal;
  • for legs;
  • for sensitive skin.

Diversity allows customers to choose the option that suits them. And therefore Velvet Depilatory Cream (for sensitive skin and not only) receives positive feedback on its diversity.

The price tag on the product often plays a very important role. Especially when it comes to some kind of cosmetic. Especially if it helps women look beautiful. After all, no one wants to overpay for low-quality goods. And it is right.

Depilatory cream Velvet reviews on its price tag receives approving. Many customers constantly indicate that this tool has a very low price compared to its counterparts. For example, the same “Vit” costs from 180 rubles for one package. And Velvet - only about 90. The difference, as you can see, is huge.

Low cost often discourages buyers from Velvet depilatories. But do not be afraid of her. After all, consumers claim that high price is not a guarantee of quality. And cream for depilation Velvet (slows down hair growth and not only) - proof of that. Why is it customary to think so? Let's figure it out.

For example, let's start small. This is the smell of the remedy. Flavors during and after depilation procedures play an important role for many. After all, they are often much stronger than the deodorant or perfume.

Velvet depilatory cream (slow hair growth, for example) has a very pleasant delicate aroma, which cannot but please customers. It is not at all pleasant to smear on myself some kind of “chemistry” that smells unpleasant. But with Velvet you can not worry about this problem.

It is necessary to take into account such fact as the presence of only natural components in the composition of the product. It is herbal extracts that grant the cream a unique delicate aroma. For example, a variant with pearls and silk. It is not too caustic, disappears quickly, and does not cause discomfort. Just what every woman needs.

Another rather important point is the body's response to the remedy used. Depilatory creams are often crammed with various chemicals that cause allergies. And, accordingly, such a product is not particularly popular.

Velvet (cream for intimate areas and not only) - this is exactly the means that reduces the risk of a negative reaction of the body. After all, it contains plant extracts and oils. Just what you need for your skin!

Compared to its competitors, Velvet receives the best reviews regarding allergy manifestations. Using this tool, you will not feel discomfort or a burning sensation, as, for example, during depilation with the cream “Vit”. This factor often attracts buyers. But is everything really good? After all, some reviews say that Velvet depilation cream is not particularly high-quality.


Someone has weak hairs and is removed quickly and without problems, and someone suffers from tough vegetation, which is quite difficult to remove. From here, as you might guess, the negative reviews to the Velvet products.

This tool, as already mentioned, is divided into several categories. And among the possible options you can find creams with different exposure times. If you apply the tool strictly according to the instructions, the result will not take long. This is exactly what most consumers do.

But you can slightly deviate from the norm, that is, hold the cream on the skin a little longer. Not 3 minutes, but 6, not 10, but 15, and so on. This approach helps women with hard hair in different places. Only often, these customers wash off the cream much earlier. And therefore, the effect after application is not particularly good. However, the remaining buyers claim that Velvet does an excellent job with its task.


Timely purchase of your favorite cosmetics and body care products is an important task for every woman. Therefore, it is best to choose such a cream for depilation, which is always on sale. And Velvet here occupies a leading position.

The thing is that this cream competes with the products of the brand “Vit”. So, it is common in most stores. True, in an ordinary supermarket Velvet cream for intimate depilation or a universal option will be difficult to find. But in the store cosmetics - easily.

However, in Velvet supermarkets it is sometimes found. Plus, as customers say, this tool can be purchased via the Internet. And this will save you not only time, but also money. Especially popular are sites that offer the delivery of the cream to your home. In such cases, it is usually ordered almost a box from one buyer. Beneficial for both the seller and the customer.

Hair Growth

Manufacturers of tools for depilation at home (and not only) all the time tell us that after the use of this product, hair growth will slow down significantly. You can for a long time - from one month to three - do not repeat the procedure. Is this the only way?

Not really, really. This technique only attracts buyers. Especially women. Who would not want to apply cream once and then not shave the hair on unwanted places for several months? Of course, this is exactly what everyone needs. Only in practice it turns out that the effect of smooth skin lasts only 2 weeks.

As for Velvet cream, customers say that this product really slows down hair growth. In some cases, in certain areas of the skin, this process stops at all. Plus, this cream perfectly eliminates ingrown hairs.

The effect of smooth skin lasts a very long time. About a month and a half. New hair will appear on the body lighter and softer. Such hairs are then much easier to remove.


Savings - this is another indicator that affects the feedback left by customers. It is not particularly pleasant to constantly worry about the fact that at the most inopportune moment you will run out of cosmetics or body care products. Therefore, saving is important here. Especially if you buy an expensive item.

Velvet Depilatory Cream is extremely economical. As customers assure, one tube lasts for 6 months. And this is on condition that you do the depilation (for prevention) every 2-3 weeks. It is worthy performance.

If you compare Velvet with its counterparts, you can see that the same “Wit” is spent extremely uneconomically. One tube is enough, as a rule, for 2-3 applications. This is an average of 2 months.


In this regard, all is not well with the Velvet remedy. The thing is that some customers have repeatedly told about the consequences of the use of this cream. But the negative effect was caused by his own negligence. In other words, the instructions were not followed. What is it about?

Do not immediately get scared and refuse Velvet cream. After all, we are talking about the consequences that occur when the funds are injected, for example, on the nails. After applying the cream to your body, rinse your hands thoroughly with warm water. Wash it thoroughly with nails. Otherwise they will begin to flake off. After all, any cream is a chemical remedy. And it can destroy the top layer of nails.

Perhaps this is the only negative point that stands out customers.

The truth of the reviews

Since Velvet is such a good remedy, where do negative reviews come from? Or too good? You could say flattering to some extent. The thing is that there is one little secret. And it applies to the majority of written and posted opinions on the Internet.

What is it about? About buying reviews. That is, for writing the right opinion about a particular product you will receive a fee. This is an extremely popular method of dealing with competitors and PR of own goods. Velvet (depilation cream for intimate areas and not only) is no exception. Often left about him purchased negative reviews.

How to distinguish a fake from reality? First, evaluate the objectivity of what has been written and presented, and then see if there is evidence for the words. Usually true reviews are supported by original photos.

Summing up

Today we met with a tool for depilation called Velvet. Products of this brand is very popular among buyers. But to say exactly whether to buy this cream, no one can. Everyone decides for himself.

Still worth a try. If you like Velvet, then you can forget about the painful procedures for getting rid of unwanted vegetation. The main thing - follow the precautions and follow the instructions for use. Stop using the product if you are allergic.