Most men prefer smooth, velvety female skin, without a single hair. That is why women are struggling hard with unwanted vegetation and are in constant search for the perfect means for this.

Depilatory cream: everything you wanted to know about him

Depilatory cream, perhaps, is one of the most affordable ways to remove hair at home. Many women prefer this method of getting rid of hairs because it is absolutely painless.

How it works?

Due to the high pH level, depilatory cream weakens the hair protein bonds and dissolves it on the skin surface. The hair is curled under the influence of the active ingredients of the cream, as if it had been scorched. This allows you to get rid of hair of any length - both short and long. The hair bulb is not damaged. The more frequently the procedures are performed, the thinner and lighter the hair becomes, and over time some women will not need to be depilated.


Be sure to take a shower before the procedure. Oily skin significantly reduces the effectiveness of the cream. You can also use a scrub to remove the stratum corneum and thus facilitate the depilation process.

If you are using depilatory cream for the first time, then 12 hours before the hair removal procedure, test for allergies. To do this, apply a small amount of cream on your wrist and observe the reaction of the skin to the product.

If redness or irritation does not appear, then you can safely use depilatory cream. Evenly distribute the tool on the skin where unwanted hairs grow. Soak it the necessary time - from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the cream.

Do not overdo it! If you keep the cream more time than specified in the instructions, it can lead to chemical burns. Then the remnants of the funds are removed with a special plastic spatula or gently washed with a washcloth.

Herbal Depilator

Recently, lovers of depilation at home, more and more on the hearing cream phyto-depilator. What is it different from the usual cream? Only a high content of extracts of herbs and natural oils. The active substance in it, as in the usual cream, not of natural origin. However, if you are looking for a tool that does not have a strong odor, then phyto-depilator cream is right for you.

Reviews of doctors about this method of hair removal is very different. However, many of them recognize depilation with a cream on herbal extracts safe for most girls. In addition, the cream phyto-depilator does not provoke irritations, does not dry the skin and does not cause its peeling.

The benefits of depilation cream

  1. The simplicity of the procedure. You can make depilation with the help of cream even in field conditions. If you are late for a date, then the fastest way to bring legs in order is to use a depilatory cream. Reviews of girls who have given their preference to this method of depilation, argue that for the procedure only 15-20 minutes is enough.
  2. Depilation is an absolutely painless procedure. The cream affects only the hair on the surface of the skin, without touching the most painful place - the hair bulb.
  3. You can apply depilatory cream for bikini, armpits and facial hair. In general, this method of depilation is considered the most careful and suitable for sensitive areas. If you have a lower pain threshold and you want to find a worthy alternative to shaving, then depilation cream is ideal!
  4. Affordable price. If you compare the procedure for hair removal with the help of cream and salon procedures, then, of course, the first option is more beneficial.


  1. Hair after applying the cream for hair removal grow back quickly. After a few days, the procedure has to be repeated.
  2. High risk of allergic reactions. Be sure to conduct a preliminary sensitivity test!
  3. Unpleasant, sharp smell of active chemicals. However, this disadvantage can be avoided by using a phyto-depilator cream. Reviews of the girls who used it are full of enthusiasm about how pleasant the fragrance is of cream.


If you are prone to allergies, it is better not to risk your health, using such a tool for depilation. Pregnancy is not a direct contraindication to the use of cream. There are hair removal products, the use of which is permissible while the child is waiting. However, God protects you. It is better to limit your pregnancy to a traditional machine.

It is advisable not to use the cream if you have even the slightest scratches and damages, as well as rashes or skin diseases. Be careful with this method if you have warts, moles, or other benign lesions on the depilation site. If doctors discovered you have a cancer, then removing unwanted hair with a cream is not for you!

After the procedure

Be sure to rinse your feet with warm water. Soap is better not to use a few more hours after depilation cream, because it can cause irritation and dry skin. Refrain also from alcohol-containing products, perfumes and cosmetics. The best thing you can do for your feet right now is to soothe them with a sedative, such as oil or thermal water.

If you picked up a cream that slows down hair growth, then apply it on the skin several hours after the depilation procedure.