What celebration would be complete without dessert? Perhaps, will not meet today birthday or anniversary without a delicious lush cake. But which cake to cook? What ingredients should I choose? What the design will look more impressive and which filling will be worthy of the praise the guests? Questions from Housewives always occurs in this case, the mass.

Experienced cooks in one voice say that if you want to surprise guests to hit the taste and richness of the design, then stop your choice at such a dessert, like a cake with berries. Variations a lot: biscuit, shortbread, fresh or frozen berries. You choose.

Today we offer several ways of cooking this delicacy. As the cake with frozen berries to prepare a little differently than with a fresh, then we take as reference two completely different recipe. And you are already in the process can improve them or come up with something of my own.

Quick cake with frozen berries

This dessert is very well it will look on a festive table. A cake decorated with berries, is perfect for children's celebrations. And in cooking you will enjoy all your family, good cooking does not take much time and effort. In addition, the ingredients are so simple that the implementation of the plan will not affect your wallet, well, except that quite a bit.

Cooking products

  • Four large eggs.
  • One glass (250 grams) of granulated sugar.
  • A Cup of flour.
  • Frozen berries (black or red currant, gooseberry, blackberry, blueberry, seedless cherry - your choice).

Prepare biscuit dough

If your family love biscuits, sponge cake with berries will be a favorite. To prepare the dough, separate the whites and yolks. Put the whites in a separate deep container and start whipping using a conventional kitchen mixer. Try to begin whipping on low speed, gradually increasing the speed.

With increasing speed, begin adding granulated sugar. An experienced mistress is not recommended immediately pour into a container all the right amount. Do it slowly, dividing the total weight in tablespoons. Continue whipping.

As soon as a dense foam to add to the mass of yolks. Again, a little whisk. Now on to adding the flour. Remember that it is required to sift through. In this case, it is very convenient will be a special mug that allows you to simultaneously sow the flour and gradually add it to the dough. If such helpers in your kitchen not, then sift all the flour at once, but add it gradually while beating.

Make a cake

The main feature of the use of frozen berries in the cake is the fact that it is not recommended to put inside the dessert. Of course, you can pour the berries into a dough, but the baking, when the berries will be unfrozen inside the batter may get watery and will not be baked properly.

No such incidents happens, we will prepare a cake with frosted berries for the usual technology. Take a baking dish. A little grease it with butter. At the bottom pour frozen berries (thawed before cooking is not necessary!). Top pour cooked us biscuit dough.

It remains only to set the temperature in the oven at 200 degrees. To wait for the oven to preheat, and set back form with our test. In the process, you can periodically check the readiness of baked goods. Do it with a toothpick, match or skewers. Poked on a wooden surface left dough – dish isn't ready yet. Completely dry the skewer will "say" that the cake can be removed from the oven and serve.

When the dessert is ready, gently turn it over on the plate. Berries will be on top and will be an excellent decoration of the treat. You can also use icing sugar or multi-colored confectionery powder.

Biscuit dessert with fresh berries and butter cream

If the first cake with berries recipe which we introduced, has a more simple design and cooking process, the second option will be a little difficult. But more striking in appearance and rich taste. We will prepare a wonderful multi-layer cake with chocolate butter cream and fresh berries.

It should be noted that, despite the more complex cooking, the ingredients will be as simple and accessible as in the first case. To make this cake with berries, you need at least products, but high fantasy. In the second case we would get a cake with berries on top, and dessert with berry filling, drowned in a creamy cream. Yum!

Ingredient Set

  • Three chicken eggs.
  • 100 grams of sugar.
  • 60-70 grams of wheat flour.
  • One teaspoon of baking powder or soda at the tip of the knife.
  • 30 grams of starch.
  • 500 ml heavy cream (33% or more).
  • Six tablespoons of powdered sugar mixed with one packet of vanillin.
  • 200 grams of cottage cheese.
  • Fresh berries of your choice.

The cooking process

To make a delicious layered cake with fresh berries, you will need to initially take care of the preparation of the lush biscuit. The dough is almost exactly the same as in the first case. The only difference is that we'll beat the yolks and whites at a time. But the pace of the mixer is the same: slow first, fast – at the end of cooking.

Beat the mass for about five minutes, then begin to introduce granulated sugar. After that, we work as a mixer for another seven or ten minutes.

Housewives often there is a question related to the willingness of the protein mass for biscuit. Novice cooks can't always determine when you stop whisking, and when you want the mixer for a bit. Open the secret. Biscuit dough is ready when the mixture began to turn white and increased in volume two to three times.

In a separate bowl mix the baking powder, the sifted flour and starch. Add the flour mixture will, as always, gradually. But not recommended to mix with a mixer and with a spoon or a wide spatula that will not damage the light consistency of egg mass.

How much dough and how thick to make sponge cakes? Everything will depend on the number of layers. If you decide to make a lush cake with berries in three or four layers, then the layers will need more. If the cake is double layer, it is enough for one cake, cut in half.

We line the form with foil or parchment paper for baking. Pour our dough there and set to bake. The oven is already heated to 180-200 degrees. Cooking time - 45-55 minutes.

Prepare the filling and cream

To make a delicious cake with cream and berries, you will need two separate dishes which we will prepare the stuffing. In a bowl grind the cheese using a fine sieve or a fork. In another dish mix the heavy cream with vanilla and powdered sugar. When the cream will be well mixed, the sugar is completely dissolved, you can combine the mixture with cottage cheese.

If you want to make chocolate cake, just add to the mix a little cocoa powder or melted dark chocolate. You can even make different color cakes, which will give the cake even more unusual and make it even tastier.

Berries can take any. It could be blueberry or currants, strawberries or raspberries, blackberries or gooseberries, grapes. In General, everything that you can find in the fridge in the shop and what your imagination will suffice. Valid add chopped fruit (peach and kiwi, for example).

Cake shaping

Baked biscuit cakes necessarily need a little cool. Remember that the cream will flow from the hot cake and the cake will “float”. If the cakes are cold, then the filling and cream quickly "grab" and will keep the desired shape.

Cooled cakes cut in half. Each prepared coat of cream and curd cream. What to do with the berries? There are two options. If you want the cake was very rich and lush, with the acidity, put them on each layer of cake. If you prefer a plain cake, let the berries adorn the dessert, then their place at the top. But experienced hostess suggest even in a small dose to add berries into the cream. So the cake with the berries will be more intense taste.

From to eat this cake is not advised. He needs to give some time for treatment. You can put treats in the fridge or just in a cool place in the kitchen. Wait a couple of hours. It's worth it. When the cake is infused and saturated, it will be more rich, delicious and flavorful.

Secrets of lush sponge cake

Agree, each hostess is upset when the biscuit turns out too faded and does not rise to the necessary pomp and airiness. What to do? There are some simple secrets that will help bake fluffy cake layers for cake.

First, all the ingredients that will be used for the preparation of biscuit should be at the same temperature. In no case do not start to scramble the eggs, if they were still raised from the depths of the fridge. Let them soak for several tens of minutes and acquire the room temperature.

Secondly, do not be lazy to sift flour. The better the flour is sifted, the more it is saturated with oxygen. Consequently, the baking will be more magnificent.

Third, if you prepare the dough from separated proteins and egg yolks, not whipped eggs at once, carefully separate component parts. If a speck of yolk gets into protein, it will not be so good vzbivayte.