Girls who have long or medium hair know for sure that depending on the haircut it is sometimes difficult to find the right hairstyle. And the problem consists not in ability to do, and in an opportunity, in fact some hairstyles simply do not allow, for example, to braid braids, as tips are cut "ladder" and in that case all will stick out.

The best option for all occasions hairstyles are considered to be "bump", which is highly variable in its diversity and is suitable for any hair structure (straight or curly). The hair, collected in a "bump", great hold and create a neat appearance. Even during active physical activity, movement, form styling will not change, and look can all also excellent. But what kind of hairstyle "cone" can be done on a week day, a special celebration or holiday? How to make them yourself? Step by step instructions and advice from the experts.Beautiful wedding hairstyles: shishka with their own hands

Hairstyles "shishka": varieties and forms

As already noted earlier, such laying can be both festive and everyday. "Cone" is also called a bundle - the most convenient hairdresser for girls. Filling your hair in a bundle, you do not have to worry about anything: no strands will fall out of the "bumps", and stowage even in extreme weather conditions will remain in its original form. Although there are only two types of beams, in form, structure and technique - much more. Hairstyles "shishka" are made on the basis of:

These are the most popular versions of the beams, because they should be considered more carefully.

A bundle based on a braid

Today it is possible to use oblique in various patterns, all due to the fact that there are a lot of methods of weaving braids and their application. If a girl wants to make a sturdy styling that lasts all day and does not require special attention to herself, then this is a bundle based on a braid. Classical French braid of three strands - this is a very convenient option, and if you still put it in a bundle, then the hair will be very stable. Because it is attributed to the section of the hairdress for each day. "Shishka" is based on a spit in different ways. Consider the most popular of all possible options.

Step-by-step instruction of a hairdress "shishka" based on a braid

To independently make a beam on the basis of a braid you need:

  1. Carefully comb the hair and collect them on the crown in the "horse" tail.
  2. Divide the tail into two parts: one must be very large, and the second small, to make a small pigtail, covering the elastic band and the base of the beam.
  3. On the large part of the tail, braid the French braid of a classic look.
  4. On the small part, too, you need to braid the pigtail, but its shape can be any (for example, from 4 or 5 strands), since it appears already as an accessory and can become a highlight of the styling.
  5. Taking a large braid, you need to twist it near the base of the tail and rubber bands so that it does not disintegrate, does not pull the scalp, but at the same time it stays steady.
  6. Securing the braid with invisible or another hair elastic, it remains to screw over this small pigtail, using hairpins, hairpins.

This is a very convenient hairstyle option. "Shishka" with their own hands is done in a couple of minutes, but at the same time it is universal for solemn events, and for ordinary walks in the park. This hairstyle is also suitable for a romantic date.

Beam bundle

When there is no time even for weaving braids, a "bumpkin", made on the basis of twisted hair, will do. This procedure takes literally a couple of minutes. How is it done? The scheme is quite simple and consists of several items:

  • Hair thoroughly comb.
  • Pick up the tail, but do not pierce it with an elastic band.
  • Twist the tail along the entire length in one direction (into a spiral).
  • When the tourniquet turns out to be sufficiently tight, it remains to twist it again so that it is located around the base of the tail.
  • Having twisted the "lump", it remains only to fix the result with a special net for the beam or an elastic band. Invisibles or hairpins will not work, because they can not withstand such twisted strands.

The advantage of such a hairstyle is that it can be done in a couple of minutes and without much effort. If suddenly there was a force majeure situation (there was no time to wash your hair in the morning or you suddenly turned off the water), then such a bundle will easily hide this nuance, and nobody will notice dirty hair.

"Shishka" with the help of a hairdresser roller

More recently, it has become especially fashionable to make beams using a special foam rubber bagel. The peculiarity of such a beam is that it turns out to be very voluminous and is most often used for festive events. This form of hair looks very bold and original. How to do it?

First, for this you will need a foam donut. Second, if you are the owner of haircut "ladder" or "cascade", it is better to abandon such a hairstyle. So, first you need to carefully hair comb and pin at the crown in a ponytail. Then again comb the tail and stick it in a bagel. Tip hair should be in the middle of a donut. Then holding the hair to the base of the foam inserts, you need to twist it – twist the hair twisted into a roll. After the beam will be pressed to the base of the tail, it remains only to carefully collect all the hairs sticking out and clip this form to your head using Bobby pins. To hide the "chaos" under the beam, you can use ribbon or bows, or other interesting accessories.

Favorite options for brides

Above shows a "bump" is particularly popular in the hairstyles of brides, however, the scheme of its creation is the same, but additional features (fleece or curls) are done differently. Any beams, especially a solemn, have the features and details of the implementation, and often on the basis of the globe, made the rest of wedding hairstyle "bump". Photos of such examples clearly demonstrate, that to see the technique of "plait" or "braid" is impossible. Most often the basis of ball was taken loops of hair. The strands make curly to even separate loops, it was impossible to discern. Hair "bump" to the wedding also differs with its size. They are always much bigger and can be located anywhere (on the bottom side, top, on top, and so on).

"Shishka" hairstyle is very popular with brides. And all because it is very convenient with such packing, it does not require special attention to itself, and at the same time it is perfectly combined with a veil that can be fastened anywhere. Also with such styling, accessories, large and small, are easily combined. Therefore, choosing a hairstyle for a wedding, the bride first of all needs to evaluate the external characteristics of the "cone".