Wedding dresses with an open back - this is certainly a choice of brave brides with a delicate taste. They look seductive and elegant at the same time. Perhaps you did not think about it, but during the whole ceremony, the first dance, and often during the photo session you will stand with your back to the guests. So give them a reason to admire it.

Beautiful choice

Wedding dresses with an open back are as diverse as traditional dresses. Modest and sexy, with sleeves and without, from different materials, with a train or a length to the knees - believe me, you will have a wide choice.

Most options skirt straight or in shape, but you can find models with a more magnificent skirt.

Lacy wedding dresses with an open back look amazing thanks to a combination of intriguing transparency of the fabric and sensual silhouette.

If you are not ready for such exposure, there are also more modest models, such as this:

From flowing fabrics with a minimum of decor, you get no less beautiful wedding dresses with an open back. The photo will prove how elegantly these models look:

If you want to keep the maximum of your back open or are afraid that the dress will crawl, then choose dresses with inserts from the grid, like in figure skaters:

It is very important that the dress suits you perfectly. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that you will have to contact the atelier. If the dress is sewed according to your standards, then choose the masters with a good reputation, as it is not easy to properly design such an outfit.

The main factor

Obviously, wedding dresses with an open back require an ideal posture from the bride. If you have a pronounced scoliosis, then this style will not suit you.

In addition, the back should be the perfect tan - without stripes from the swimsuit.

For two months before the wedding, start regularly using a scrub and moisturizing lotion for the skin. If you have pimples on your back, then warn the make-up artist that they might need his help.

Important details

  • As the highlight of your dress is an open back, do not forget to inform the wedding photographer about it, so that he makes beautiful pictures from different angles.
  • It is preferable to choose a very long, simple, transparent veil. It will not distract attention from the dress, and right after the painting you can take it off. Fat length up to the elbow or to the brush can make it ugly to cross out the back and spoil the appearance.

  • Hair is best collected in an interesting styling, and if you want to visually lengthen the neck, then make a hairstyle, like a ballerina. If you like the flowing curls, then curl them with large waves and lay them on one side.
  • Lush, voluminous braids will also demonstrate hair in all its glory and will not close the dress.
  • The depth of the cut on the back has the same value as the depth of the neckline - it can radically change the look of the dress. Girls of athletic build can boldly choose a deep, U-shaped neckline. And, those who want to make the silhouette slimmer, can find out that they have a cutout "tick". But the only way to know for sure, is it, - try on a few options in the wedding salon.
  • As decorations for dresses with an open back, beads or strands of pearls, which are located above the neckline, most often act.

  • Of course, earrings or beautiful hairpins can also play the role of jewelry of the bride.

A sensitive issue

Wedding dresses with an open back definitely require a very careful selection of clothes.

For girls with small breasts there are such options:

But the first option does not improve the shape of the breast much better, and the second and third have a significant disadvantage - incorrectly glued, they can easily peel off at an inopportune moment. If you sweat, the risk of remaining without a bra becomes even greater.

Therefore, many girls prefer ordinary linen, but a special cut. It is more reliable and provides proper support. For example, if the cutout is not very deep, then you will be helped by a bra with an additional harness that wraps around the front of your chest.

For almost naked back, here is a kind of body that keeps on the shoulders at the expense of thin straps:

Do not forget that wedding linen should be completely devoid of decorative elements. Even a small bow or stitch can protrude through the fabric of the dress.

Another common mistake is the purchase of white linen. In fact, it is better to choose it under the color of your skin, otherwise it can shine through the fabric of your outfit.

Many wedding dresses with an open back tightly fit the figure, so if you want to hide an extra kilogram on your stomach or pull up the buttocks, then think about buying lingerie.

Do not be lazy and think carefully about your appearance, and then on your wedding day you will be a bride, from which it is difficult to look away.