Owners of medium to long hair is much more fortunate than beauties with short hair. To do hair of different style and form is much more convenient, and prettier than they look on the hair length below the jaw line. There are many different variants of the pilings and hairstyles, but to stand out from the crowd, not enough to know the basics of hairdressing. To look really stylish and special celebration, and ordinary walking is easy when the hair of the beautiful girl woven or inserted a variety of tape. Hairstyles with ribbons is a real trend of the season, which right swept the fashionistas one big wave. Tape any color, length, pattern and widths combine perfectly with a variety of women's outfits. It remains only to know, and what hairstyle with ribbons can be done to be beautiful?

Interwoven ribbons in braids

The most popular option, known since ancient times, this weaving ribbons right into a braid. Here are hairstyle options can be mass, and all because there is a huge number of variations of completene. For a casual walk is fine "spike" tape. To make this hairstyle, you need to:

  1. Carefully comb the hair, take the top strand, divide it into three parts.
  2. To make one round of weaving and one of the strands to attach the ribbon.
  3. Then you need to continue braiding, but the end of "spikelets" secure with a rubber band.
  4. Released the tape should wrap over the top of the gum and make a beautiful bow.

Such hairstyles with ribbons look romantic and feminine, but if you find this option banal, then there are other interesting ways to braid with ribbons.

Complicated braids and ribbon – a great combination

For true fashionistas there are some very interesting options that you can use tape. Complex braids of 5 or 6 strands – this is one of the most suitable for ribbons option. The peculiarity of it is that the tape acts almost as a single strand, and therefore stands out in this completene. Option, of course, complex, but in appearance not inferior to any other interesting hairstyles. This hairstyle looks very stylish and it will look great it on long hair. Laying this kind of goes perfectly with evening dresses, because tape is not only an element of sabornost and lightness but elegance and chic.

Tails with knotted ribbons - beautiful, feminine and romantic

Girls who do a lot of walking in the Park or just around town, know that practical hairstyles such as tails is one of the best options for long-term measures. Hairstyles with ribbons can look very romantic and feminine even without completene, but only with a tail. For the simplest option of styling with ribbon is enough to make two points:

  1. Gather the ponytail hair on top.
  2. Fasten the tail with a ribbon, tied it in a bow.

Such hairstyles with ribbons in the hair is easy to remake if necessary, because this option is very popular with girls.

Bundle and accessories

Not less interesting considered a combination of the beam with ribbons, which entwine the base of the hair, or to be curled directly into the beam. This option is also very popular among the fair sex. First, the beam is a very convenient hairstyle as all the hair collected. Secondly, to make such styling possible in two minutes. Thirdly, garnished with a ribbon beam, it is possible to obtain a very stylish hairstyle that will match with the rest of the outfit. How to do this packing? Easy.

  • Thoroughly comb all of the hair and make a ponytail on the crown of the head.
  • Take a foam "bagel" and put it on the end of the tail.
  • Raise the tail so that you can twist the "bagel" and wind hair on it.
  • To fix the sponge at the base of the head using Bobby pins.
  • With tape (wide or narrow) to wrap the base of the beam and make a neat bow.

Other hairstyles with ribbons in the hair in the form of a beam may look different, depending on the location of the tail and the technique of creating the beam.

Greek hairstyles

Choosing other interesting options, particular attention should be paid to the Greek styling. These hairstyles with ribbons on long hair look very feminine and are often used by brides. The peculiarity of this hairstyle is that the tape is placed along the forehead and back tie. It is attached on top of the hair. All the hanging strands, since the temporal part, alternately twisted in the ribbon that allows to make a very neat hairstyle, which is easy to attach a veil.

At the same time, Greek hairstyles can be very variable: curly strands are often used, and ribbons allow you to lay them in the right way, twisting individual parts of the hair.

Other interesting styling options with ribbons

Choosing unique hairstyles (long ribbon), special attention should be paid to the most simple styling. For example, a very feminine looking hairstyle where the tape is on top and combed hair pulled back in a bow. Put the tape along the forehead like a headband. Especially stylish this accessory will look at the fluffy, wavy hair. In this case, the volume on top is slightly softened, but the rest of the part below the ribbon will be three-dimensional. Looks like this option is very unusual and thematically, for example, for retro parties or discos in vintage style.

To look every day is unique by virtue of every girl, the main thing – to choose the right hairstyle. Braids with ribbons, tails, beams and Greek styling with this accessory looks very cute and feminine. While creating these hairstyles do not need to spend as much time as it seems. Some of the styling implement and easy for a couple of minutes, and some just should entrust an experienced Barber in a special festive day, for example, for a wedding.

Tape in hair has long had a special meaning, and today this accessory is very popular. That is why, choosing for the future a variety of hairstyles, is to have a universal tape that can be easily woven into the hair and give the image of tenderness, lightness and romance.