Today are popular tattoo designs for girls on shoulder. It looks beautiful, original, impressive. But in order to work really caused positive emotions, you need to initially uses a qualitative sketch. Today there are many options tattoos for girls on shoulder. It should tell you about the most popular and well-known, and also talk about the styles of this art form.

Beautiful tattoo designs for girls on shoulder


Depending on your nature, desires and moods, she chooses the subject that she is most to their liking. It can be fabulous flowers, fairies, beautiful birds, cats, snakes, hieroglyphics, inscriptions, or the whole picture, the plots of which are thought out carefully.

Tattoo designs for girls on shoulder can be performed in different ways. They are absolutely tiny, which usually make for themselves. And they can be large, such that immediately attract the eye of other people. Women's shoulder can be decorated as a geometric pattern, and some interesting characters. In principle, this is not so important. Of importance here are the other aspect. Most importantly, the girl decided to take this step, picked up a nice sketch, I found a competent expert and, of course, understand what she would like to fill. It is worth remembering that a tattoo is an important step. And it needs to be thoroughly considered and weighed.

About visualization

This topic definitely needs to be brought up. Initially, it is necessary to study in detail the various tattoos on shoulder for girls. Photos great help in this regard. So get to understand how a tattoo will look on your body. The fact that not all images are universal. Take, for example, the biomechanics style. Tattoo made in this direction, is not suitable fragile and delicate persons. To them it will look at least ridiculous. Biomechanics found, in most cases, on men, because it is, in fact, a picture of human flesh, organically intertwined with the mechanisms. Beautiful, difficult, unusual, but "princesses" is not appropriate. Such a figure would be more profitable to look at the "iron lady" with a steel character. He could not be more accurately convey her mood and show that it represents this girl. It is worth remembering that a tattoo is a reflection of the soul. And pick up a sketch so you must carefully.

On the merits

Tattoo designs for girls on shoulder has its advantages and benefits. For example, such work look amazing and show moreover a strong character of its owner. The fact that the shoulder is one of the most sensitive parts of our body, and especially women. And not every girl will dare to take this step to get a tattoo in this place. So the act itself deserves respect.

That is a beautiful tattoo on shoulder for girls are a way of expression. In fact, you can write anything! Small tattoo on shoulder for girls look elegant, feminine and charming, and large-scale, overall pattern – stylish, powerful and provocative.

One more thing. Shoulder – this is the place that you can very easy to hide under clothing. For example, if a girl wants to get a tattoo, but it works in some official place, where every employee is obliged to dress in the classics and to look the part (the stereotypical standards of what to do), she can safely go to the salon. Tattoo on the shoulder no one will see. A simple shirt will cover that. While the tattoo on your wrist might accidentally zip under sleeve and stabbed the chest to Shine because of the cut.

Way to impress

Some people make tattoo to Express yourself so others fill them in order to impress others. Everyone has their own goals. Well, tattoo on shoulder for girls photo that will help each of the fairer sex to choose the most suitable sketch are the perfect way to attract attention. But the girl herself can decide if she wants to make her jewelry saw or not. A tattoo can be a surprise. Through the year, month or day, but to impress others definitely will.

Another advantage of this tattoo is that for the masters of this place is one of the easiest. It is very convenient in terms of applying the paint. A lot of places, the surface is open, and the more the master did not need to. Due to this, by the way, the price for such work is lower than the others.

By the way, temporary patterns on the shoulders is also gaining popularity. And they look good. Of course, henna tattoo on shoulder for girls kept short – about ten days at the most, but the joy her mistress gave exactly and also surprise others. Sometimes temporary tattoos became a way to do this. And this, by the way, the way to find out is allergic on chemicals or not.

Most popular style

A classic that enjoys a rabid demand. Old school is the most popular style of tattoo. He became known in the 19th century! Sketches, in the style of old school, pay tribute to fashion and history. And they look good. The most popular option is a tattoo on a woman's shoulder, depicting a red heart entwined with a bright ribbon. Usually, it's write something like I love you. Corny, but popular, especially in this phrase has specific meaning. You can often see the heart as if on fire. The anchor tattoo is also popular, likewise known as bright white or red rose. In General, old school looks good. And this is a very popular style of tattoo. Inscription on shoulder for girls, by the way, are second in the ranking of the most common operations.

The signs of the zodiac

This is another popular theme. Many girls decide to fill on the shoulder of the symbol of Libra, Taurus, Scorpio. Looks interesting, especially if you pick the appropriate thumbnail. And besides, when you first glance at this tattoo, it becomes clear, what sense was put in it.

No less popular images of animals. Of course, girls often stuffed cats, snakes, lizards, birds. The only thing before going to get a tattoo, it is desirable to know the value of a picture because sometimes people reveal the symbolism of the tattoo is too late. And often it is not quite, let's say, decent or positive. So in this context, it is to show care.

The right choice

The tattoo is interesting, original and modern. But we must remember that there is a huge number of styles. Be sure to find one that will suit a particular person. Abstraction, for example, will appeal to fans of complex and difficult to explain drawings. Watercolor is something amazing, challenging and picturesque. This picture on the body! Chicano – tattoo gangs that morphed into art. Trash polka is a real provocation and a challenge! Style 3D complex that makes any image come to life. Graphics – addictive "mnogovato". And that's not the whole list of styles! To understand what will suit a particular person, you should study them in detail. Variety is important – to understand it.