Spit has long been considered the ideal female hairstyle. It looks neat, relevant to any outfit and is done absolutely independently. There is a huge number of options for braiding hair of any shape and length. If a girl has long strands, then she needs to know exactly what hairstyles for long hair can be done with pigtails. Braid weaving can be performed in various techniques or simply represent an unusual composition. It remains only to consider the interesting, relevant and popular styling for long hair using the technology of braiding.Beautiful weaving for long hair

French braid - an example of perfect styling

Choosing weaving for long hair, you should pay attention to the easiest and fastest option. French braid - is the favorite form of hair. Its peculiarity is that it is made of three strands, the shifting of which passes over each other in turn. The weaving scheme is very simple: you need to shift all the locks in the middle. Taking the right strand into your hands, you need to shift it over the middle one (swap them). Then take the left and shift it to the middle (instead of the strand already standing to the right). After that, again the right part of the hair must be shifted to the middle, then we repeat this action with the left strand, and so on. The end of the pigtail is fixed with a hair tie or some other barrette.Such weaving for long hair is done very quickly and is the basis for all other types of braid. Knowing the creation of the French braid, you can easily learn more complex techniques (from 4, 5 or 6 strands).

Spikelet - a great option for long-haired girls

Choosing a more complex weaving for long hair, it is worth considering the following option, and this spikelet. It can be of two types in its form (external or internal) and have a different line (braid exactly along the head, diagonally, in the basket, in the bezel, etc.). The peculiarity of this braiding is that it is made with the constant addition of new strands to the braid. The classic French braid is distinguished by the fact that the hair is collected in a ponytail, is not attached with a rubber band and leaves the same place (tail). In the case of the spikelet, the opposite is true: strands are constantly being added, and therefore the braid does not hang, but is tightly pressed to the head along the entire length, except for the hanging end. The spike weaving scheme also has three strands at the base, and hair during the weaving process will be added to them. To do this, in a selected place (at the top or near the temple) are taken three strands. Then one binding is made on the classic French braid, and only after that the addition of new hair begins.Hair is added to the strand, which will then be transferred to the middle of the spikelet. And so is weaving to the edge of the head. Long-haired girls should continue to continue braiding strands to the very end of the tail. Such long hair weaving is the most popular among girls. If we consider the option of the outer spikelet, then its difference will be only in that the strands will be shifted not from above each other, but from below. In this case, it turns out very volumetric braid.

French waterfall

Considering and studying other interesting hairstyles with weaving for long hair, it is impossible to pass by the French waterfall from the curls. Today, this form of hair is at the peak of its popularity and is in great demand. Its main difference from other forms of braids is that the hair is not completely woven, but only a small part of it, which is a bezel. The French waterfall of hair is a very feminine version of the hairstyle, suitable for going to ceremonial events, and just to study or work. His main “trick” is that the hair is also woven into the braid, but only in small bunches, and at the same time through one coil, they are released outside. Such hairstyles with weaving for long hair are complemented by curled curls, which makes styling especially delicate and feminine. The weaving scheme is simple:

  1. Hair is carefully combed and cleaned back.
  2. On one temple (right or left), three strands are selected.
  3. The usual binding on the French braid is made, and then a small tuft of hair (located directly with the braid) is added to the upper strand (which will be transferred to the middle part).
  4. One more binding of the French braid is made, after which the previously woven strand into the middle is released downwards. And instead it takes a new strand of hair.
  5. Weaving is carried out on a flat horizontal line, and on the other side it is fastened with a barrette or a rubber band, perhaps with another bright and beautiful accessory.

Hair Bags, or a Variety of Greek Hairstyles

The favorite form of many girls is the Greek style. Hair in this case is always collected in the back of a special tape. All girls like this type of hairstyle, because it gives volume to a head of hair and makes the image more feminine and romantic, so it’s worth considering such beautiful weaving for long hair. Photos of Greek hairstyles demonstrate that the tape always runs around the perimeter of the forehead and is pulled back from the bottom to the back of the head. All other hair is screwed into this bandage, forming a spiral or tight tourniquet.

How to make a Greek hair out of a braid?

The answer will please everyone: easy! To do this, you will need to use beautiful weaving for long hair in two parts. Hair should be divided into two parts on a vertical parting. Secure one at a time with a barrette so as not to get in the way, and carefully comb the second one.

Then take as a basis a strand of hair at the very top (preferably near the parting) and divide it into three parts. Now you need to weave a spike on the edge of the forehead and temple, but at the same time add hair on one side only (on the inside) so that only a volume braid can be seen from the front. In this case, the spike will be outer - the strands should be shifted from bottom to top, and not vice versa. In the same way, after finishing the weaving on the back of the head, you should add the remaining tail. The second part of the hair also need to lay on this scheme. After the two braids are in the back, you need to fasten them along the rim (the end of one pigtail is on a parallel braid). In this case, it is desirable to straighten the strands in braids so that their shape is looser and slightly negligent - this will give the hairstyle a special tenderness and playfulness.

Original weave braids from previously made braids

Many girls adore braiding in all forms and manifestations, and therefore it is worth considering another interesting braiding for long hair. Photos of many girls in various social networks prove only that there is no limit to the imagination, and they can do anything that comes to their mind on their hair. The favorite option of many young women are braids of braids. Complicated wording is really simple. The girl makes many small braids in advance and then of them creates one kind of three-dimensional form, a large French braid.

Stylish hairstyle - the guarantor of a flawless image

But if we consider interesting options, then it is worth exploring one very curious weaving for long hair. Photos of this example can be seen from various angles. The essence of weaving is that the girl does the tail on the bottom side and separates one strand from it. Thin or thick - this is at the discretion of the owner of the hair. Then a classic pigtail is made of this strand - thin, but long. Now she is a kind of accessory and is woven into the braid like a ribbon. Or it may even be as a separate strand for the French braid. Now you can choose the type of weaving, where there is a place for accessories (tapes).

Single Spit

Actually use single-strand braid in this case. To do this, all the hair carefully combed and tied around the perimeter for a while with threads, so as not to be disheveled. Then, according to the principle of an accordion, they are assembled, but are drawn in just by the pigtail-ribbon. She should twist each loop and go down. At the same time, it should tightly tighten this braid.

All of the above options are very beautiful. Weaving braids on long hair is also a kind of art, which has to be studied for quite a long time. If you want to have as many options as possible in the arsenal of knowledge, then you should delve into the braid and consider in detail other interesting options using this technique.

Pigtails for girls

Any mother asks a question about what to use braiding for long hair for girls? The answer is really simple. Little princesses are very active, and therefore it is worth making reliable pigtails that will not disintegrate in a couple of minutes. Perfect fish tail or the so-called double-row weaving braids. Hairstyles for long hair (photo of examples of a fish's tail in a variety of roles confirms this) from such weaving look especially stylish and unusual, but at the same time suit little girls. Its essence is that the hair is divided into two large strands, then from each is taken the extreme part of the head of hair (small bundle) and transferred to another strand. Such cross-weaving is done very quickly and looks volumetric, so for girls with sparse and thin hair weaving a fishtail is especially suitable.

Weaving braid girls for long hair - it is always a test. After all, little princesses are very capricious when their hair is carelessly combed or tightly tightened. That is why, before you send your child to school or kindergarten, you should make sure that the girl is comfortable with her hairdo. The last considered weaving option is ideal for little beauties, and all because the strands do not tighten the scalp, but the shape of the braids is very stable and reliable, and it can be easily converted into a bun by twisting in a spiral.