Peach - a delicate color, combining pink and orange. Like any other shade, it has a different tone of saturation. It perfectly fits many girls, looks softer and more feminine than pink or orange separately. The thing that will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of this color, look cute, but elegant - this, of course, is a peach dress. With what to wear it? We have many fashion ideas.

Casual Images

A peach-colored dress will revitalize your weekdays. It will look stylish and at ease in different ensembles. For example:

  • Fashionable lacy cascading dress is perfectly combined with textured accessories: straw hat, bag with fringe, woven sandals on a wedge. Strap in tone and a little bit of costume jewelry - and you are ready for a walk on a hot summer day.Beautiful peach dress
  • Accessories of turquoise color are interesting contrast with the peach dress.
  • Another option with woven accents. Slightly coarse sandals, a clutch and belt are perfectly combined with an air dress. Several fashionable ornaments will not allow this image to become boring.

Summer romance

A peach-colored dress is a win-win option for a date. Here's how interesting you can beat it:

  • A cascading peach dress with shiny shoulders sets the tone for everything else along: golden big earrings, sandals and a bag in tone will make you irresistible. Do not overdo it with accessories, so that they do not distract attention from each other.
  • Romance in its purest form: peach dress of very delicate shade, beige cardigan, graceful shoes with perforations and a flirty handbag - even if the date is prolonged until late evening, you will feel comfortable and charming. White-silver bijouterie will add a touch of modern chic to the image.

Notch of Severity

The jacket adds a peach dress of elegant restraint. This is an interesting alternative to the traditional knitted cardigans. For example:

  • The color of the jacket perfectly matches the background color of the dress with luxurious patterns. In addition to them you will need: one-color shoes, clutch and earrings.
  • Pastel peach dress in the floor with the original top in the form of a bustier, perfectly combined with a shortened white jacket. Accessories of powder and mint color enliven the outfit.

Option for a real lady: an elegant dress by the figure is complemented by a strict white long jacket. Classic boats with heels, bag strictly in tone and original costume jewelery - the outfit will demonstrate your delicate taste.

A special case

Peach dress is a great alternative to a small black dress, especially in summer. But for the bride's friends it can become a real find. After all, it equally well suits different women, looks gently and romantically - which can be better for a wedding.

Here's how you can wear a peach dress at solemn events:

  • If you do not have complexes about your figure and you are ready for increased attention, then the bandage is your ideal choice. In a gentle color, this dress does not look vulgar, and at the same time emphasizes your every bend. Accessories to it should be a minimum: a clutch, a necklace and elegant shoes.
  • Romantic ladies will love this dress with a lush skirt. Accessories muted mint color with golden accents perfectly complement it. But what shoes are better for him to choose is a controversial issue. With mint shoes, the dress will look gently and elegantly. And with glittering sandals - bold and modern. Another fashion trend is red lipstick in combination with peach-colored clothes.
  • A light flowing dress in the floor will be interesting to look with purple accessories. Clutch and sandals look elegant and modern, and finishes the outfit a small gold jewelry.

And with a dress of rich color and simple cut, you have a huge selection of accessories. Sandals or elegant boats, sparkling golden clutch or clutch with lush pink flowers - the choice is yours.

So the peach dress is worthy of taking your place in your wardrobe. Which will you choose?