Wedding is the most exciting event in the life of any girl. At the wedding, the bride is the center of the world, the center of the universe, the most beautiful girl. But even her guests should not be left behind.

Being invited to a wedding is an honor for any girl. And the invitation to the wedding is fraught with some difficulties: you need to pick up a dress, make-up, chevalier and hair. The latter should be given considerable attention: the completion of the image of the guest depends on it. The hairstyle should correspond both to the guest, to her along, and to the general theme of the wedding.

A beautiful and simple hairstyle for a wedding for guests

Most girls prefer to use the services of a hairdresser. It is very convenient to sit in a chair and wait for the specialist to create a masterpiece. But, firstly, it's expensive, and secondly, a specialist can get carried away and "overload" the hairstyle, making it brighter than the bride's hair. As beautiful as the work of a specialist, it will look like a hairstyle for a wedding for guests, made by themselves. The indisputable advantage of this solution is that you can fix it in case of a disaster yourself.

Rules of Good Tone

It's important not to get caught up with the hairdo. There are several rules that need to be met in order to be not only a beautiful guest, but also a good friend.

  1. The guest is not a bride. She should not eclipse her. The hairstyle for the wedding for guests should be beautiful, but simple. Its goal is to emphasize your femininity, and not to attract the attention of the groom.
  2. Hair should look natural: fashion has left flooded with chemicals hair. Curls, torsades of Polish, gel and mousse look greasy. For preservation of hair spray it with lacquer from a distance of 10-15 cm Lacquer cloud must embrace your hair and not to spill on her waterfall.
  3. Wedding – the apotheosis of romance and tenderness. Therefore, the most beautiful hairstyle for wedding guests supposed to be sweet and romantic. Fashion – light restrainest, and slicked hair will look too harsh, if they do not embellish accessories.
  4. Flowing hair and tight curls – easy hairstyles for wedding guests. But also the most impractical. They will require constant adjustment. Not to distract from the main event, it is better to collect hair.
  5. The hairstyle should be combined with a dress, a make up, type of the face and accessories. Only in this case the image of the guest will be complete.

Types of hairstyles for medium length hair

The average length of hair (from the shoulders to the shoulder blades) is the most common among female representatives. This length allows you to simultaneously look feminine, at the same time does not require special care. There are a variety of hairstyles for a wedding for guests. Photos are simply adorable. If the hair is longer than the shoulder blades - they are considered long.

Hairstyles for medium hair for wedding guests are very popular. Making them easy: this length allows you to freely experiment. Locks on such hair are rarely unwound under their own weight, and the bundles do not become the size of a second head. All sorts of baskets and scythes are easy to assemble and almost do not flutter, like on short hair.

Simple hairstyles for the wedding for the guests of the girl can do themselves at home, without resorting to the help of a stylist. There is a huge number of options for laying. Photo-instructions, which are attached to them, show in detail how and what to do. But first the guest will need to decide on the type of hairstyle.

Drooping curls

The most simple hairstyle for a wedding for guests. The curls will look both romantic and simple enough. They can be made at home with ironing or curling. Although, if the hair is already drained and damaged, it is better to use hair curlers. They cause less damage to the structure of the hair. Curls can be left loose or attached behind the barrette. Also curls allow you to use various accessories, like rim, decorative invisibility and ribbons.

To curls "lived" to the end of the celebration, you need to observe a few tricks:

  • the day before the celebration and, accordingly, the styling, wash your head;
  • if using ironing or curling iron, use special materials with thermal protection;
  • start winding from the back of the head, then whiskey, and the last - bangs and top: so you do not damage the already created strands;
  • wind on the curling plate you need small thin strands, then the curls will be elastic;
  • so that the curls look natural, do not comb them after a wrap-just spread them with your hands;
  • to preserve the styling, apply a little varnish before and after: the lacquer must cover the head with the cloud, keeping the strands.

Locks can become both an independent hairdo and an element of another hairstyle.

Retro waves

This is a difficult hairstyle for a wedding for guests. It is suitable only for girls with certain facial features. Most often - blondes with a round face or a face-heart. Retro-waves are suitable for a themed wedding, but for their creation it is better to consult a stylist.

Retro waves can be made for the entire length of the hair or just on the bangs and side strands. In the second case, the remaining hair is removed into the basket at the back of the head. Retro waves look very romantic. In addition, they almost do not require accessories: they definitely should not be decorated with flowers.

Hairstyles with harnesses

With the harnesses, very beautiful hairstyles are made for a wedding for guests. Photos of girls are very nice and natural. Stacking seems complicated, but it's easy to do by yourself:

  • twist the two strands and twist them with each other, so it turns out like a pigtail;
  • the twisted bundles can be laid in a bundle;
  • the tourniquet can be made alone, framing the face, and its end - put in a bundle, tail or scythe;
  • let out 2 bundles framing the face, and their ends gather on the back of the head.

The tourniquets, firmly fixed by invisibles, will last the whole wedding and will not require close attention.

The most beautiful hairstyles for a wedding for guests are obtained with an element such as a bun. This is not only an element of the image of an evil teacher. A slightly disheveled bunch will make it look cute and romantic for its owner.

Making a beam is very simple. Make a tail, and then twist the hair around it. The bunch can be decorated with various accessories in tone along with. This is a fairly simple hairstyle. And still a bunch - very viable hairdress. She can hold on all day without adjusting. And if, after the incendiary dances, the bunch starts to fall apart, then it is easy enough to "reassemble" it anew in just a few minutes.

It can be on the top of the head or on the back of the head. As in the middle of the head, and from the side. Variants, when the beam from the side, look more festive.

Braid braid has become a whole science: French, Spanish, Afro, disheveled, twisted from bundles ... There are a lot of variants of weaving braid. Most of them are festive weaving.

Disheveled braids look more romantic, but they are easily unraveled. Scythe braids will make your image too modest. The ideal option is a French braid, decorated with beautiful hairpins.

Another great option - a free braid on the side with a woven ribbon. This image can be given slightly ethnic motives, but, no doubt, will be very romantic.

One of the simplest hairstyles is a bow. It can be done both for each day and for the celebration. A bow of hair is a special way of laid hair. It is not particularly strong, but it can be easily corrected during the celebration.

The bow is made simply: a part of the hair is collected in the tail, at the last stage a "loop" is left from the hair. The loop is divided into two parts with the help of the remaining tail and fixed.

The bow is the perfect hairstyle for straight hair. If they are slightly curled, it is better to straighten them with an iron.

Hairstyle in Greek style

A distinctive feature of the Greek hairstyles is their sheer dishevelment. The hairs and strands that have got out of the hair, as if by chance, will create an image of romantic ease.

The Greek hairstyle is the hair gathered on the back of the head with the strands that have escaped. Hair seems to be tucked. To create this hairstyle, you can use a regular ribbon. In shops special rubber bands are being sold to create a Greek hairstyle. This hairstyle is decorated with hairpins with stones or flowers.

Babette - this is a hairstyle in retro style with a great topography on the top. If the hair is liquid, a special roller is used instead of the comb. He raises his hair. A hairstyle with a babette does not suit everyone. In addition, it involves a large number of fixing materials.

As you can see, fashionable hairstyles for the wedding for the guests differ in variety. When choosing a styling for a celebration, remember that your goal is to emphasize the beauty of the bride. The hairdo should be beautiful and stylish, but not particularly overloaded with ornaments.

Leave hair loose, braid in braids, lay in retro style, curl, make a bun or a high pony tail - it's up to you. The main thing is to look stylish, but do not outshine the bride, because today she is the queen of the holiday. Be beautiful!