“Capricorn man – Scorpio-woman” is a long and strong Union, consisting of two loving hearts. They are United by true love, and it is not quenched even after many years after the beginning of the relationship. It can boast of a few alliances.

Capricorn man - Scorpio woman: how can get this Alliance and whether it has prospects?

About compatibility

A pair of “Capricorn man – Scorpio-woman” has great prospects. Although in the beginning of the relationship they will have to accommodate each other. It will be a little difficult because both of them are strong personalities with a strong character and bright personality. They are independent and accustomed to independence. Plus, all his life relied on his own strength, so when they have a partner, so-called second half, it becomes simply unusual. However, in most cases, these two share a strong mutual love. It helps them get used to each other. They successfully find a compromise, inferior to their partner and learn something useful from his or her elect. It turns out to accomplish much. Due to this understanding and desire to live together, their relationship filled with romance, tenderness, stability and reliability. In General, all that may be needed. And Capricorn and Scorpio are people that are configured for long and serious relationship. So due to this and many other qualities, which will be discussed in the future, they can live hand in hand forever.

People with strong characters

It should be noted that a pair of “Capricorn man – Scorpio-woman” differs from the other pairs of great inner strength. The companies are waiting for them, although we can not say that they have a particular verbosity. They attract attention, not blend in. They have a story to tell, and they can always hold a conversation, about whatever was discussed. From them as if it emanates a positive aura. Externally this smart person with a great sense of self-worth. Such people usually succeed in life a great success. And by the way, Capricorn, Scorpio – both are able to build a fantastic career. Both separately and together.


In a couple of “Capricorn man – Scorpio-woman”, like any other Union, there are compromises. Without them – anywhere. These people are still in the beginning of the relationship gave each other a pledge that they would not present one to the other unpleasant surprises. Moreover, this contract is in most cases tacit. Why announce what's obvious?

These people – held in all plans of the individual. And psychological maturity, they reach at a very early age. That is why they will not be difficult to find a compromise and come to terms with the shortcomings of their partner. The fact that they understand that it's just the specifics of a person's character. They will not attempt to change it, and so never will be to push, knowing that it is meaningless. Simply put, Capricorn and Scorpio get rid of the “garbage” in relations: from unnecessary quarrels, petty disputes, petty scandals. Instead, they prefer to build and implement plans to achieve goals, to go to the dreams and, of course, to love, to appreciate and respect each other.

Harmony and stability

This is what is valued in such a pair as “Capricorn man – Scorpio-woman.” And they, I must say, is impossible to achieve this harmony. Conflicts have virtually never happens, but if there is wind, then tighten them neither he nor she will not allow. Because both know what this means. If there are any problems, they just discuss them and immediately answer all questions. That's why love Capricorn and Scorpio are virtually indestructible.

They understand each other. On mutual understanding and built their relationship. Capricorn and Scorpio always take into account the wishes of each other, trying to make the life of your partner easier. For example, girl-Scorpio is a very emotional person, and she needs the feelings, thrills, tenderness. Capricorn is more calm in this regard, but he likes to give his beloved what she wants. Eventually, he becomes not so bad with emotion as before. And the girl, in turn, tries to be as peaceful as possible with her partner, who have enough trouble at work and in communicating with other people. So they become each other support and reliable support.


What can I say about this couple, like Scorpio and Capricorn? Friendship is what else should I talk to. These people often tie strong and friendly relations. Girl-Scorpio understands his friend, and he happily discusses with her all that to worry him. And she will always share with him joy and sorrow, will tell you how to act in a given situation. In General, support in every way. By the way, mate Scorpio and Capricorn don't have to worry about what they can combine not only friendship. They are both people are faithful and honest, so cheating should not even think of.

Business relationship

In business, these two can also be a great success. Who is the best partner for the person whose sign of the zodiac – Capricorn? Scorpio, of course. They form a strong partnership in which responsibilities and powers are distributed evenly and fairly. Understanding, diligent, efficient and hardworking, and together they achieve success and reach almost any goals.