The top of the zodiac circle and the twelfth sign on the net is Capricorn. The characteristic of this sign of the zodiac is quite interesting. After all, if there are Capricorns in the environment, it will not be superfluous to find out what can be expected from them and what a gift in the form of a personal stone will become for him a real talisman.

Capricorn: horoscope, characteristic

The cycle of this sign begins on December 22 and ends on January 20. The planet is the patron of Capricorns - Saturn, and their element is the Earth. This is an important point that determines the direction of the person. The Earth's sign does not float in the clouds, like air, not as impulsive as fire, and not as fickle as watermarks. Diligence, responsibility and dedication - these traits are inherent in everyone who was born under the sign under the sign such as Capricorn. The characteristics of these people include foresight and foresight. Capricorns are far ahead of their plans and, despite everything, go to their goal and achieve it. Most of these people are avid careerists, they know exactly what they want from life. The Achilles' fifth mark is a very high self-esteem, because of which the Capricorns themselves and their relatives often suffer. People born in this period have a high intellect and ability to analyze, but do not seek to use it for understanding others. They try to understand the situation or problem, and not the cause of their occurrence, because often the basis of the conflict is their behavior. Capricorns are always true to their principles and will defend them to the last. They are very demanding both to themselves and to others.

Capricorn: character characteristic, compatibility and stone

Capricorns and the first triad of the eastern horoscope

Capricorns born during the years of the Rat, Dragon or Monkey, are characterized by such qualities as activity and energy, and they often fall into extremes.

  • Rat Capricorns slow, pedantic, permanent, relationships with friends and loved ones prefer stability. The determination and perseverance characteristic of the sign in the Rat are combined with well-developed intuition and inimitable charm. Often this combination of horoscopes means that people will sacrifice love and family for career.
  • Capricorn Dragon. characteristic of such people is based on achieving success at any cost. However, they can sometimes overestimate their own strength, striving for something transcendent and not assessing their actual capabilities. Although in the end the penalty for them – a reason to analyze the situation and work on the bugs. Dragons Capricorns are natural born leaders, the prospect of career growth for them always come first. However, it is quite difficult to converge with people because of his distrust.
  • Monkey Capricorn. Characteristic of this combination of horoscopes contradictory, because the same people perseverance and dedication incredible combination with the breadth of interests and creative direction. With proper ability to understand themselves and to use the full power of such different qualities, Capricorn-Monkey can reach unprecedented heights. Sociability, mobility, intuition is an important characteristics of such people. Inner freedom for them – not an empty phrase, so they try to choose a creative profession.

The second triad: the way to the heights through hard work

Capricorns born in the year of the Bull, the Serpent or the Rooster are indefatigable toilers who are making their way to success with incredible efforts thanks to their brilliant ability to plan.

  • Bull, whose zodiac is Capricorn. characteristic of this monumental combination suggests that such a person has incredible powers of logic and analysis. Such people are well organised, honest and direct with everyone, but also ambitious, tough and confident. A kind of universal machine to achieve success. Always prefer words matter. Capricorn-the Bulls are not prone to adventures and choose a fair fight and open competition.
  • Capricorn Snake inclined to solitude and ascetic way of life. Such people prefer to contemplate, to observe and analyze. They can become great investigators and detectives. Characteristic of Snakes of Capricorn different from most other combinations of the Oriental horoscope this zodiac sign the fact that in the pursuit of goals such people lack of safeguards in the success of the enterprise. They are absolutely not willing to risk, and this applies to both career and personal life, causing many problems for them.
  • Capricorn-Rooster is sanity and ability to correctly calculate their strength. He always remains faithful to his principles and not adjusted to the circumstances, so the path to the top often takes more time than it would take another Capricorn.

Such people are distinguished by their seriousness and reliability, but they are suspicious and distrustful.

Third triad: sociable and charismatic

For those Capricorns that were born in the year of the Tiger, the Horse or the Dog, there are no barriers to communication. They easily make new acquaintances, have a wide circle of friends and masterfully establish contacts.

  • CharacteristicTiger-Capricorn: it is characterized by restraint, control and concentration. Tigers are atypical for stubborn Capricorn flexibility, intuition and amazing organizational skills. If a person learns to put into practice all its advantages, due to its potential, it will be able to achieve career growth and much faster than any other Capricorn.
  • Capricorn-Horse – a very harmonious combination. This is a great heads who know how to listen, negotiate and compromise, which is a rarity. Effectively and promptly solve the most complex problems, and always bring their undertaking to its logical end.
  • ForCapricorn-Dogs a sense of duty, discipline, law and order is not an empty phrase. In addition to personal life, they are also very concerned about society. Dog-Capricorn feels responsible not only for themselves but also for their loved ones and all people. These people are serious and demanding, do not approve of slackers. They do not know doubt, each step defined and calculated.

Fourth triad: creative individuals with a keen sense of beauty

If Capricorn was born in the year of the Cat (Rabbit), Goat or Pig, he is a potential artist, eager for a beautiful life.

  • Capricorn-Cat – a hopeless romantic who loves the home environment and prefers to be with family or friends. But in business, it, as any Capricorn, remains active, purposeful and self-sufficient. They are also strict and demanding of others, but is inclined to make concessions. Such people are usually well-read and educated, always aware of all events.
  • In combination with Goat pronounced individualistic traits of this sign like Capricorn. Characteristic of this combination is evident in the unusual for Capricorns spontaneity, impulsiveness and liveliness of nature. But in business and in the family they prefer stability and constancy, and to its goal of moving gradually. Prone to self-knowledge and introspection.
  • But forCapricorn-Pig still family and family ties do not fade into the background for his career. In fact, this combination of horoscopes is perfectly possible to combine both areas of activity. Capricorn born in the year of the Pig, thoughtful, quiet, honest and prefer traditional values. But at the first danger may be the indomitable disposition, and to protect their rights and their loved ones.

Love and family

Stability and loyalty are what distinguish people born under the zodiac sign Capricorn. Feature in love of this sign is not subject to passions, impulses and emotions, but only to the mind, cold calculation and practicality.

The Capricorn woman will take a long look at the future chosen one, the choice will be made with caution. But when she is determined on the basis of long reflection, she will reveal herself completely before her companion and give herself up without a trace. In a family, such women are responsible and thrifty, they happily try on the image of the keeper of the home. But in the first place for them, there is often still career growth and self-expression. If a Capricorn woman does not have personal and family relationships, she will go to work with her head.

Logical and practical, even in love - such is the male Capricorn. Characteristics of such representatives of the stronger sex in personal relationships is based on the choice of the "right" companion. His family life is built on the principles of reliable rear and mental comfort, because he is a goal-oriented getter at work, so at home his companion should contribute to creating the necessary atmosphere for rest. Well, if the woman chosen by Capricorn will contribute to his career and personal growth, this will be the decisive factor. Male-Capricorns are firm, disciplined and conservative, both at work and in family life. Therefore, they can be considered reliable and reliable companions, because they will do everything for the well-being of their family and loved ones.

Compatibility with other signs in love

It is not surprising that the earthly Virgo and Taurus are the most suitable signs for a man like Capricorn. Compatibility, the characteristic of which in love and family life is mainly characterized by stability, common aspirations and mutual support, testifies to the possibility of creating a strong alliance. A good partner will be for Capricorn and Scorpio - common values ​​and love of the home atmosphere will be the harmonious basis of such relationships. With signs such as Pisces and Aquarius, it is also possible to build harmonious and long relationships. The outcome of the Union of Capricorn with the Lions and Crayfish is difficult to predict, everything will depend on how much the parties agree to compromise, but the chances are definitely good. With Aries, Capricorn can have many conflicts in the sphere of finance, in which this fiery sign shows unpardonable negligence. Insincerity in a pair on the part of Gemini also hinders the positive outcome of such relationships, and Libra is admirable for short novels, but it is unlikely that the relationship will be prolonged due to inactivity of this air sign. Not very successful will be the alliance between the two Capricorns: loyalty and stability on the one hand will not make up for the isolation and distance between the partners. Perhaps the most incompatible with Capricorn sign is Sagittarius, they are too different to be together, because Sagittarius is too impulsive and eager for adventure, which does not fit a cautious earthly sign.

Health and well-being

First of all, Capricorns should pay attention to their joints, because with negligent attitude towards their health, it is arthrosis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis and other diseases that can become a big problem. Also, do not neglect the prevention of cardiovascular disease, it is desirable to closely monitor the skin condition. It is important for them to adhere to a correct and balanced diet, because as always engaged in progressing to their own well-being, Capricorns often eat on the go, eat dry. And most importantly, do not forget about quality rest, which will put in order the nervous system and restore strength for further achievements.

Capricorn - the sign of the zodiac: a characteristic of the talismans

All the signs of the zodiac have suitable gems that help on the journey of life. Was not an exception and Capricorn. Characteristics of the sign would be incomplete without a description of all the stones that serve as amulets and talismans for him.

Garnet is one of the most important and important for Capricorns. Thanks to the properties of the stone, people born under this earthly sign learn to be tolerant of others, treat people with understanding, give loved ones love and care, sympathize and empathize. It helps to overcome obstacles and restores the emotional background.

Ruby - another red stone Capricorn, it affects the love side of life. Due to its properties, human qualities only increase. Also, this talisman can warn of danger by changing the color to a darker one, and drives away the evil spirits.

Onyx was the stone for Capricorns thanks to the patronage of Saturn. Many call it the "stone of leaders", so that the head is better to be in possession of such a talisman. Onyx is a talisman against accidents and attacks.

The "stone of health" - malachite - will relieve many diseases, soothe, return a strong sleep and restore the nervous system. It is this greenish gem that will help you make a measured and wise decision.

Additional Information

What are the lucky numbers and symbols that has such as Capricorn, the sign of the zodiac? Characteristics of the talismans are quite diverse. The metal of Capricorn is lead, the flowers are rather atypical - ivy, black poppy, white carnation, and all numbers that are divisible by 8, and also 3,5,7 and 17 will be successful. The most comfortable time of year for this sign is autumn, and successful ones days for important events will be Tuesday and Saturday, but decisions are not made on Monday and Thursday.