Fashion trends are constantly discovering something new, both in the sphere of consumption and in the sphere of services. Every woman who cares and looks after her appearance knows for sure that once a month or two she needs to visit a hairdresser to change her hairstyle. A visit to the hairdresser is not a long deal, but if the owner of a large and long head of hair wants to change herself drastically, then you just have to choose the right haircut, but it is very difficult to do it. Slant carriage with bangs is one of the most fashionable trends of the season, which has become the trend of this year.Bevel with bangs: photo haircutsThe length of the hair in this case is not determined on one line, but represents a smooth bevel, from shorter length to longer and vice versa. But why do girls prefer just such a haircut? What is its feature and dignity?

Oblique square with bangs: distinctive features

It is very difficult to choose a suitable hairstyle, because its shape, length and color will depend entirely on the structure of the hair, their thickness and how they are shaped (straight, curly, wavy). This type of haircut is suitable for owners of an elongated and round face oval, as part of the front strands gently frame the face, hiding the volume of the cheekbones. With regard to preferences for the type of hair, then make such a haircut is for girls who have thick straight hair.

Highlighting the distinctive features of this haircut, it is better to compare with its classic version.For example, in the classic car also bangs or the lack of it is welcome. All strands around the perimeter of the head are cut along a flat horizontal line. In this parting on the head can be both in the center and on one side - the main thing is that the hair should be cut strictly along one line.

The slanting square with bangs is different in that the hair is cut at an angle and have different lengths (a smooth transition from the smaller length on the back of the head to the larger one on the front strands). At the same time, a bang as an element of a hairstyle can take on different forms and types:

Kare - a great option for stylish and fashionable girls

Slant carriage with bangs is different from all other hairstyles and haircuts in that it hides some very convenient qualities. First, if the owner of straight thick hair has made just such a haircut for herself, then for her styling it is enough to comb her hair and fix the shape with varnish. Secondly, the hairstyle of such a plan is easily modified. For example, if after a couple of weeks you suddenly get tired of such a hairstyle, then it can be easily turned into a classic four or “bob”. Thirdly, hair of such length is less capricious in terms of care, therefore, walking with such a haircut is easy and convenient. It is possible to dry hair after a shower in two minutes, and to lay (twist, give a certain shape) for 10 or 15 minutes maximum.

Types of haircuts "oblique square"

In itself, a car has many variations: graduated, classic, asymmetric, oblique, straight, “ball”, “bob”, “on the leg”, double car. Each of these species has its own characteristics and advantages, and also has several varieties. Haircut "oblique fours" with bangs - not an exception to this rule, and also has its own subgroups depending on the type of bangs:

  • slanting;
  • short straight;
  • caret bob with oblique bangs;
  • graduated;
  • asymmetric.

Due to such a large variety of options for haircuts, its forms, each girl can individually choose the ideal option for her face.

Slant carriage with oblique bangs - stylish, feminine and mysterious

One of the popular options is considered to be a combination of oblique bangs and four of the same shape. In this hairstyle, the length of the main strands varies, and the closer to the temporal part (front hair), the longer they are. The bangs usually fit on one side and slightly cover the eyes, which allows you to make the eyes mysterious and sparkling. In this case, oblique bangs can have a different look, and usually it is combined with a graduation - a very feminine and neat version of the hairstyle is obtained.Oblique fours with oblique bangs are ideal for a round oval of the face, as it visually narrows it with straightened front strands.

Kare long hair

When girls with long hair decide to experiment, they do not know which option to choose so that in case of failure everything can be easily corrected. It is best to try a long square with a slanting bang from the very beginning. The hair remains quite long and can even be below the shoulder line, while the bangs can be made in a mixed technique (if it was very long). Mixed techniques and haircuts can get a very original and feminine version of hair.The long caret is convenient because it is easy to modify it for a different haircut, because girls who decide on such a big step should start the change with this version of the haircut.

The shape of "bob" - the star version of the cut-haircuts

Due to the wide variety of squares, the “bob” shape also belongs to the category “oblique haircut”. In such a haircut, the entire volume of hair is concentrated on the top of the head, and the hair is cut so that the closer to the tips, the smaller. The bob with oblique bangs is ideally combined, as in this case, part of the forehead should be open, and it is most convenient to make it with oblique bangs and graduation. The variant is very popular, it visually looks younger, gives the image a special femininity and playfulness. Perfect for elongated oval face. Particularly stylish haircut looks on hair the color of blond.

Long caret - haircut for all occasions

To make yourself a universal hairstyle, for styling which you only need to comb your hair and spray it with varnish, you just need to know that the square can be suitable either for perfectly smooth hair, or for the most curly, curly hair. Wavy hair from such a haircut should be abandoned, because you have to straighten or curl strands every day, and this will cause irreparable harm to the health of the hair. Slanting bangs with a four-sided elongation is another popular haircut, which is in great demand among girls with straight, thick hair. The main distinguishing feature of this hairstyle is that its front strands are much longer than at the back of the head, but at the same time they have a smooth transition line from one length to another. Very often this haircut is mixed with a square “on the leg”, where the lower part of the neck is almost shaved, but in the direction to the front strands their length increases dramatically.

In the elongated square bangs can be any: straight, curly, oblique, and even graduated and asymmetric. The haircut is universal for all types of bangs, but it is selected for each person individually on the facial contours.

Fashionable haircut is the key to a stylish look.

When it comes to beautiful and stylish images, hairstyle plays the most significant role, but to pick it up is extremely difficult. Choosing a suitable option among the cuts of haircuts, you should pay attention to the length of the strands around the perimeter of the entire head and the presence or absence of bangs. When choosing beautiful and stylish styling, it is the elongated caret that now leads. Oblique bangs, which is present in such a haircut, perfectly combined with long strands in front, but there is one moment. In this case, the bangs should be laid on one side, and at the same time, the parting should also be slightly further from the center of the head. In this case, this haircut will emphasize a special look, and will carefully frame the cheekbones. This haircut is ideal for girls with a round face oval, as the elongated strands visually stretch this image.The only caveat - slightly covering the strands close part of the review, which is very impractical for girls who are active throughout the day.

Asymmetrical caret - option for extravagant personalities

Even if all the above-presented haircut options may seem boring and uninteresting, then you should pay attention to such stylish and bright asymmetrical curly haircuts. In this hairstyle appears completely different length of the strands on the right and left. On the one hand, they leave the hair as long as possible, and on the other, they are very short. At the same time there are no shaved temples, and the hairstyle by the machine is not used. Ideally even tips are very often used (without graduation and cascade), since in this case a particularly stylish hairstyle is obtained.

Asymmetrical carpets are perfectly combined with multi-colored strands, so this option is so popular among extravagant and extraordinary personalities.

It’s not easy to choose a haircut, especially for girls who have decided to seriously change their appearance, to be transformed beyond recognition. Karek-hairstyles in all their manifestations are now relevant, because, choosing the style of the future hairstyle, you should pay particular attention to the rich selection of hairstyles of the bob. For each type of person you can find your caret and highlight the main advantages or hide the hated flaws.