Line "Floresan", reviews of which are available on any website devoted to beauty, is a clear example of how makeup becomes popular due to word of mouth. Indeed, more and more beauty bloggers in our country praising the products of domestic cosmetic industry.

We will understand what the girl says about the brand “Floresan”, reviews of products which is the topic of this article.

The history of cosmetic companies

Brand “Floresan” was created in the late nineties of the last century. From the outset this line is adhered to a singular concept: the full cycle of production in which the enterprise is developed and investigated the very formulation of cosmetic products, is its release, the design and subsequent implementation. Thus, the company “Floresan”, reviews of which meet regularly in beauty blogs, managed to reach certain heights and become a very popular company in the Russian market of skin care cosmetics.

The range of products

Through a network of distributors and dealers the company has entered not only the Russian market, but have mastered sales in the CIS countries, near and far abroad.

In the range of more than 500 items of cosmetics, they are all produced under a single label "Floresan." Reviews about all the products is very positive.

The company uses its own research and development in combination with raw materials from the best cosmetic manufacturers from Europe and Russia. The main purpose of the label is to create effective products for body care from natural components. The company's products applies to the class of b-pharmaceuticals, that is, its effectiveness can be compared to medicines, but it is aimed primarily for care of hair, skin and body.

Now the production company has about 50 episodes, which include products for children and adults: shampoos, gels, creams, masks and suntan oil “Floresan.” Reviews about all these tools, we will consider next.

Means for safe tanning

The inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere of excessive sun exposure without protective equipment may be affected negatively. The sun's rays threatening skin burns of different degrees of severity, a violation of the internal layers of the skin, which can lead to a very terrible diagnoses, including cancer. That's why in summer it is necessary to use sunscreen. More than twenty products included in the line of cosmetics, which offers “Floresan” sun. Feedback about these tools are mostly positive.

The first thing to note buyers is the availability of funds. Domestic brand in two-three times cheaper than the popular sunscreens Western manufacturers.

So, a spray tan “Floresan”, reviews of which leave girls costs about 150 rubles.Cosmetics Floresan: reviews The tool gives the skin a Golden hue and, in addition, it has impressive sun protection factor. A functional tool like a spray tan “Floresan”, which reviews praise his positive qualities, – the necessary product in the beach bag. Especially useful this tool will be early in the season when the skin has not yet acquired the desired shade, but needs a strong defense.

Another popular product in the line of the sun was tanning oil “Floresan.” The reviews assure the efficiency of the means. "Tanning activator" in the form of an oil spray has a protection factor of 20 and contains natural beta-carotene, thanks to which the skin tans faster. Part of the Shea butter moisturizes even the deepest layers of the skin.

The cost of funds of about 130 rubles for a bottle of 150 ml. Girls who Express their opinions about this oil, I find it quite convenient. They report that the tool is easily applied to dry skin, absorbs quickly and leaves no residue. In addition to high efficiency, bloggers celebrate a nice consistency oil and its pleasant fragrance.

The protection of children

To prevent harmful effects of sunlight on children's skin is especially important. In the collection “Floresan” is a specialized ruler called Africa Kids. It includes protection for the little ones. Convenient format of these products in the form of milk-spray and creams is appreciated by many young mothers, vigilantly watching over their children.

So, in this series there is a children's sun milk "Floresan", which reviews often occur at the "mamsky" forums. Customers say very convenient spray dispenser of this tools that make it easy to put lotion on baby's skin. In addition, the product is quickly absorbed and leaves no residue or sticky feeling on the skin. High protection factor allows the child to freely stay in the sun for a couple of hours. In this same range you can find tools for infants and cosmetics that are applied after tanning.

Anti-cellulite series

The most famous of the company “Floresan” is the anti-cellulite cosmetics in a bright red jars. The name of the series — “Fitness Body building”. And the effect of cosmetics “Floresan” for weight loss, reviews of which will be discussed below, it is really possible to compare the effectiveness of exercise.

In total, the range includes about two dozen tools. All of them are beneficial to the skin, making it smooth and elastic. Consider the tools in more detail.

Gel mask "Ice wrap"

Mask “Floresan”, reviews of which allow you to form an opinion about the entire line in General, especially popular among girls who have just entered on the path of weight loss, lead a sedentary lifestyle and excessive eating. With all this mask "Ice wrap" really works. The manufacturer recommends to apply it in a thin layer on the problem areas of the body, and then to turn around in several layers of cling film. Such is the procedure of house wraps.

Many customers write in reviews that the mask helped them to lose a very impressive number of pounds, there are even figures 14-15. A particularly effective gel "Floresan" "Ice wrap" in conjunction with the sport. It is necessary to wind the film and to do fitness, such as aerobics to music, or pedaling on a stationary bike. Then the effect of the tools is increased several times.

The product contains mint extract and a high concentration of menthol, whereby the body surface is really cool. Therein lies a lifting effect, that is, tightening of the skin. It is believed that the tool helps to remove excess fluid from the inner layers of the epidermis, to create a so-called drainage effect. The result is reduced sagging and puffiness of the skin, go the extra pounds.

Many girls noted in the reviews that they by this means very cold. In this regard, they recommend caution to apply it in the cool time of the year.

To freeze not so much individual customers use wool on top of cling film. But the most effective way has been described above is a combination of wraps with simultaneous sports, then the effect will not keep itself waiting, and the sensation of cold will be minimized.

Cream "Active fat burner"

Another popular tool is a series of “Fitness Body building”. An elongated bottle with a volume of 125 ml can be bought for about 150 rubles. This cream is meant for those who have visible cellulite and excess body fat. In its composition there are also cooling the skin. They stimulate and increase blood circulation in problem areas, thereby contributing to the breakdown of fat. Also consists of seaweed extracts that make the skin more taut and elastic.

Reviews of cream-gel "Active Fat Burner"

Buyers opinion a tool like cream "Floresan", which reviews are mostly positive, says that with constant use of the product really allows you to lose weight and reduce the so-called effect of "orange peel" on the thighs and buttocks.

In addition, included in the soybean and coconut oils support optimal moisture level of the skin, allowing the cream "Active fat burner" as a normal skin care products with preventive action.

Slimming gel "Thin waist"

The list of the most popular means of a series of “Fitness Body building” includes the gel. Its full name is "the Slim waist. Ultra-rapid reduction in body size". The manufacturer promises quick relief from fat body by entering in the gel of the plant extracts and the powerful anti-cellulite complex. The effect aimed at cooling the skin and increasing blood circulation in the deeper layers of the epidermis. Due to this decreases swelling of tissues, the skin becomes more smooth and elastic.

Many girls actively acquiring this gel “Floresan.” Feedback about the results of its use they have for the most part positive. Shoppers celebrate his special efficacy when used with other tools, “Floresan” is a series of “Fitness Body building”. So waist in reality reduced, many up to 5 inches for the month. Naturally, those who can boast of such results lie on the couch and engaged in physical exercises and adjust your diet.

There is a positive feedback when using this tool, not only to the problem areas of the body — buttocks, hips, abdomen, but also on the face, particularly the area of "second" chin, and cheeks. And here slimming gel also garnered kind words from customers.

Many girls share and photos to learn more about the use of this tool. So, you may notice that many of the gel for figure correction helped to bring into shape the stomach area after pregnancy and childbirth.

Also the product "Slim waist. Ultra-rapid reduction in body volume" can be used as a good moisturizer for daily care.

Hot massage oil "From fatty deposits"

This oil “Floresan”, reviews of which are given below, is another popular means of a series of “Fitness Body building”. Unlike previous products, this has a very different formula. Liquid texture oil applied to the skin with spray-dispenser. Due to this consumption of resources is very economical. By the way, the price of a hot oil massage — about 160 rubles per 140 milliliters in the vial.

It also includes warming extracts of: stinging chili pepper and cinnamon essential oil. They promote increased blood flow in the inner layers of the skin and stimulate the improvement of metabolic processes. The structure also includes coffee oil is a natural source of elastin and collagen. It has a significant lifting effect, the skin becomes soft, supple and toned. The severity of "orange peel" is reduced. Hot oil massage — tool with a thick and warm aroma, enveloping like a soft cloud.

Customers using this tool, they are happy. Many use them after pregnancy and childbirth, resulting in the order of the stretched skin. It should be noted that the product quite successfully cope with this task and operates on the skin is beneficial even for those who lose weight do not need.

The oil is ideal for massage, it is carried out is usually hard silicone glove or a vibro. Thanks to the gentle texture tool helps to slide the hands during a massage session, thereby increasing their action. Significant results can be achieved using the entire collection of “Fitness Body building” combined with proper nutrition and moderate physical load.