"Basket" - a hairstyle that is a classic hair styling for girls. She always remains in fashion.

In addition to small princesses, this remarkable composition of hair can be found in older girls. With the right selection of accessories to braided in this way, hair can significantly transform its appearance for a party or a simple walk with friends.

Basket (hairstyle): kinds, how to weave, who will approach

The process of weaving takes only 15 minutes. "Basket" - a hairstyle, which is a kind of French braid. She trails around the head. A little workout, and you can see the result - a charming and laid-back appearance.

What is needed for weaving

  • comb;
  • varnish or mousse for styling (can be without them if the hair is long enough);
  • eraser under the color of the hair (to hide the remaining strands);
  • invisibility and hairpin;
  • decorative barrette or decoration.

Some useful tips

  • "Basket" - a hairstyle, which is most successfully obtained on straight hair. If the strands are slightly curled, it is better to straighten them using ironing.
  • Hair before weaving should be well combed. In the future, this will not let them get confused.
  • If the strands are too thin and sparse, it is recommended to make light hair at the roots. So the end result will look more voluminous.
  • Hairstyle "braid-basket" should end with the temple. Weave it should start counterclockwise on the left side. This is the most convenient option for right-handers. Left-handers need to do the opposite.
  • According to its principle, "Basket" - a hairstyle that is based on the French braid. The only difference is that strands are added from one (external) side.

What you need to know

  • Hair length can be medium or more significant, and density - any.
  • The texture of the hairstyle can turn out different.
  • It is desirable that the hair at the time of execution of the hair was slightly damp. So weave easier.

Who will do?

The shape of the hairstyle can vary depending on the age of the fair sex. If the weaving needs to be made to a small beauty, then the strands must be pulled tightly, taking all the hair into the hair.

Older girls can safely experiment with the form, create a tight braid, and more airy.

Ladies of middle age are recommended volume strands and flowing lines, emphasizing the virtues of the image.

Selected hairstyles is suitable only for those who have a small shape of the head and comely face, which the weave will be more open. If features a slightly rough and strict, similar styling is better to refuse and to choose the one that will soften the image.

How to weave?

There are a number of rules on which the "Basket" hairstyle is made. How to weave such a braid, is told below.

  • Initially, it is necessary to comb the hair along the entire length.
  • From left temple it is necessary to separate a large strand and to divide it into three equal parts. Later is supposed to be the effect of the rim. Each curl is desirable to apply a mousse for styling.
  • Begin the weaving should be so: the side strands are laid over the middle, and to the extreme adds a small part of the free hair. It is recommended to put everything together over the middle strand.
  • When it comes to the occipital part, you need to fix the braid using the "crab", and for further convenience netting to throw hands to the other side. Next you need to braid her hair around her head. Bangs can be left or be enclosed in a common mass of hair (at its discretion).
  • Finishing weave over the left ear. The remaining tail is recommended to finish up to the end, fasten with a rubber for the hair and hide it with the help of pins.
  • The main braid is better to decorate, to finally hide its end.
  • If at the time of execution the strands are broken out, they can be curled into curls.
  • When the hair is done to the child, it is necessary to try as much as possible so that the girl does not experience discomfort. It is recommended to be constantly interested in her feelings.

Hairstyle can be left already in this form, but if there is a desire to give it more volume, even at the stage of weaving it is necessary to stretch the hair and do not too tight.

It should be noted that there are four types of "Baskets". Each differs depending on the method of weaving. The classical version was presented above. There are also others.

Closed version (on the vertex is a circular parting, hair tied in the tail and added to the braid from it).

Those who do not have time for a hair, spit begin to weave in the French manner, then it is weaved in the usual way and turns around the head.

Premium version: strands at first braided more widely and magnificently, then gradually narrowed.

The chosen hairstyle, mentioned above, is a symbol of elegance. They are chosen even by stars. Perhaps it's worth a little practice, to later look at the proper level.

The technique described here will help you quickly learn to make this wonderful hairstyle.