Often girls try their best to grow long nails, believing that in this way they will look more interesting. More recently, it was caused by fashion trends. Not everyone succeeded in achieving the cherished goal, and the ladies increased their marigolds, worsening the structure of their own. Today, this fashion is a thing of the past. In the trend, natural nails. And it is not necessary that they are long.

On the contrary, you can often see on the covers of magazines of beauties with very stylish short nails.

Such popularity has become an incentive for many designers in the search and creation of different patterns for short nails. Actual is a long-time manicure with shellac coating. This varnish, in addition to decoration, protects from the harmful effects of the environment.

The article will help to find out how to properly nurse the marigolds and choose the right manicure for them.

Short nails

Whatever the length, there is practically no difference in care. To bring the nails in order make a classic manicure. You can supplement the procedure with various services offered in beauty salons that add a relaxing effect. If it is supposed to cover shellac, then water procedures should be done a few hours before application.

Caring for the nails, you should periodically make baths to strengthen them, take vitamins, use moisturizers and essential oils.

The tips of the fillet are the same length so that they slightly close the pads of the fingers. The shape of the edges is best done oval, as it visually lengthens the nails. You need to select a nail file that will not hurt your nails. Optimum is considered an option with sand spraying.

Square marigolds will look beautiful only on thin fingers. Therefore, if the fingers are not such, it is better to give the nails such a form to refuse. Cuticle must be removed, and not simply moved to the base.

Many, dreaming of beautiful nails, decide on building up and do a manicure on short nails. Gel, used in this case, will help to last for a long time the coating in perfect order. But, probably, it's better to care for your own nails and not to spoil them artificial.

Rules of application

In order for short nails to look harmonious, you should follow some rules when applying the coating.

  1. Neill art should not contain too large or, conversely, small items. The same applies to patterns with patterns.
  2. The design is done flat. Volumetric ornaments, such, for example, as gel or acrylic modeling, here will not be looked effectively.
  3. Vertical patterns and patterns will be especially beautiful, as they visually extend the fingers and improve the shape of the nail.
  4. You need to be careful with dark and bright colors, so that the manicure looks neat.
  5. The colors under the nail art should not be more than two or three, since the too variegated combination will look messy. True, if the tone complement each other, then you can make an exception.
  6. The surface must necessarily be perfectly smooth, as otherwise the effect will be unexpected.
  7. It is best to start applying the varnish from the center, then approaching the edges. The nail will be visually already, if you do not finish painting its edges.
  8. The base should be used for varnish. The benefits are double. On the one hand, the nail will be protected, and on the other - the varnish will better lie on the surface.
  9. For durability use special coatings. Then unpleasant cracks can be avoided.
  10. Colored varnish should be applied in two layers. Only then will you get a rich color. The flicker of the short nails will simply spoil the image.

How to lengthen nails

To get a visual effect of longer nails, you need to carefully use bright and dark varnishes. Basically, women do the opposite, thereby making their already short nails completely invisible. Well here, the accent is loved by many women pearl color.

The nail plate will seem longer if there are no horizontal stripes on it. Vertical lines, on the contrary, lengthen it, so they must certainly be used for these purposes.

Another option for those who want to have beautiful short nails, is a jacket. The white edge will also visually lengthen, especially if the line is closer to the base. The border can be decorated with a beautiful pattern.

What is not recommended to do

Nails will visually appear wider if they are completely painted. Therefore, it is necessary to leave the nail a little unpainted (sideways).

If the pattern is slightly shifted sideways, it will look very nice. When choosing the pattern and receiving the application, the shape of the plate must be taken into account.

Color matching

Fashionable short nails can be done with different colors, but some of them will look particularly advantageous. It's all dark colors and a bright. When combining different shades is better not to experiment with many at once, not to get too colorful option. A good idea to look and monochromatic manicure.

Pastel shades are universal, they will suit everything, even become a suitable option for a wedding. Red wine colors will add a touch of passion and piquancy. These shades will be especially effective against a background of white or black clothes. Therefore, this option should be used for the evening, on a date.

Dark brown or black varnish on short nails will complete the style casual, but the color should perfectly match with the skin tone. Bright, for example, yellow colors will be well combined with summer clothes.

In addition, you can use shiny tones, but they should not be transparent, because it shortens the nails.

This kind of design, both in its classic version with a white strip, and in different colors, is universal and suitable for nails of various shapes and lengths. He, as before, remains extremely popular among women. If there is a desire to revive the image, you can try to play with colors, change the border or add a little bit of a bit of a little bit of a little bit. Interesting and options with two smiles, angled jacket.

In order to make such a manicure, pre-prepared marigolds are covered with a base. After that, on the edge, where the white tip is, a strip is stuck, and it is painted white. After the varnish has dried, the strip is removed, and the nail is again covered with a clear varnish. Changing the colors and coatings, you can get a very interesting and beautiful manicure on short nails. Angular, diagonal, double and other lines will make the image modern and bright.

This design was coined in the thirties of the last century. Then the nails were not completely painted, leaving the hole untouched. He returned and with renewed vigor began to gain popularity since 2009. And to this day this option is very common.


One color can play in different colors and suit the mood, highlighting the owner of a manicure from the crowd. Pink with fuchsia will show a bright person, gentle tones will give out a romantic and dreamy girl, and red-wine - passionate nature.

The dark color will look more short on the short nails than on the long ones. Terror and brown are suitable for club dresses. Black color looks extremely fashionable and glamorous. But gentle tones can also look spectacular. The main thing is that they are not faded.

"Beverly Hills"

The coating in this case is monophonic, but on each of the five nails - different shades. The peculiarity of "Beverly Hills" is that the color should be one, while the tone is different.

This extremely trendy trend is the smooth flow of one saturated shade into another, more calm. At home, this can be done with two varnishes and a special sponge. A little patience, and ready glamorous design of short nails. Summer and night club are the best time and place, allowing to flash with a similar design.

Patterns and drawings

When applying any drawings, it is worth sticking to some rules, so that the marigolds look beautiful.

  1. It is better to make vertical patterns.
  2. The plate must not be completely varnished.
  3. A stretched decorative detail in the center will improve the result.
  4. Hearts, berries and other naive elements look quite interesting.
  5. Fashionable are lace prints.

Home manicure can easily be done with special decorative stickers, which are in great variety sold in stores. They are placed on a dried varnish, a fixer is applied over them.

It is possible to make a simple beautiful manicure on short nails with a simple sewing needle, toothpick or a special brush. To do this, after applying the main coating, a droplet of contrasting varnish is added, from which various patterns are formed.


Prints of this style inspire many amateurs and professionals. On the nails, a colorless layer of lacquer is applied, followed by a floral pattern, which is then fixed again with a colorless varnish.

The habitual design of short nails lacquer will acquire femininity and playfulness if it is only slightly adorned. To do this, one ornament (usually an anonymous finger) is applied to one nail. These can be hearts, abstraction, lace or animals. Everything will look very exquisite.


Romantically bored? We recommend adding an originality to your image, so, the idea of ​​abstract drawings in the form of curved, wavy lines will seem interesting.

This manicure is not difficult to implement. It is enough, for example, on a white base to apply wavy vertical strips in black, then use a fixer.

Thanks to such simple methods, short marigolds get a well-groomed look and look stylish and original. They complete the overall image, so the design should be approached competently and do not spare the efforts and time. After all, the result is worth it!