The warm season is a great time for fashionistas and mini lovers. Indeed, in summer, in hot and dry weather, short summer dresses are real salvation. Picking up the perfect style, at least free, even on the figure, you can feel comfortable at any event. Of course, clothes of such a plan should be chosen for slender girls, because most of the legs are open. Owners of slender legs and a trimmed figure should carefully study all possible options for dresses to be ready to shine with their stunning shapes in the summer.

Short summer dresses

Before you go to the store or order the necessary thing on the Internet portal or catalog, you should carefully examine the distinctive features of your figure. Even if a girl is slim, she can still have one of the types of figure: “pear”, “sand passes”, “apple” or “rectangle”. For each of these types, hundreds of variations of dresses are sewn daily, and therefore the first thing to do is to consider current styles and materials.Short summer dresses - stylish, comfortable and feminine.

Summer is a hot time, because cotton and chiffon are often the main materials today. These fabrics are very light, they “breathe” perfectly and are practically weightless. Wearing short summer dresses made of such materials is a real pleasure. Such clothes are hygienic and well breathable and air, and therefore, the girl will not suddenly become ill from heat stroke.

When choosing a suitable dress, it is important to consider not only the design, color composition or ornaments on the fabric, but also the style on which it depends most of all on how the chosen thing will look on the girl's body.

One of the most fashionable styles is considered a "rectangular dress". Its peculiarity is that it is sewn evenly in rectangular shapes. Perfectly suited for girls with the type of figure “pear” and “apple”, as it instantly pulls out all the bulging shapes. In this case, the style of the dress should be spacious, hang slightly and "linger" solely on the shoulders, chest and hips. The length of these dresses allows you to choose them and the most modest girls and individuals who are not afraid to take risks.

Actual types of dresses

Another very relevant for today is the style of the dress, which is based on the sun skirt and tight-fitting "top" to the waist. On this line the skirt and top are sewn, and usually this seam is covered with a strap. This option is especially stylish and is perfect for all types of shapes, emphasizing the waist and chest and hiding the roundness of the hips behind the many folds.

Not out of fashion and tight short summer dresses. They are also the standard of beauty and femininity, sexuality and elegance. Naturally, to choose such styles is extremely slim girls, on the body of which there are no fat deposits, otherwise tight-fitting fabrics will easily betray all the flaws.

Do not forget about another fashion trend this season - this dress with flounces. Today they are at the peak of popularity, and it is worth understanding that the fashion for such types of clothes is short-lived, and if you want to look bright, then now is the right time for clothes with frill. So, a white summer short sleeveless dress with a frill along a horizontal line along the chest looks particularly stylish on a girl. Such detail visually enhances the breasts and allows you to look stylish and feminine. In addition, the smooth forms of the shuttlecock demonstrate a special tenderness and playfulness, so this version of the dress is especially suitable for romantic people.

Buy or sew yourself?

The advantage of summer clothes is that it is light, spacious and uncomplicated. Patterns of short summer dresses are particularly simple. Minimum measurements and lines. Sew a dress of such a plan can be literally a few hours. Indeed, the styles of many variants of such clothes are a rectangle tied up with a strap on the waist line. Such a product can be sewn independently, and even having an initial level of knowledge in sewing technique.

You can pick up the pattern on a summer dress with a short sleeve, a cocktail option and even a club one. In any case, if you want to stand out in the crowd, show your originality, the exclusive version of clothing is the most suitable. Alas, in stores such copies are very expensive, because a self-made dress, ideally matched in size, will look much better in style and color, and certainly there will not be another one.