There are beaches in the world - real treasuries of untold sea riches. What could be more beautiful on the sea than the fantastic shades of corals, dazzling on exotic reefs, with the beautiful fish and other fairy-tale sea creatures swimming around them?

There are a lot of amazing paradise places on earth where you can see the delightful beauty of the sandy golden beaches and the kingdom of the bottomless transparent waters of the oceans and seas.

For a quiet holiday at such exotic resorts you need to acquire some important things, without which you can not fully enjoy everything: admiring coral reefs, bathing, making sea walks. In particular, you need to protect yourself from various cuts of the legs, fungal diseases and other major and minor troubles (leg wounds, etc.).

Coral slippers - a tribute to fashion or necessity?In such cases, coral slippers are required for the sea. Rest does not darken, and the feet will be securely protected.

Beach shoes

The amazing thing is shoes for the beach. These beautiful slippers protect your feet from getting different wounds from chopped shells, sharp coral reefs (if they are located offshore) and pebbles while walking along the beach.

Material slippers, description

Quite light graceful coral slippers are very comfortable due to the fact that they are gently wrapped around the leg and are made of elastic polymer and neoprene. In addition, the lanyard with a lock allows you to reliably and easily and quickly fix the slippers on your legs, so that they do not fly off during the swim.

The sole is corrugated, not sliding, it reliably protects the legs from damage, and their inserts are mesh, contributing to the rapid flow from the slippers of water.

Types of slippers, models

The footwear industry of the world offers a huge range of fashionable and comfortable shoes for swimming. And the models can be chosen for both men and women. There are also a variety of shape and color coral slippers for children.

These shoes usually have the following colors: black, blue, red and pink. Less often they are of green, purple and light tones.

There are beautiful models with a very high quality and light rubber soles and soft and soft cloth top. In the range of manufacturers of similar footwear there are also such models, which are completely made of rubber. The upper part of them is covered with small holes for free flowing of water.

The most popular are coral slippers with high-quality silicone or rubber sole, which reliably protects your feet from damage by stones, small shells and corals, which is their main task.

The main element used in the manufacture of slippers for relaxing at sea is synthetic rubber (neoprene). This wonderful material does not lose its original qualities when exposed to water and high temperatures.

Fashion accessory or necessity?

Now convenient and beautiful accessories (coral slippers) for relaxing on the beach and walking along the stony coast, as well as for visiting the pool can be purchased at any sports shops. You can pick them up under the color of any bathing suit or any other summer clothes.

Manufacturers offer a huge variety of fashion solutions in terms of color and models.

Coral slippers (in a different way aqua-shouses) are popular and are in great demand among diving enthusiasts and wishing to rest on the shore with the presence of coral reefs.

So what are coral slippers? A tribute to fashion or necessity?

As strange as it sounds, but swimming in such slippers is convenient and safe. These shoes are designed to protect the feet not only from damage to mechanical, but also fungi. Mainly aqua shooses are used during rest at the sea, where the bottom is a scattering of small sharp pebbles or right near the shore there are corals.

Why are they called coral in the people? Because in fact they are designed to prevent damage to the legs with sharp limestone formations - the remains of the life of corals. Their sharpness is often compared with the edge of a razor blade.

In addition, such coral slippers can be used for mountain trekking along the cliffs, walks along the beaches stony and even for swimming pools.

What to remember about

The main misconception about these slippers is that they allegedly can walk freely around corals. This is a mistake in terms of consequences for nature. Corals are fragile enough creatures. If they attack, they will surely break down. And they grow very slowly, so the collapse of any coral is fatal for nature. In many countries it is forbidden to break them, and this is strictly punished.

How correctly to choose shoes to relax on the beach?

You can buy these shoes directly in places of rest: in shops at hotels, in the market or in stalls and tents on the beaches.

Which coral slippers are better? The most qualitative are those that are more expensive. These shoes can be purchased and in advance in any supermarket of sports goods. To choose slippers it is necessary so that the legs do not squeeze when fitting, comfort and convenience are felt.

Very comfortable slipper models, equipped on the heel with a special "tongue" for easy shoeing.

Approaching with seriousness to the choice of beach slippers, each holidaymaker will provide himself and his loved ones with a wonderful and comfortable holiday.


Do everyone like coral slippers? Reviews are mostly good.

Almost all the people using such shoes, speak positively about them, especially if they are properly matched. This beach shoes — comfortable, soft, lightweight and comfortable. Also, thanks to the rubber sole, it is steady on the slippery pebbles and large (even smooth) boulders. It is very easy and simple to wash.

They also have strength and a long service life. Having bought such slippers once, you can use them many times and reliably protect yourself from problems.