Konstantin Zyryanov is a Perm-born, Russian football midfielder, who played for the Russian national team. Winner of the title of Honored Master of Sports, which he received in 2008.

Pupil of Perm football

Konstantin Zyryanov, football playerKonstantin Zyryanov was born in 1977 in Perm. At school age, he entered the team system “Star”, his first mentor was Vladimir Ladeyshchikov.

At the age of 17 he became a player of the Permian “Amkar”. The team debuted in 1994. The club at that time played in the Third Division, but every year it became more confident. By the end of the 2000s, he was already the middle peasant of the First Russian Division. Zyryanov by that time settled as a player of the main composition, one of the leaders of “Amkar”. During his performance in “Amkar” he scored 48 goals in 171 matches. In 1998 he became the winner of the Second Division.

Moving to Moscow

In 2000, a young football player noticed the capital functionaries. Konstantin Zyryanov moved to Torpedo Moscow. The most successful was the first season, in 2000. He spent only two matches for the double and was immediately transferred to the main part.

Avtozavodtsy won 16 victories in 30 matches, winning bronze medals. Above were only Moscow “Lokomotiv” and “Spartak”. The following year, Zyryanov made his debut in European competition. In the UEFA Cup, the team began to compete in the first qualifying round. Immediately gave way to the English “Ipswich” (1: 1, 1: 2). For “Torpedo” Konstantin Zyryanov played until 2006, having spent 164 matches in which he scored 9 goals.

Take-off career in the “Zenith”

In 2007, the central midfielder became a player in St. Petersburg “Zenith”. In the first season as part of the new team, he designed the first Russian champion title.

For the next season, becoming already a full-fledged player of the main composition, wins the UEFA Cup Konstantin Zyryanov. The football player entered the field in the final match against the Scottish “Glasgow Rangers”. The score in the 72nd minute was opened by Igor Denisov, and Zyryanov scored the second goal already in compensated time, removing all questions about the winner.

After just a few months, the athlete has issued another European title - he won the UEFA Super Cup. In the decisive match, “Zenit” defeated English “Manchester United” - 2: 1. Zyryanov spent on the field all 90 minutes.

In 2010, Konstantin Zyryanov, whose biography by that time could not be successfully formed, issued another champion title in the “Zenith”. The team was stronger than everyone, beating the runner-up CSKA by 6 points.

In 2012, the title of champion of Russia surrendered to Zyryanov for the third time. The championship in that season was played in two stages. After the first, the St. Petersburg team were leading with a slight advantage - they had only 2 points more than CSKA. But on the second they vividly demonstrated their strength in full power. The result - a 13-point advantage over the finish second Moscow “Spartak”. CSKA in that season was content with bronze.

Konstantin Zyryanov, whose photo adorned the front pages of newspapers, held the 201 match for Zenit, where he distinguished himself 30 times. Since 2014, he has been working as a farm-club coach, Zenit-2, playing in the First Division. In his new young team, he has already played 70 matches, scoring 9 goals.

In the national team

In the Russian national team Zyryanov made his debut in 2006. He entered the field in a friendly match with the Spanish team, which ended in a draw: 0: 0.

Since 2007, he has been a full-fledged player in the main team of the Russian national team. That season was one of the highlights of his career. In various polls, he was constantly recognized as the best football player of the year, regularly played for the national team.

In a funny and tragic situation at the same time Zyryanov got in September 2007. When the game against England scored a goal with his hand, according to the judge. The moment was very similar to the episode with the Argentine star Diego Maradona, who also distinguished himself in the match against the British at the 1986 World Championships. However, this time the referee did not make a mistake and did not count the goal. The Russian national team lost 0-3.

Zyryanov spoke for the national team and at the European Championship in 2012. He played in the first game against the Czechs, ending with the victory of the Russians 4: 1, and in the match with the hosts - the Poles (1: 1). However, before the decisive game for leaving the group with the Greeks, I caught a cold and could not help the team. As a result, the Russians lost 0: 1 and did not leave the qualifying group.

In 2012, Zyryanov officially announced the end of his career in the Russian national football team. Over the years, he spent 51 matches for the team, where he scored 7 goals.