In modern stores presented a large number of cosmetics necessary for the correction of appearance. These include concealer. How to apply it will be discussed in this article. In addition, you will learn how to choose it correctly and how to use it.

Purpose of means

What is concealer for? The tool is intended for retouching skin defects. With him it turns out to hide bags and dark circles around the eyes. Concealer is able to mask pigment spots, scars, acne, bumps.

Concealer: how to apply, how to choose, what is needed

And if there are no visible defects, then what is the concealer for? It is used to contour the face so that it takes on the desired shape. Only a harmonious combination of dark and light tones is needed.

Proofreader and Concealer: Differences

Often, women confuse the corrector and concealer, believing that they have the same function. But they are used for different purposes. The corrector is considered a therapeutic product containing salicylic acid. The tool allows you to get rid of small skin defects, and the rash becomes dry, so it is used to eliminate acne and blemishes. This product is applied dotted.

Concealer is considered to be a gentle remedy, thanks to which the skin color is smoothed and evened out. Products, compared with the corrector, is used for processing large areas.

It has a toning property; therefore, it does not show pigment spots, inflammations and circles. In the composition there are vitamins, light-reflecting substances that shine and give the skin a fresh look. Concealer has a moisturizing and nourishing effect. Consider the main differences:

  • concealer has a delicate and liquid texture, and concealer - dense and thick;
  • the first tool is applied to local areas, and the second - point;
  • concealer has nutritional properties, and concealer - drying;
  • the first composition is applied after the foundation, and the second - before.

Concealer copes with many skin imperfections. If you use it correctly, he will always be able to help out, as he creates the perfect makeup.

Forms of concealers

The described cosmetic product has several forms. It is necessary to choose a concealer depending on the purpose of application and a zone of drawing. There are the following types of tools:

  1. Liquid - have a comfortable brush with which the concealer is applied and shaded. Comfortable for the area around the eyes and lips.
  2. Pencils - must be applied point on the inflamed areas. Their dense texture hides the red.
  3. Cream - applied under the eyes, which allows you to adjust the shape of the face and retouch small defects.
  4. Sticks - have a dense texture and are more suitable for oily skin.
  5. Dry - have a drying effect, so they are used around the eyes.

Many skin imperfections will remove concealers for the face. How to use them will help to understand simple instructions, and the correct application will create an original makeup.

Variety of colors

All women your skin tone, which can be masked in a particular medium. The palette of concealers diverse. Each shade can neutralize the skin tone, eliminating various problems. It is only necessary to choose the suitable color. In stores found the following palette concealer

  • yellow: hides bruises, dark circles, blood vessels, skin becomes fresh;
  • pink: the skin takes on a healthy appearance, so even the gray complexion looks more attractive;
  • blue: necessary for masking pigment, redness and dark circles;
  • green: neutralizes the red tone, and due to its combination with beige skin acquires a smooth color;
  • orange: eliminates bruises and blood vessels, suitable for skin of cold tone;
  • lilac: neutralizes yellow, so it is used for Asian skin.

Features of the choice of cosmetic

How to choose concealer, so that it is perfect for the skin? When buying, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • the density and texture of the tool must match the area being adjusted;
  • color corrector it is desirable to choose several colors;
  • in order to eliminate defects near the eyes, it is necessary to use products 2 colors lighter than the skin;
  • in hot weather, you need to use dry-looking products;
  • before purchasing, concealer should be applied on a light area of ​​the skin, for example, on an elbow bend;
  • the color of the product is better visible with natural light;
  • for localized areas on the face, a non-liquid texture should be obtained.

It is better to choose products with particles that reflect light, especially those who like to hide the flaws of the skin around the eyes. This composition concealer makes the face look fresh and young.

Terms of use

If there are skin defects, then it is the concealer that will help to eliminate them. How to apply it depends on the area where you want to do it. The tool is used for the area around the eyes, cheeks, wings of the nose, the space between the nose and the side of the face. In any case, the tool perfectly copes with the shortcomings.

How to apply concealer under the eyes? The procedure is to perform simple actions:

  1. First need to prepare the skin for the application of funds. This is done by cleansing, toning and applying the cream. After that you should choose the right concealer. A liquid composition applied by brush.
  2. You need to start from the inner eye, moving along the line of growth of eyelashes, painting over the lower eyelid.
  3. After applying the required shading to the color differences were not visible. RUB the tool is not necessary, as this damages the skin. It is desirable to use a makeup brush, dispensing means and eliminating the sharp transitions of colors. Some easier to smudge with your fingers. Then you need to gently spread the product under my eyes.

How to apply concealer under the eyes, if they are close to the nose? In this case, the tool is applied inside the nose near the corner of the eye. By highlighting this part, you can visually increase the distance between the eyes.

Concealer is also used to eliminate acne and other skin imperfections. How to apply it in this case? It is advisable to choose a stick or pencil. The tool should be applied to the part that requires masking, and it should not be rubbed, but rather driven in with fingers.

To even out the tone of the face, you need to put a foundation on it, after which you will be bleached. When it is warm outside, then you should start applying a fixing layer - powder. This will allow high-quality make-up all day.

At the end of the adjustment is made: browning of the cheekbones, eyebrows. Concealer can be used for skin without other means. Although along with him often used moisturizer.

Performing face contouring

To make the shape of the face look perfect, it is advisable to choose a palette of concealers that has all the beige tones. With a neat execution of the makeup, you get a quality result. Dark tones shade the skin, and light helps to emphasize.

Terms of use

Makeup will be neat, if properly used concealer. How to apply it to make the face look attractive? For this, it is important to use a few simple tips:

  • if the product is poorly applied and difficult to shade, then the brush should be sprayed with a spray, after which you can do makeup;
  • if feathering is done with fingertips, then for quality distribution the process must be carried out with warm hands;
  • means are applied at a certain distance from the mirror, and in order to perform shading, you should approach it;
  • acne is not hidden due to painting, with the help of feathering;
  • to hide the bags, you need to apply the tool under them;
  • color concealers are applied under the tonal framework, and masking concealers - on the foundation;
  • before applying the next product, it is necessary to wait for the skin to dry.

Popular tools

Various means are popular with women. Each of them is used to create high-quality makeup. The following concealers are recognized as the best:

  • “Armani” - an expensive means to hide blue and wrinkles, is considered an elite makeup;
  • Artdeco - is a budget tool with different shades;
  • concealer "Avon" - perfectly removes wrinkles around the eyes;
  • Lumene - allows smoothing skin imperfections;
  • Max Factor - has a masking and healing effect.

Make it neat make it possible concealers for the face. How to use them depends on the purpose. In any case, with them the skin takes on a beautiful look, and the face looks fresh. And which brand to choose depends on the wishes and possibilities.