Conservatism as a character trait is inherent in very many people. If you look at the definition, then conservatism in character is a tendency to maintain immutability, traditions, an established and customary course of action, thoughts, and evaluations. It turns out that a conservative person is a stable, consistent, disciplined performer. In real life, it is very predictable. Preserving the unchanged status quo is more important to him than the essence of the proposed changes. A man of conservative views in something resembles a super-faithful watchman at a vegetable base - let the tomatoes rot better, but he will not let anyone in and not let him go.

Conservatives. Who can be attributed to them

So, let's try to draw a portrait of a typical conservative. It may seem to someone that a conservative person is such a kindly gentleman with sideburns smoking a pipe. Or a respectable mother of the family, who is only worried about whether her child had eaten, had he forgotten the scarf, but that the child was 35 years old, somehow passes by her consciousness. And you will be right.

What about freedom-loving non-formals and other bright public? Would you be able to sign the “conservative persuasion man” under the next photo?

Is a conservative person good or bad?

It would seem that far more non-standard, and maybe even progressive. On the other hand, is it easy for such a character to look traditional and mundane? Will he be able to change clothes, change his hairstyle without an internal, and maybe even an external protest? Not always such bright personalities are ready to accept innovations. So it turns out that the whole difference between the prim gentleman who didn’t mess his hands with his sneakers, and the irresponsible informal person, who considered his tie as a stranglehold, was only in the color of the tomatoes in the warehouse.

In one way or another, all people have conservative beliefs, but what it means to be a conservative person, and it’s good or bad, now let's try to figure it out.

Conservative views as a platform for progress

It would seem a strange wording. How can the propensity for immutability and even the fear of innovation contribute to progress? Conservatism is the same limitation and retention of old unnecessary stuff, both in everyday life and in beliefs.

But let's just think about it, after all a conservative person is one who carefully examines all proposed innovations and changes to the object will not them worse. And not always the position “as if something happens” is wrong.

Is conservatism good or bad? There is no unequivocal answer and can not be. But the fact that through the asphalt of conservatism only the most active, strong and necessary dandelions of scientific discoveries, social changes and ways of life make their way into life, is definitely a fact.

Conservatism as a professional feature

Many professions leave their mark on the warehouse of character. Often the most conservative are teachers, doctors, lawyers. And even the appearance begins to match the inner mood. Here, for example, it is hardly surprising that the woman in the photo teaches at the university.

If you are in the “risk group” and are afraid of becoming too conservative, you may be recommended to perform more non-standard and atypical acts.

By the way, conservative, it is a classic, style of dress - this does not mean ugly, dull and uninteresting. Even with the most strict dress code, you can look elegant and beautiful.

If conservatism interferes, how to change beliefs

It so happens that the habit of a certain lifestyle prevents you from changing everything for the better. Fear of change can interfere with career growth, starting a family, starting a business. Conservative views sometimes impede mutual understanding between you and your children.

If you are a conservative person, this means that you will gradually and carefully change your attitudes and habits. But you will, and this is important.

In order to stop being a conservative, you will need to fall in love with the phrase “I don't know.” I do not know how modern youth lives, tell me. I do not know how to build a business. Teach me.

It should start with the little things and change habits. Try brushing your teeth with your left hand every day, getting from work to work every time a different route. Meet and make friends with at least one person from another social, age, cultural group. The main thing, once started, continue to make innovations and changes in your life. You will refuse any, you will adopt something, in any case, life will become brighter and more interesting.