Today, in the construction of apparatuses are used, which facilitate the processing of materials. For example, the conductor for drilling holes is one of those devices that allow you to work without the use of any means of marking.

What is the product?

Conductor for drilling holes: advice on choice, pricesThe presented device allows you to do the job as accurately as possible. It is a special box, which provides the necessary parameters of the holes. That is, you can easily adjust the angle of the drill bit into the material being processed. In this case, if there are several details, the drilled holes will coincide.

I must say that such devices can be purchased at any construction store. Their cost varies between 1000 and 2500 rubles. However, the conductor for drilling holes can be made independently. Especially it needs to be done if special parameters are required for work.


The conductor for drilling holes has such advantages:

- Acceptable cost and the possibility of hand-made manufacturing.

- There is no need to use a ruler, a pencil or other means for marking the surface to be treated.

- Reducing the complexity of the procedure.

- Very simple use of the product, intuitive even amoru.

As you can see, the conductor for drilling holes is a very useful device for a household or for a small business.

Scope of the product

In principle, such a device can be used almost everywhere. For example, most often it can be found in the process of making furniture. In this work, precise parameters are needed. The use of measuring instruments takes a lot of time. This entails additional costs that can be disastrous for a small business.

A very important device is the conductor in engineering. Here already plays a huge role in the rigging of the device. It should be as accurate as possible. As you can see, the presented device is quite widespread and useful. It makes it much easier to work.

Device design

The conductor for drilling holes, the drawing of which you can see in the article, can have a different design. It all depends on the purpose for which the device will be applied. For example, if you purchased a machine in the form of a small strip or corner with holes drilled on one line, then with it you can make holes in one row at a right angle.

If you do not need such a design, but you need a more complicated version with holes that are not on the same axis, then you have to manufacture the device yourself. How to do it, you can find out further. However, for starters, you need to understand the varieties of the products presented. As you can see, the conductor for perpendicular drilling of holes has not too complicated structure, which can be understood even by an inexperienced master.

Classification of apparatuses

So, we can distinguish such types of devices:

- Stationary. They differ in that they do not have rotary elements capable of moving the workpiece. That is, those products that are drilled are of the same type.

- Waybills. Their feature is the simplicity of design and low cost. To work such a device you just need to put it on the part that will be processed. It should be attached with a washer and a nut.

- Overturned. They are able to drill several holes in one piece. In this case, they can have different angles with respect to each other.

- Rotary. In this case, the location of the conductor sleeve is determined by the dividing disc.

– Silicate. These products are most commonly installed on a professional drill machines. Special demand they use in the engineering industry.

How to choose the right device?

To ensure that the conductor for drilling holes, the photo of which is presented in this article, could successfully cope with the tasks assigned to it, you need to purchase the correct device. During the selection and purchase try to follow such recommendations:

1. Type and purpose of the device. This parameter is the most important. If you pick up the wrong device or its snap, it will be useless for you, and money will be thrown away.

2. The cost of the device. This parameter is also important. It is not necessary to give preference to the cheapest products that can disperse at the first use. Buy strong metal devices.

3. Manufacturer's warranty. Do not buy a thing in the basement. There you are not immune from fakes or defective goods. It is better to apply to the official certified point of sale, where you can change the product under the guarantee, if it does not suit you or is not functional.

4. Additional features. To date, the conductor for drilling holes in pockets can be equipped with special tools that help to eliminate dust during operation, or other devices.

5. Manufacturer. Here everything depends on your taste and reputation of the manufacturer. Now the most popular is the conductor for drilling holes Wolfcraft.

Features of self-made

It is not difficult at all. To begin with, you need to pick up the right material. For this purpose, the channel or corner is best suited. Naturally, before processing the workpiece it is necessary to make a template, according to which holes will be drilled. The diagram can be drawn on a regular sheet of paper.

Next, you need to make a markup on the workpiece itself. After this, it must be clamped in a vice or using clamps, and only then start drilling. Please note that it is quite difficult to do this strictly perpendicular. The fact is that manually you can make a hole with a certain deviation. And the thicker the workpiece you choose, the more difficult it will work.

Next, you just need to drill holes on the marked places. Note the diameter of the drill bit. It must accurately match the size of future holes on the material being processed. It is best to use a drilling machine for this purpose. It is he who will achieve the desired angle of 90 degrees. If there is no drilling machine, the drill must be fixed so that it does not deviate. To do this, you can apply all kinds of supports.

Features of the device

The conductor for drilling holes KWB, like any other device of the type shown, must be correctly applied. Only in this case you can achieve a positive result. So, try to observe such conditions:

- During operation, all parts, as well as the device itself, should be as clean as possible from dust or other contaminants.

- Try to choose exactly the drill, which will fit you in diameter.

- Please note that during the installation of the conductor, it must be flat against the plane of the table. Naturally, at this stage you should also set the depth of drilling.

- During the selection of the rotational speed of the drill, it is necessary to check that the drill is correctly positioned to run out.

- The workpiece must be very firmly fixed to the conductor.

- The drill must be guided through the guide bush to the product and start drilling.

- Please note that during operation, do not press the tool too hard. Otherwise, the drill may simply break or lose its sharpness.

- After completion of work, it is necessary to carefully remove the tool from the part and unscrew the conductor.

- During the implementation of all manipulations, try to observe the safety rules as much as possible. For example, wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles. If you feel that the instrument has started to act up, immediately stop working. Otherwise, you risk injury.

That's all the features of the conductor. Good luck!