What is a gang dress? Who is it suitable for and what to wear it with? This is what the article will be about. If translated from French, the term "gang" means a tape or a bandage. The bodice of a dress of this style is wrapped around the female body. Bando dress has no straps. Thus, this outfit is a great opportunity to focus on sharpened shoulders and seductive décolleté. In such clothes, modern girls will be able to look stylish and very bold, feeling at the same time more relaxed.

Variety of gang dresses

The gang dress decorated with print, pattern with textures or ribbons looks great. The sophistication of this image will be formed through a careful selection of various elements. For example, such dresses are perfectly combined with wide ribbons instead of ordinary belts. If the outfit has an expressive texture, then it will look great with large accessories.

Putting on a short gang dress, a girl can easily demonstrate the beauty of her own waist and legs. There are often cases when such a dress is chosen by a modern stylish girl for a prom or for going to the club.

These dresses are perfect for young girls as a perfect evening dress. These outfits can be perfectly combined with leather jackets, which will add a little missing aggressiveness to the whole image.

Bandera summer dresses

In the summer season, every woman of fashion has a unique chance to demonstrate all the advantages of her own figure. And the gangster dresses are definitely great for this purpose. They are irreplaceable both at parties, and for every day. In the summer in such a dress no one will be hot.

Regardless of the type of female figure for everyday wear perfect gang dresses with elastic. If you need an evening outfit for a summer party, a gang with a corset is perfect.

Bando dresses are so different that among them you can always find the perfect option for a summer youth party, a walk with friends or a serious romantic date.

Long bandeau dresses

A lot of modern women of fashion are gaining popularity gang dresses are long. After all, the styles of such dresses open up the shoulder area. A dress of this kind is very similar to a dress that is sewn from two bands with long cuts.

These dresses can be single cut straight, which is often draped with a belt, but can be without it. Also, these dresses are with skirts asymmetrical cut.

The beauty and tenderness of a white gang dress

The white gang dress is often chosen by brides for their own weddings. This is a great choice! After all, the snow-white dress on the floor with open shoulders can shade the tenderness and youth of the beautiful bride, emphasizing her sense of style.

Of course, other girls can choose for themselves a white gang of the desired length. With a tan, this outfit looks particularly impressive. This option is more suitable for girls with slim or slim physique.

Bandeau Beach Dress

Beach bando is very different and bright. A girl who has chosen such a spectacular outfit to go to the beach will attract many enthusiastic glances to herself even before she remains in one bathing suit.

Interesting beach dresses, made in a marine theme. But there are many other interesting and stylish prints for beach gangs. Such fashionable attire is ideal for any beach party.

Who and with what to wear gang dresses

Who would suit a gang dress? Is it true that only young girls can wear such an outfit? No, even mature women can afford certain styles of such dresses. Usually in such cases we are talking about dresses in the floor for evening appearances. True, many modern women look great in advanced age, so it’s never too late to afford a gang for such ladies.

The options for stylish and trendy gang combinations are an incredible amount. For example, there is the possibility of selecting a long or short cardigan to match the dress. In the event that the dress is made in a business style, with a similar jacket, the designated outfit is suitable for a modern office. While a separate gang dress is not allowed in every office to wear.

If the gang dress has a calm color, it can be perfectly combined with a summer light cardigan coat. And the coat does not necessarily have to pick up the tone to the elegant dress. It can be radically different from the dress itself, emphasizing its unobtrusiveness and tenderness.

Perfectly combines the romantic version of a gang dress with a more brutal jacket, created from jeans. You can add a stylish image with sneakers and a small bag over your shoulder.

Modern girls often combine short dresses with large decorations made of plastic. These are often bracelets. The most appropriate such combinations look in the spring and summer. These dresses look great with jackets or denim jackets, whose sleeves are three-quarters.

Each woman should choose such a dress, focusing on her own build. Slimming in this regard is easier, they fit all variations of such dresses. Chubby girls should not deny yourself the purchase of such clothing. Just dress you need to choose a genuine, and preferably in dark blue tones. After all, not black color is slimming, contrary to general delusion. And every modern fashionista probably knows about it.

This outfit attracts by the fact that just the same girl of any body size can afford to wear it. Just need to find the right model. And with the ability to combine such a dress with ornaments and other clothes, as described in this article just above, plump girls will be able to shine in gang dresses during any meetings and trips to nightlife.