Every person during the day many times negotiates. And it does not matter what their purpose is - to conclude a million-dollar contract or persuade a teenager to get out of his room. The essence of this does not change. Both sides are trying to agree on the terms that would be most appropriate for them. And what about a compromise? And why is it considered the best way to resolve contentious issues? Let's understand.

What is a compromise?

First you need to find out the meaning of the term itself. For this we propose to look into the explanatory dictionary of the Russian language. If you believe what is written there, then the compromise is an agreement of the two sides, which is based on concessions that are beneficial to each of them. Thus, in order to solve a complex, controversial situation, it is necessary to find common points of contact, through which the parties can agree, and each of them will at the same time receive some benefit for themselves.

Compromise is the best way out? What is a compromise?

Compromise in business negotiations. What is it for?

If we talk about the business sphere, then we can not do without an understanding of how to reach a compromise. After all, negotiations with business partners in this area are common. And often both parties are determined to accept their terms, which at the same time do not suit the counterparty. Therefore, the task of the opposite side is to mitigate such conditions. It can be, for example, price, delivery time, working conditions, manufacturing features. In general, everything that is the object of these negotiations. Thus, both sides are trying to find conditions that would suit them and give an opportunity for further mutually beneficial cooperation. Therefore, cases where the result of business negotiations is a compromise is a common practice. You can even call this the purpose of business negotiations.

Family life and compromise

Do not think that the ability to find a compromise is a necessity only when negotiating with business partners. This quality is valuable in everyday life. Education of children, family life, relations with parents or friends - all these spheres of life require from modern man the ability to find a compromise. This is one of the most civilized ways to avoid conflict. Otherwise, quarrels and scandals at the domestic level are inevitable. If you master the art of achieving a compromise in completeness, you can be sure that the relationship will remain intact.

Let us give an example. The family has two children, and every night parents tell them tales. However, there is a constant dispute between the kids because of which fairy tale they will tell this time. Instead of making quarrels every night, parents can offer kids in turn to name those tales that they would like to listen to. Thus, you can not only find a solution that would suit both, but also turn the choice into an interesting game.

How to find a compromise

Probably, there is no need to prove that the ability to come to a compromise solution can help out in many situations and help not to stay with the "broken trough". But how to learn to do this? Psychologists say that it is possible to come to a compromise solution with the help of questions, asking them to their opponent. In this case, the questions should be suggestive. They will help clarify the situation and find a solution that will be beneficial to both.

The fact is that very often it is not possible to make a decision only because one person can not put himself in the place of another. It is necessary to look at the situation through the eyes of another person and try to understand what is behind his words, why he answers this way, and not otherwise.

There is quite an interesting technique "5 why". Its meaning lies in the fact that any problem can be solved with the help of five questions that will help to understand the true cause of the problem. And now, remember, trying to solve the conflict situation, how often do we ask at least one question and do not try to "pull the blanket on ourselves"?

We hope that the meaning of the word "compromise" is now more understandable, and most importantly - now you know how to use art to find it.