Processing agricultural land is a very difficult task, requiring not only certain skills, but also the availability of specialized equipment capable of performing its functions fully at any time of the year, day and day. In this case, combine harvesters are an ideal option for solving the issue of quality harvesting. These machines today are high-tech units, characterized by a combination of excellent technical performance and reasonable price. In this article we will talk about an aggregate called the "Vector" harvester.


Immediately note that this machine is manufactured by the Russian company Rostselmash, which is the largest producer of agricultural machinery in the Russian Federation. The "Vector" combine, in turn, was created to handle small fields on which this machine can mow the stems, grind them and select the grain, which is then loaded into the truck body. The maximum efficiency of the unit is achieved in fields with a yield of up to 45 centners per hectare.


The combine "Vector" is characterized by modern layout, which has the following scheme: cabin - bunker - motor. This feature allows you to significantly reduce the noise level in the cab, which occurs when the machine. Also, the engine maintenance area has become larger, making it convenient to access the motor. In addition, the cabin was placed in the center of the combine. Therefore, the driver has a good overview of the work area.

The presence of a single hydraulic connector allows you to greatly facilitate the connection of various adapters and reduce the time of this procedure. The high inertia drum of the combine is the largest in the world among this technique. However, not only size favorably allocates it. Excellent fitness to difficult fields also provides him with leadership. The residual separation system guarantees a minimum grain loss and a high level of cleanliness.

The modern "Vector" has a six-cylinder engine YMZ. Its power is 210 horsepower. It can be increased by 20% during peak loads. At the same time, the fuel consumption for such an aggregate is rather small, and a capacious fuel tank guarantees non-stop operation of the machine for 16 hours, which in turn reduces the number of refueling in the field and accelerates the harvesting process.


Virtually all combine harvesters are literally stuffed with hydraulics. And Vector in this matter was no exception. This machine is equipped with a hydraulic transmission, which allows to reduce wear of the metal parts, reduce friction, and this already guarantees a longer service life of the whole unit. The speed of the combine's work is stepless and smooth, maintenance of the required amplitude of the machine does not cause difficulties, the capacity of the unit is at a high level.

More about hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of the combine consists of three pumps, combined into one unit, which will allow them to use the same working fluid and one tank. Sealing of interfaced surfaces has been upgraded. Thanks to this, it is easy to achieve the highest possible reliability index even at critical loads. As a matter of fact, Vector's hydraulic system controls almost all technological processes, including copying the field to improve harvesting.

Bunker for grain

This container for storage and transportation of grain has a volume equal to six cubic meters. Its unloading takes place in the interval of two minutes. To facilitate the transportation of moist grain, vibratory exciters are used. Special sensors monitor the filling of the hopper. When it is filled to the level of 75%, the alarm is activated, prompting the driver to promptly unload. Also, the operator can visually observe the process of filling the hopper through the inspection window. The sash of the hopper roof opens and closes with an electrified mechanism.

Driving cab

The combine "Vector" 101 has a very comfortable workplace for the operator. The cabin is sprung, and therefore almost complete damping of the arising vibration occurs. The degree of noise insulation also pleases users. The chair can be adjusted for any height of a person. In summer, you can use air conditioning, and in winter - air heater. External lighting devices and impressive panoramic panes allow the driver to work without problems even at night and completely control all processes outside the window.

Technical data

In general, the combine "Vector", the characteristics of which will be listed below, is very popular with buyers. Its main parameters include:

As for the cost of the machine, the combine "Vector", the price of which is not too high for such equipment, is in the range of 4-4.5 million Russian rubles.