Team play is not only a fun activity, but also a great opportunity to rally a group of people, to form a friendly team. Most mobile entertainment comes to taste for children and adolescents, as well as adults.

Games like relay races, team races, followers develop the body, contribute to improved coordination and simply allow you to improve your mood. It is advisable to organize team games in summer camps, at corporate parties, during mass festivities and informal parts of solemn events.

Tug of war

Probably one of the most common entertainment competitions in nature is tug-of-war. This is not just a team game, but even a whole sport, competitions in which are held in various countries of the world.

For the competition, the following conditions must be met:

  1. As the main projectile should be used durable and fairly wide rope length from four to eight meters (depending on the number of participants).
  2. Before starting the game, you need to check the strength of the competitive projectile.
  3. In the middle of the rope should be a mark in the form of a color band, knot or ribbon.
  4. Preparation of the playing field requires the creation of a special marking, which divides the field into two equal parts.

According to generally accepted rules, at least 8 people should be involved in the tugging. However, sometimes such sports team games are limited to a smaller number of participants. In general, the main thing is that there are enough people willing to divide into two equal groups.

The team game starts with the lead whistle, after which the participants try to pull the rope mark across the line marked on the platform. Usually a victory is awarded to a certain team after success in several rounds.

Pass the ball

This team game is suitable for both children and adults (when organizing a noisy party or a corporate event). The only condition is to have enough free space.

At the beginning of the game, several teams are seated in circles formed from tightly composed chairs. Moreover, each previous player must sit sideways in relation to the next.

The essence of the game is to transfer the ball one by one. However, use for this should be the legs, and more specifically - a section from the knee to the thigh. The recipient of the ball is obliged to stand up and roll the ball on the hip of the passing player. When falling, the projectile moves several positions backwards. The victory is awarded to the team, which was the first to manage to pass the ball to all participants.

Such team games in nature are recommended in deserted places, since entertainment is rather noisy.

For the organization of the game, participants are divided into teams, from where players are selected for the role of a radio operator and reception center. Next, the players are at a distance of several tens of meters from each other, and between them is the opposing team.

The main essence lies in the fastest possible sound transmission of an arbitrary message in the presence of interference in the form of noise from the opposing players. The winner is determined according to the accuracy and speed of receiving information. At the end, the players compare the full text of the message.


If you want to organize a really fun team games among children, in this case you can play the centipede. To hold a competition, it is enough to form equal teams. Each participant is given several ropes with which it is necessary to connect their own legs with the legs in front of them.

Initially, it is recommended to conduct a simple team race, for example, to walk from one mark to another at a walking pace. This will allow participants to coordinate movements and avoid injury in the future.

As soon as the teams find their way around the movement, you can begin to accelerate the step. Diversify the occupation will help install low security obstacles.

Dress up game

Participating in such an entertaining competition will be fun not only for children, but also for an adult audience. For the organization of entertainment, it is necessary to break up into teams or select several volunteers.

As inventory used mittens, socks, stockings, etc. It is desirable that all of them are new or at least clean. The eyes of the participants are tied with a tight bandage. Hands are tightened on mittens or gloves.

The essence of the game is to quickly put on the legs of the maximum possible number of socks. In this case, the allotted time for the task is specified in advance.

The difficulty lies in the presence of stockings, mittens and other clothing, present mixed with socks. The actions of players who have to sort things out in awkward, blindfolded gloves usually cause general laughter and create a relaxed, noisy environment.