Sun shade, cape on legs, raincoat, backpack for parents

Features of the choice of strollers for walking

There are a lot of criteria for choosing a stroller. Each parent is primarily focused on what is necessary for his child. Most need first of all a stroller safe stroller. With a reversible handle, models are more popular, since their main feature is the ability to position the child not only with his back, but also face the parent.Stroller with the cross over handle

The presence of fixation is one of the most important aspects. Modern models are equipped with bumpers and seat belts. The child should be in a stable position while walking. Belts at the same time pass through the shoulders of the child, between the legs and unite in fasteners on the stomach. This is exactly what a stroller should be. Parental feedback suggests that child safety is of paramount importance.

Varieties of wheelbases in strollers

"Legs" of children's transport also attract considerable attention. Modern models are equipped with the ability to lock the front wheels. Thus, the mother gets the opportunity to control the stroller with one hand. Permeability is another important criterion. This requires maneuverable wheels, which can be blocked at any time or removed from the foot brake. The quality of the wheels is also responsible for how comfortable this or that stroller will be. Customer reviews indicate that polyurethane wheels that are 30 cm in diameter best meet the needs.

For children older than 1-1.5 years, attention must also be paid to the height of the chassis, as it becomes necessary to be able to leave the stroller and climb back on their own.

Comfort baby first!

All other criteria do not matter if the child is uncomfortable for a walk. This quality stroller with a flip handle provides the ability to change the position of the baby 180 degrees according to the setting. This way you can hide a child from wind, sun and other irritating factors. Comfort is also provided with a seat that changes its position. The more positions (usually from 2 to 3), the more likely it is for your baby to find the right one.

Season matching

Stroller stroller - the most common option for spring-winter-autumn. In the summer, strollers canes are most often chosen. However, this is a common misconception, since both are suitable for year-round use.

Pay attention to the design

You can walk with the observance of both useful and aesthetic features. Manufacturers are guided not only by the sex of the child, but also by his taste, adding favorite characters to the design of strollers. In addition, a young mother can pick up a copy in her own style to stay in trend even during this full of care period of life.

What fabric can a stroller with a flip handle be made of? Reviews of parents talk about the benefits of easy-to-washable and non-soiling fabrics. From the color range, preferences are given to darker or brighter shades.

What does the doctor say?

Pediatricians note that the ability to use the stroller should correspond primarily to the development of the child. If at 6 months the baby is still uncertainly holding the back, if he cannot sit on his own without any support, then put him in the stroller early. So, some babies can sit down not earlier than 8-9 months. Taking into account the peculiarities of a child's build, the width of the seat of the stroller should be at least 33 cm. Taking care of the health and good mood of the mother, the doctor recommends choosing lightweight strollers.

Pleasant additions

One of the most important accessories of a stroller is a rain cover. Rating strollers show that most of them among the components has this useful addition.

Very often, mother, who must combine walks with the provision of domestic needs, needs a model with a deep, roomy basket where you can load purchases, changeable things, baby food, etc.

The Baby stroller boasts an addition, such as a bumper table, on which you can put baby food, toys and other things.

Exclude unsuitable models

When a stroller with a flip handle is chosen by young parents, it is not so important to choose the ideal option, as not to choose the absolutely inappropriate one. The following aspects should alert you:

  • No depreciation.
  • Lack of seat belts and bumper.
  • The reversible handle is difficult to spread or there are difficulties in fixing it.
  • The wheelbase is not pairwise symmetrical.
  • Lack of protective accessories in the form of a visor from the sun and wind.