The choice of a stroller for a child is not an easy task. World producers annually offer a huge number of exclusive children's products. The latest technology allows you to improve the design of strollers. Excellent quality and thoughtful design of the stroller differs Geoby-cane. Not only the safety and comfort of the child depends on the right choice, but also the positive attitude of the mother.

Baby strollers

Trying to create maximum comfort for kids and simplify the life of moms, designers provide all the necessary elements when creating a vehicle for children. Lightweight and comfortable stroller in folded form occupy a minimum of space.

Stroller Geoby (cane): photo, reviews

The optimal option for a warm season is the stroller Geoby-cane. Photo of the stroller and accessories will help with the selection of products of the Geoby trademark. Along with the strollers, the company provides a wide range of children's products: car seats, bicycles, arenas, high chairs for feeding, etc.

Types and characteristics

By releasing new models, manufacturers try to simplify the construction as much as possible in the presence of a margin of safety and durability. Together with this, the stroller must have a modern and aesthetic appearance. For the production of the chassis, aluminum alloy is used. For the frame and other elements, materials that are harmless to children are used.In addition to the basis for practicality and reliability, the Geoby-stroller has many additional functional parts. The basket is irreplaceable when you go to the store. While walking into it, you can put together the necessary things or a package with provisions. Compactness and folding system are convenient both for storage and for transportation. The movement system is equipped with shock absorbers, which contributes to ease and maneuverability in management. And the latches will allow the wheelchair to stay in place even on an inclined surface. All the mechanisms are easy to use, along with reliability and durability.

Stroller Geoby-cane

The Geoby brand produces a large number of different models and types of strollers. This summer and winter options, walking, classic, universal, transformers. Models with folding system "cane" are stylish and comfortable. Basically they have a steel frame. The rigid back allows to smoothly adjust the child's position from horizontal to sitting. Closed awning. There is a hood, which, if necessary, can be lowered down to the bumper. There are seat belts.

The footrest is height adjustable. Rotating floating wheels with fixing improve maneuverability, allow you to easily pass obstacles. In addition, the stroller is equipped with a basket for things, a raincoat, a mosquito net. Some models have a table with a cup holder on the handle. Different models can differ in size both in the unfolded state and in the folded state. The wheels can be either single or double. There is a chassis with three wheels. A variety of colors will allow you to choose a stroller suitable for your child.

Criteria for choosing a stroller for a child

A stroller is one of the most necessary purchases for the birth of a child. It is important to remember that the baby will not only walk in it, but also sleep. And my mother will have to carry her on not quite perfect roads, and also to drag to the floor (if there is no elevator). Therefore, when choosing it is necessary to take into account the convenience for the baby and practicality for the mother. The stability and reliability of the stroller depends on the quality of the base and the strength of the fasteners. It is better if the wheels are large and rubber. Good shock absorbers will smooth out traffic on a rough road.

For my mother, it's important how much the Geoby stroller weighs. The buyers' testimonies are confirmed by the fact that the carriage is light, maneuverable, the weight of the child is practically not felt. When folded, it is convenient for transportation in public transport. If necessary, it is placed in the trunk of the car. There are many styles and colors to choose from. Sleeper, although small, but the child can sleep comfortably. The basket is large enough. The hood is crocheted, there is a window in it.

Terms of use

In care and operation, the Geoby stroller is easy enough. How to fold / lay out the stroller correctly? The handle has a hook that holds the vehicle in the folded state. To decompose the wheelchair, you need to detach the hook, pull the handles of the stroller toward you and spread them to the sides. Secure the lock between the handles by lowering it to the lower position. The same is done with the lock located below, between the rear wheels. To lay down the stroller, it is necessary to carry out all the steps in the reverse order. The visor is easily inserted into the corresponding holes by means of fasteners. The open position of the visor is fixed by a lock located on the side.

The special button easily and smoothly adjusts the inclination of the backrest. Floating front wheels can be locked by lifting the locks on the wheels. Lock the wheelchair in place can be a lever located on the rear wheels. For the convenience of landing the baby, the restrictive handrail is disconnected by pressing the button. The raincoat is put on the wheelchair completely. At that, the handles are passed into the corresponding holes.

Pros and cons of choice

The Geoby brand has won both Asian, American and European markets. The Geoby walking stroller is a quality, reliability and excellent technical characteristics. The reviews note the following points:

  • An exit for those who need to move in public transport.
  • Almost weightless, in the folded position a bit more umbrella.
  • An excellent option for summer walks and travel. It is easy to fold and takes up a minimum of space.
  • Convenient rotary knobs, reliable brakes.
  • Stroller material is easy to clean.

Among the shortcomings of the mother note:

  • Wheels start to creak with time.
  • Some do not like the size of the basket.

Like all brand products, the Geoby-walking stroller is made of child-safe material. The fabric of the cover is ventilated, which is not the last value in the hot summer season. The stroller will become the favorite means of transportation for the little girl, and mom will master the stroller without problems.