Ring fishing in our day is a traditional tackle, which in most cases is used for fishing of white fish. It is worth noting the fact that to date, this technology has been most widespread in the process of catching bream on the course, because in this case it is most effective.

What are its advantages?

Ring on fishing

The popularity of this tackle is that it is very simple and is affordable for any angler. The most expensive accessory that you need in order to use the ring on a fishing trip, a boat, because with its help you can select the most promising place for fishing. In addition, you will need to use a large trough in the form of a grid and the rod is equipped with a dedicated ring.

How to catch?

Fishing for bream you need to follow a few important procedures:

  • to properly equip the feeder and the bait
  • prepare all the necessary lures and bait
  • choose the area of the river, which is the most efficient.

If you are interested in the ring on fishing, in the selection process point will need to find the most smooth and clean bottom on the entrance or the exit of the pit. Boat must be secured in two places with a single or multiple anchors. The main thing – it is the most reliable anchoring of boats on the course, after which it will be possible to fill the trough with feed and throw it into the water.

Now is the time to throw the ring. Fishing it is used to connect the rod and the trough, whereby with very simple technique you can apply baits directly to the bait spot. This is where the fish will gather for food, resulting in the bite will just go with incredible frequency.

How to equip a fishing rod?

If you want to use the ring on the fishing, equip fishing rod for you is the most important point. As in other cases, attention should be paid to every single element in order to avoid any error or unpleasant moments.

In majority of cases it is customary to use a rod made by yourself, but you should remember the fact that it should have a small length, so you could most convenient to work with him in the boat. Often, if you are fishing on the ring gear provides the possibility of choosing a rod length from 0.7 to 1 meter, and as alerter bite used cut some of the hose or a dedicated nod to the bell.

As you know, fishing in this case will be carried out at sufficiently short distances. For this reason, it is possible to use the inertia of the coil, having a thickness of 0.25-0.4 mm, and the inertial state of the line at the level of 20-30 m.

For the manufacture of collars made use of fishing line, whose diameter is from 0.15 to 0.25 mm, while the size of the hooks is chosen for a certain bait or the nozzle, that is, depending on what is used when you are fishing on a ring. Tackle provides for the possibility of floods at a distance of 0.5 meters between them.

In majority of cases it is customary to use metal feeders because their use allows to minimize the cases of a hook the hook. The presence of a large number of lateral holes through which can simply washed out bait, are sufficiently important problem, but to exclude it is impossible. The best are the feeder with a capacity of 5-6 kg.

In order to ensure the normal dive and the stability of the container at the bottom of the reservoir in the upright position, its bottom is adopted to weld a weighted sinker. By means of a cord should be extremely easy sliding of the ring, and he needs to be strong enough to be able to withstand quite a tight stretch load that is placed upon him. Many experienced anglers say that the most optimal in this case to use a nylon cord small thickness.

Naturally, the ring in this case represents the most complex element of the entire gear. It is made mostly from standard lead rod, the thickness of which is 8 mm. Inner diameter of the ring is 30 mm, and at the point of connection of the ends of the rod are cut at an angle of approximately 45 .

If the rods are sufficiently closely adjacent to each other, in this case, the ring is closed. It should be noted that in the ring there is also an additional hole, which are located mainly on the opposite side of the castle, the diameter of which is 2 or 3 mm. If you are fishing the ring from the boat, you can cast this snap of the lead, but this requires a specialized form.

How to choose the ring?

The simplest version of the ring is fixed, which has a thickness of about 3-5 mm with a width of 55 to 65 mm. Method of manufacturing such rings have been described above, and in principle, it is the most common today, as is rather simple in execution, but shows considerable effectiveness.

You can also use removable ring to the case, if on the opposite side of the line is propyl, which will provide an opportunity of convergence with the trough of the cord when stretched the cut fish. In this case, the propyl can be done right, but in this case, you will need to block it from samehada with crossed antennae of sufficiently resilient wire or by installing a special door on a spring that opens solely to the outside. The use of removable rings for better durability, since its use eliminates the possibility of tangling the line around the trough prizemlyaetsya fish.

In addition, the recent widespread crown rings for fishing.

How to find the best fishing spot?

The most effective option will be to find fish with sonar, but to date this device is not so common and there is not every fisherman. That is why many have to use a variety of natural features fish for easy catching.

You need to choose the place, the depth of which is 4 to 7 meters, and at the same time, there is a noticeable current. Often you can catch even at a depth of 12 meters.

Bream in the majority of cases, searches for food in close proximity to the bottom. So there for it most likely. Visually see it is simply impossible at this depth, but if you pay attention to air bubbles that rise to the surface, you will need to stop and check this place for a bite. It is likely that bubbles are a kind of feeding bream, as bream basically becomes perpendicular to the muddy bottom, and then begins to gradually "blow out" the top layer of mud to him to find mollusks and other animals.

Even if promising place initially, missing bite, one should not jump to sail. Bait washed out of the trough, will be required to bring to the place of bream from the ambient reservoir. If you provides the possibility of multi-day fishing, then in that case you can use the technology of continuous feeding of a particular site.

How to set a snap?

After the fishing line and reel mounted on the rod, it will be already necessary to begin installation snap-in. To do this, the main line originally passed through the small hole of the ring, after which she secured the locking damper or specialized bead and the knotted loop is done. The leash is attached to the main fishing line technology "loop the loop" or a special swivel, the length of the leash could range from 40 to 60, see if the rod for fishing with rings is equipped with two leashes, in this case, the loop on the main line is done somewhere in the 40-50 cm above the first.

The bite is determined in accordance with the provisions of the nod or the sound of the bell, while some anglers prefer to just hold the line with your fingers. Thus, it is possible to quickly react to the contact of the lure with the fish.

Bait and feeder

In the majority of cases the feeder for fishing on the ring is a large vegetable mesh with a small cell size of about 5 mm. At the bottom is the load whose mass is 1 kg, while the feeder itself is attached to the boat with fishing line thick or specialized nylon cord.

To the place of fishing could attract bream, and hold it there for a long period of time, you need to use viscous liquid bait containing large particles of food.

What bait to use?

The most common today is the following option:

  • As the framework uses a standard Pshenko, which is mixed with aromatic sunflower oil cake. It is worth noting that to attract the fish can also potatoes, bread and other cereals. In principle, porridge for fishing on the ring is a fairly common basis.
  • On the spot, the bait can be delayed bream with ingredients such as chopped worms, corn, wheat and barley.

Bait and nozzles

If you are fishing on the don on the ring (and elsewhere) are used in a variety of mostly animal or vegetable bait. Among the vegetation it is necessary to highlight some of the most common options:

  • steamed peas
  • canned corn
  • various versions of the test
  • boiled barley or pshonka.

Just enough to plant the hook one grain of corn or peas, while wheat and barley clinging approximately 2-3 pieces. In the majority of cases of fishermen developing their technology, how to prepare the lure for fishing on the ring.

Among the animals of the lures popular are the following:

Fishing for bream ring is quite well conducted by such baits. It is enough to plant one large or several small worms on a ring, while maggots of maggots are used in the amount of 5-6 pieces.

The technique of fishing

Once thrown anchor and feeder, you need to connect with her bait. To do this, initially disconnected the lock ring, and then inside of it put the cord trough, or line, depending on what they decided to use.

The fishing line will continuously slide over the small ring hole, and its movement is limited exclusively by a locking mechanism. Once the snap is released, the ring is placed on the feeder, while leashes with hooks over begin to stretch, the bait on the spot.

Patient fishermen mostly waiting for the bite is very quiet, while the impatient begins to lure the fish by tapping the ring on the lid of the feeder. It should be noted that this technique is effective if the fishing will be in one place for several days. In this case, the fish produces a reflex to the sound and thinking about the delicious meal, while in an isolated case, its use is not so effective.