Linden is a very common tree throughout Russia. It usually blooms in July. Therefore, in some Slavic languages in honor of the tree is called the July month is "July".

However, in recent years the climatic conditions are very changeable, and time when to collect the lime color you need may be slightly different.

Fragrant white-yellow flowers going from three to fifteen pieces in the umbrella. Each of them is accompanied by a single leaf. Insects-honey plants are unable to pass these flavors. So over the blossoming trees buzzing bees. Honey made from Linden, is one of the most fragrant and useful.

About how to collect and how to dry lime color, its remedies, and methods of use — this article.

When to harvest Linden blossom? Useful properties

This is one of the main trees in the zone of mixed forests of Eastern Asia, Europe and North America. Fake the genus includes from forty to eighty species. Growing ten of them. The most common in the middle belt of the country, the common Linden, or Tilia cordata blossom. The height of the tree reaches thirty meters. It has a wide crown and round leaves with acute tips and cordate bases.

The tree is quite hardy and not damaged by frosts. It can occur in spruce-fir forests. Linden often grows near oak and maple.

The average life expectancy of the trees is a hundred and fifty years, but some of them are centenarians, whose age is three hundred and fifty years or more.

Following a period when the collecting of lime blossom, ripen the fruit. Usually the time comes in August-September. The fruits contain more than thirty percent of the nourishing oil, which is considered one of the best varieties among the canteens.

In addition to its beauty and extraordinary fragrance, in folk medicine has long been used in various parts of the tree for getting rid of diseases, the preservation and prolongation of youth.

When to harvest Linden blossom?

That winter was ready inventory, it is necessary in the summer to cook them. When to harvest Linden blossom? Typically, this period falls on the active flowering tree – from late June until early and mid July. However, due to various weather incidents and anomalies, which have occurred in recent years, it may be a bit displaced. In any case, signal when to collect the lime color is already possible, is a time when some flowers have blossomed, while others are still in Bud.

Trees it is better to choose those that grow away from the town, roads and industrial enterprises.

Collecting of lime blossom is in the morning, in the warm summer weather, when the temperature does not exceed twenty-five or thirty degrees with moist air and variable cloud. In this period, nectar is highlighted more intensively.

No need to collect the lime, when the flowers do not evaporate traces of dew or rain.

Without leaves which accompany the inflorescence, it is difficult to tear the blossoms. Therefore, they suggest to trim neatly with scissors.

Blossoms needs to be healthy and beautiful, without yellowing of leaves and damage. In year one the average family is usually enough to one kilogram of flowers.

How to prepare lime color?

The collected materials are dried in the open or well ventilated area in the shade for a few days. Before drying the lime color, it is checked and sorted. Then on sheets of paper or cloth they laid out a thin layer. From time to time turn over, but with minimum humidity and good ventilation, this can not be done.

Sometimes used for this purpose, the dryer, holding a temperature of not more than fifty degrees.

You should know that the rays of the sun when drying is contraindicated, since most of the nutrients will be destroyed with ultraviolet light.

About the readiness of the raw materials will testify to the fragility of the flowers. If somewhere will be changed brownish tint or damage, then the data must be thrown out.

Essential oils, tannins, bioflavonoids (kaempferol and quercetin), tiliatsin, carotene, ascorbic acid, sugar and saponins contains lime color.

Medicinal properties especially are bioflavonoids. Thanks to them, accelerate healing processes in tissues. In addition, they are a good natural antiseptics, relieve spasms, possess antipyretic and diaphoretic action, lower blood pressure and calm you.


People with heart disease, and the propensity to allergies, it is not advisable to take lime color.

The therapeutic properties will not give the desired effect, to use the tool for more than a few months. Moreover, it can lead to a sharp deterioration of vision.

Lime tea is also impossible to drink constantly.


The flowers used in the form of infusions and decoctions in different countries. The tool has anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant and analgesic effect.

Infusions, in addition to the therapeutic effect, are a wonderful tonic drink that stimulates the heart, dilates blood vessels and helps reduce blood viscosity. It activates the secretion of bile and gastric juice, metabolism, reduces swelling. They treat diseases of the kidneys, liver, intestines and stomach.

Lotions are used for ulcers, burns, inflammation of the hemorrhoids, pains in the joints in gout and rheumatism.

Linden blossom is an excellent preventative measure. The Japanese discovered in its composition substances that protect the liver from toxins. Therefore, it will be highly useful to the inhabitants of industrial centers and large cities.

Lime for women

After to procure lime color managed, it offers a range of tools. Particularly beneficial they will affect the body of the weaker sex. This is due to the hormones that are part of the lime color, which are similar to sex hormones of women. Those who are older than thirty-five, it is highly recommended annually for three weeks to take the lime color in the form of tea, infusion or decoction.

It will help in menstrual irregularities, painful menstruation and during menopause.

In addition, the lime color is used for infertility, zestoreitc and uterine bleeding. Good results will be obtained if you drink goat's milk.

To prepare the drink dry the flowers put in a ceramic or earthenware pot with thick walls and pour hot water. Tightly closed the lid and covering them with a towel, leave to infuse for fifteen or twenty minutes, then poured into mugs and drink alone or with honey or sugar.

Sometimes the tea is Linden doing with a black or green varieties. To insist that the above-mentioned method in the kettle of the inflorescence. Then there is added green or black tea.

How to use lime color? The most widely used followed have tea infusions. They are prepared in different ways depending on the purpose.

Three tablespoons of dried flowers poured a glass of hot water and heated for fifteen minutes in a water bath. Then, the infusion is cooled for about an hour, filtered, and the resulting infusion topped with boiled water in an amount to make the total two hundred milliliters of infusion. The remedy is taken after meals, one glass three times a day and is diuretic, diaphoretic, choleretic and antimicrobial agent for colds.

Febrifuge for colds and infections is prepared as follows: one teaspoon pour a glass of boiled water for ten minutes, strain and drink. Take the infusion should be two or three times a day, one glass before meals.

It will quench your thirst infusions left for six to eight hours. It is recommended to drink after exercise and massage.

The recipe is as follows: glass jar filled with lime-blossom, while tamping it is not necessary. Then it is filled to the brim with vodka and infuse for two to three weeks. Infused lime color is taken one tablespoon before meals three times a day. This remedy helps with nervous disorders, leg cramps, and even fainting occur often.

External use

For external use compresses, of primary and lotions. Edema, ulcers, inflammation, haemorrhoids, rheumatism and gout, female diseases, and rinse the mouth often can help lime color.

Recipes for external use of the following:

  • The infusion of six tablespoons per Cup of boiling water after half an hour of infusion can be used for rinsing the mouth, hair and face wiping with oily skin.
  • For the treatment of ulcers and burns use a decoction of four tablespoons of flowers on 0.5 liters of water, boiled for ten minutes. It together with the resulting gruel is applied to the damaged surface.
  • When mastitis should take three to four tablespoons of raw pour two cups of water and boil for fifteen minutes. Cool the broth, it should add half a teaspoon of baking soda and compresses or use for washing.
  • Strained hot infusion is useful to rinse your mouth with gingivitis or stomatitis.
  • Insomnia, anxiety and severe fatigue are recommended herbal baths. For this purpose, two tablespoons of flowers pour a liter of boiling water and infuse for fifteen minutes. Then filtered, and the infusion poured into the bath. The water temperature should be not above thirty-seven degrees. Duration — no more than fifteen minutes.
  • With fatigue of the legs and to strengthen their vessels they make trays of lime-colored with the addition of sea salt.

Linden honey is one of the most valuable varieties. Its flavor is clean and very fragrant. Honey has a color from yellowish to greenish. It is believed that the darker it is, the richer. However, in the case of lime it is not so. It can change its color, except that during crystallization. While it will not be more transparent and thickens. However in this state its taste and useful qualities of honey is not lost.

If the winter purchased the honey will remain liquid, but, unfortunately, it's not real.

To check the quality, you can also with a piece of meat, put in a small amount of honey. The prototype should not become rancid. If this happens, it means that the honey is not of high quality.