Eid al-Adha belongs to the main Muslim holidays. It is important for every person whose religion is Islam. It takes its origin many centuries ago. Many traditions are associated with the holiday.

When is Kurban Bayram?

When is Kurban Bayram and how is it celebrated?The holiday ends the sacred hajj. It is customary to celebrate it 70 days after Uraza-Bayram. In Muslim countries, this day does not work, and the day before the holiday, reduce the working day of residents of Islamic states. Kurban-bairam Tatarstan celebrates 3 days. Other countries with Muslim communities live the social life of their states. What number of Eid al-Adha according to the civil calendar is hard to say. The date changes annually. Muslims use the lunar calendar (hijra).

The story of Kurban Bayram

Holiday Eid al-Adha is associated with Ibrahim. He is known as a prophet not only in Islam, but also among Christians and Jews. Ibrahim is a model of obedience that has passed all the tests of Allah. The prophet saw in a dream the angel of Jebrail, who ordered Ibrahim to be slaughtered by his eldest son Ismail. He could not believe his eyes, but he had such a dream more than once. I had to do the will of Allah. The father took his son to the place of sacrifice. Shaitan met them three times on the way and dissuaded them from being slaughtered. But they disobeyed him and threw stones at him.

When the knife was brought to the throat of Ismail, he stopped cutting.   My father heard a voice that there was no need for sacrifices, his faith was strong, and all the conditions were fulfilled. It is not known where the lamb came from, which spent 40 years in paradise. His happy father sacrificed.

All events took place near Mecca. Ibrahim’s deed was considered a symbol of love for Allah. Since then, all Muslims sacrifice a ram or other animal as a sign of the righteousness of their faith.

Etymology of the name of the holiday

The term Kurban-bairam has a Turkic origin. It is used by residents of the CIS countries. “Kurban” in Arabic means approaching, “bayram” is a holiday. Although the holiday of Kurban-bairam is associated with the sacrifice of a ram, its main meaning is the approach to Allah. In Arabic, its name sounds different: Eid al-Adha. The literal translation is "the feast of the sacrifice." What number Kurban-bairam, Muslims will find out by looking at the Islamic calendar. It is customary to celebrate it on the 10th day of the zul-hija during the pilgrimage to Mecca. In 2015, Muslims celebrated this holiday on September 24th.

The actions of Muslims before the holiday

Kurban-bairam completes the hajj, which is of great importance for every faithful Muslim. Pilgrimage to Mecca is provided for by one of the pillars of Islam. This shrine is located in Saudi Arabia.

Muslims with material capabilities, on the eve of the Feast of the Sacrifice, go to Mount Arafat. There is a day of standing. Believers during the day pray, pray, read the Koran. After spending the night at Arafat, with the first rays of the sun go to Mina. Traditionally, tawaf Kaaba bypass seven times. Like Ibrahim and Ismail, Muslims symbolically throw stones, pretending to chase Shaitan. After that, you can perform the rite of sacrifice.

Due to financial difficulties, not all believers can go to Mecca. But Islam does not prohibit the slaughter of a ram where Muslims live. It is advisable to fast two weeks before the onset of one of the main Muslim holidays.

How to celebrate the holiday?

When Kurban-bairam comes to the house of Muslims, they are very happy. This event is considered to be a religious and family holiday. On the eve of the holiday, women clean up the house, prepare different dishes.

It doesn't matter where Eid al-Adha is celebrated: the morning of the Muslims begins with a holiday prayer. Before it, believers are washed, dressed in beautiful new clothes, smeared with incense. Food before this is not accepted. At the end of the prayer, people return to their homes. There they gather as a family or group and praise Allah.

The sacrifice is made in the namazgokh designated for the ceremony near the mosque. When Kurban-bairam comes, all Muslims come to the mosque to hear the preaching of the imam or the mullahs. The priests acquaint with the traditions of the holiday, talk about Hajj.

At the end of the sermon, the ritual animal is sacrificed. They can be a sheep or other cattle (camel, cow, bull, goat). The head of the sacrificial animal is turned to Mecca, a lollipop is placed in its mouth, which during the rite is blessed by Allah.

For the ceremony choose the best animal, beautiful and healthy, at the age of one year. After the slaughter, the meat of cattle is distributed to their family and people in need. The owner takes the first part of meat to himself, gives the second to the festive table, the third to the poor and hungry Muslims. On this day you need to be generous. Sacrificial animals are given to orphanages, boarding houses for the elderly. Sorry to distribute meat to people - a grave sin. You can also share with representatives of other religions.

The mistress of the house prepares the lamb. The family invites guests, prepares a festive meal, bedding a beautiful tablecloth and getting the best cutlery. Dishes on the table depend on the Muslim country, tastes of family members. Traditionally served meat dishes with seasoning and spices.

When Kurban-bairam is celebrated for three days, it is customary to read the Koran, to visit the graves of deceased relatives. Muslims come with gifts to visit, delight loved ones, give alms.